Sebastian's Nightmare? Chapter 9

It was a week later that Ciel was sitting at his study desk, slumped in slumber. He woke up groggily to his butler shaking his shoulder. This was the third time today alone. He knew it was winter but this was ridiculous.

"Sebastian," Ciel muttered. "Make me something that will get rid of my exhaustion." He yawned and glanced at his butler that was looking at him with a thoughtful expression. Sebastian nodded and left. Once the door was closed his head started to droop again but he tried to stay awake. Tried.

Ciel was woken again by his butler and glared weakly at the small wet spot on his desk that appeared due to him drooling. Sebastian wiped his chin with a handkerchief as if he were a child, which made Ciel slap his hand and glare. His butler just poured a cup of tea for him and placed it in front of him. He sniffed at it and made a face at the slight sour smell. But if he learned anything from medicine it's that it will not be pleasant so he took a sip and almost spit it out.

"This is disgusting Sebastian!" Ciel exclaimed. He shoved the cup away from him, making some of the tea slosh out and stain his desk and paperwork a reddish color. Luckily the paperwork that was stained wasn't terribly important.

"It will help, young master." Sebastian said as he mopped up as much of the spilled tea and picked up the teacup.

"I don't care. That can't be fit for human consumption… Or was that the point?" Ciel asked spitefully. That just earned him a sigh.

"I shall try another way then, young master." Sebastian said. "And perhaps you should go to your room."

"Why?" Ciel snapped.

"Your back probably hates you, young master, and I do not want anything to harm you, including yourself." Sebastian explained, ignoring the scowl from his master as he carted the teacart towards the door and left to work on another solution to the young lord's dilemma.

Ciel grumbled again and decided to walk around his study instead of sit. Perhaps that will keep him awake. As he walked around the desk he scrunched up his nose in distaste at the lingering taste of the tea. Perhaps the taste was what was meant to keep him awake because it certainly woke him up.

Ciel hadn't noticed that he had left the office and was heading towards his room until he had flopped face down on his bed. He huffed but just kicked off his shoes and climbed properly on the bed. Sebastian was right, if he was going to fall asleep he might as well be comfortable.

The next time he was woken up he was dressed properly for bed and under the covers. His butler was opening the curtains and the teacart was next to his bed. He sat up and slowly looked around the room.

"You fell asleep quite early, young master." Sebastian said as he poured tea and held it for his master to take. The boy took it easily and sipped at it in a daze. Sebastian prepared a small plate that held a simple looking cake. Hopefully it will keep his master from falling asleep all day.

Ciel furrowed his brow as his teacup and saucer were taken away. He stared at the plate that had a cake on it that had appeared in his hand. He was handed a fork and automatically took a small bite of the cake. It was good. Before he knew it he had eaten the whole thing. It was taken away before he could lick the crumbs off the plate and his tea was once more in his hand.

After taking a few sips of his tea, Ciel felt much more awake. The haze of exhaustion that had been hanging over him lifted. He blinked at his butler and couldn't suppress the small smile on his face. To cover it he drank the rest of his tea.

"What's on the schedule today Sebastian?" Ciel asked as he placed his teacup and saucer on his side table and threw the covers off himself. He saw Sebastian give him a calculating look, probably gauging what he could or couldn't do. He kept from rolling his eyes and gave his butler a look, which earned him an amused look in return.

"Well, your studies have been lacking but your business finances must be looked over and approved by you, young master." Sebastian said as he started dressing his master for the day. He observed the boy as he dressed him. He seemed to be as energetic as he was when it came to solving a case. He wasn't sure how long his solution would last though and when his master finds out what the solution entails, and the boy will find out, he will be one sour boy. Just another flavor to add to the boy's soul, he supposed.

A few days later, Ciel was enjoying a slight stroll outside. He stayed on the balcony that overlooked the gardens so he wouldn't be too far from the house considering the landscape was a winter wonderland. After getting his energy back from those cakes Sebastian had been giving him he was starting to feel shut in, which was a common feeling he had during the winter months.

He was leaning against the railing when he heard a slight commotion coming from the direction of the kitchens. Considering he could hear it from here probably meant Bard blew something up. Again.

He sighed and decided to go back inside but as he was striding to the door his foot landed on a patch of ice. He gasped as his feet fell out from under him and closed his eyes for impact. His eyes flew open when the impact was very different from what he expected. It seemed his butler had caught him, bridal style, and had landed on the railing, so the demon had obviously been in a hurry.

"Young master, are you harmed?" Sebastian asked while looking him over. Ciel's brow furrowed at the slight concern his butler seemed to be exuding. He's had worse than a slight tumble.

"I'm fine." Ciel said. He permitted Sebastian to hold him until they got inside but it was nice and he was reluctant to have his butler let him go. This made him feel very confused and when Sebastian finally let him go he felt off balance.

"Are you really all right, young master?" Sebastian asked as he watched the boy sway slightly.

"Sebastian…" Ciel started, "what's going on with me?"

"…" Sebastian just watched him.

"Sebastian! I order you to tell me what's wrong with me?" Ciel yelled loudly while taking his eye-patch off, the seal glowing in the boy's eye. Before he knew it, he was once again in Sebastian's arms. He shut his eyes when he became dizzy from the movement but opened them when he was set down on something soft. He was in his bedroom. Sebastian was frowning at him but he just stared impatiently at the demon, waiting.

"I had been hoping the young master would have figured it out for himself but considering…" Sebastian said and then trailed off.

"Sebastian!" Ciel barked.

"Remember that 'bedtime story' I told you about half-demons and half-angels?" Sebastian asked. Ciel just waved a hand and looked at him incredulously as if to say 'get on with it.' Sebastian just brought a hand up to his head and sighed. "What is wrong with you is hormonal, my lord."

"That's it? That's. Bloody. It?!" Ciel asked in a slightly high-pitched voice. "You drag it out as if it's a huge secret! I know you like your games but-" He was cut off by a glare from his butler, which made him sneer.

"I wasn't finished." Sebastian said sharply. "You're hormonal because you're pregnant."

The only sound in the room was the wind hitting the closed windows. Sebastian watched his master, wondering what he would do or throw. He saw the boy's lips twitch and then he started to chuckle, which turned into full out laughter. Sebastian looked on concerned as his master tried to control his laughter but ended up snorting. Had he broken the boy?

"Sebastian," Ciel started after coming back from his laugh attack. "I guess I figured out the mystery of how you get Undertaker to laugh. You can be quite the comedian when you put your mind to it. Hormones make sense and add to the fact that I've been cooped up indoors… Well no wonder I'm acting out of sorts."

Sebastian wasn't sure what to say to that. That would make sense, in normal circumstances, however these were far from normal. He also has checked multiple times, while the boy was sleeping of course, if it was true. He knew telling the boy would be difficult.

The pull of the contract had stopped after he told the boy the truth so he could just leave it at that but he didn't want his master to go in blind to any situation, especially one pertaining his own health.

"My lord," Sebastian said seriously. "One of the first orders you ever gave me was to never lie to you. I have never broken that order." Sebastian took his gloves off and walked over to the boy who was looking at him warily. In the blink of an eye, he had his hand under the boy's clothing and his bare palm pressed against his master's bare abdomen.

"Get your hands off me, demon!" Ciel snarled and tried to scoot back but Sebastian had his other arm wrapped around his back, holding him in place..

"No." Sebastian said making his master gape and then glare at him. The boy opened his mouth but whatever he was going to say was lost when Sebastian took his lips in a harsh kiss. When he felt the boy start to kiss back he pulled away.

"You are pregnant Ciel Phantomhive, with my child." Sebastian stated seriously as he rubbed the very slight swell of the boy's abdomen. He leaned down and gave a softer, more lingering kiss and then pulled himself away. He once more stood in front of the boy, who was slowly coming out of his daze.

Sebastian went back into butler mode and bowed at his master, and then left the boy alone. He wouldn't leave the boy for too long though since he wasn't sure if his master would intentionally harm himself just to hurt the child. Sebastian's eyes glowed in displeasure at the thought. He'll fetch the boy's dinner quickly and bring it back up, hopefully that will be enough time for the boy to come out of his daze.

Ciel was staring at the door. Had that really happened? He looked down at his abdomen. His shirt and jacket being bunched up confirmed that that had really happened. He felt faint all of a sudden and he leaned forward starting to pant. He couldn't breathe. He was pregnant with demon spawn and he was having an asthma attack. A thought that popped in his head was if having an asthma attack would kill the child but the thought disappeared as he pitched forward hyperventilating.

Sebastian had just set the last plate on the tray to take up to his master when he felt a wave of unease. He abandoned the tray and quickly appeared in front of his master's door. When he opened the door the boy was falling forward off the bed. Thinking fast, since he wouldn't get there in time, he grabbed the cushion from the chair next to the door and threw it where the boy would land. He quickly followed after the cushion and scooped the boy up off the pillow.

Sebastian grabbed the boy's hands, which were clawing at his own throat and held them away from the gasping boy.

"My lord!" Sebastian said sternly.

"Se- Se-" was all Ciel could get out. He knew the butler was saying something but all he could hear was his blood rushing. He felt his chin being grabbed and was forced to stare into the red eyes in front of him.

"Breathe slowly." Sebastian said. He realized that the boy couldn't hear him but he was a demon, he could make anyone do anything, especially if they stared into his eyes, a type of hypnosis. It seemed to be working though since the boy's breathing was starting to even out.

"Sebastian." Ciel breathed out after he had stopped panting. He didn't break the eye contact from his demon but he felt very tired and didn't even try to hide it.

"My lord?" Sebastian asked. The hand that had been holding the boy's chin in place was settled on the boy's shoulder while his other hand had stayed loosely holding his master's arm.

"I'm pregnant." Ciel mumbled.

"You are." Sebastian said. He didn't hide the slight upturn of his lips, not that his tired master would have noticed.

"I could get rid of it." Ciel said. Sebastian's upturned lips fell into a very deep frown.

"It would kill you." Sebastian said. His master looked at him with a narrow stare but then just sighed. He knew that wasn't the best reason so he decided to really hit the nail on the head. "Think of it as the child you're Aunt lost."

Ciel's eyes went wide, definitely waking up at that statement. He glared at the demon in disgust and didn't waste anytime backhanding him.

"You- You- You!" Was all Ciel could say. He slapped the butler again when he just got a raised eyebrow. "I should just get rid of the spawn even if it does kill me just to spite you." Sebastian didn't look very impressed and he just sighed.

"Think of it this way," Sebastian started, "you are a male, carrying the child of a demon. You are something that would be despised by God. A freak. And our child; an abomination. Now, don't you want to lord it over God and his children if you succeeded in carrying our child to term? And then having this child being raised better than any one of God's children?"

Ciel opened his mouth but then closed it and thought about what Sebastian was saying. It's true he does enjoy usurping the power of the people who think they are in charge and this is the ultimate being that is supposed to be in charge. He highly doubted God would have him become pregnant, which he is still wrapping his head around, let alone sleep with a demon. It also had an added benefit of there being a Phantomhive heir.

"Where's my food?" Ciel said instead. His butler smirked and gave a slight bow.

-A Few Weeks Later-

Ciel's energy was starting to wane once more even with the cakes Sebastian had been giving him. He tried not to let on but his damn butler saw everything. His clothing kept having to be let out as well as his stomach swelled. Every time his hand brushed his belly or his gaze fell on it he couldn't help but glare.

Ciel was in his study once more. He was at a good place in business so he didn't need to worry about the paperwork at this very moment. He had just been thinking about nothing at all when he realized his hand was resting on his stomach. He glared down at his hand and his belly. He wasn't glaring so much at the child but at what was happening to his body. He was so busy glaring down that he hadn't heard Sebastian walk in with the teacart.

Sebastian walked in and saw his young master glaring down at his stomach. Now Sebastian knew his young master well but he didn't know every single thing the boy thought. He wasn't sure if the boy was glaring at the child or just glaring as he was prone to do. He walked over and kneeled in front of the boy, startling him out of his thoughts.

"Is everything alright, young master?" Sebastian asked softly. His eyes widened slightly when the boy's eye started to water and a cross between a scowl and a pout appeared on the boy's lips.

"'Is everything alright?'" Ciel started a little shrilly. "No, everything is not alright! I'm tired most of the time now, which makes me want to sleep and it makes me feel lazy and I hate being lazy. And my stomach is swollen and I must look like such a freak. I'm hideous!"

Sebastian's mouth fell open in shock but when he saw his young master's look of disbelief at what he said he realized the boy's hormones must be messing with him. He grabbed the boy's hands because it looked like he was about to grab something to throw.

"Young master," Sebastian started and frowned when the boy just shook his head. "Young master! There is nothing wrong with you. Your stomach looks only slightly swollen as if you have gained weight from eating. You are further along then you would be 'naturally' of course. The tiredness is only to be expected. And there is no way you could be hideous."

Ciel stared at the demon and ended up sniffling, which made him glare. He's been slowly having little emotional outbursts but so far this was the worst. When he took in what the demon had said he frowned.

"Are you trying to comfort me Sebastian?" Ciel asked trying to sound like him self and judging from the relaxing of his butler's shoulders he had succeeded.

"I am your butler, young master, but also a demon. I was simply telling the truth." Sebastian said in response. That just earned him an eye roll.

"You can let go of my hands now." Ciel said dryly. His butler looked at him and then finally let his hand go, which he placed on his armrests.

"Young master, I know you aren't fond of your current state but there is a way to speed the process along." Sebastian said. He'd been meaning to tell the boy but there was never a good time.

"Will it harm me?" Ciel asked curiously.

"No. It will just expedite things. It will remove a few months off your pregnancy." Sebastian said. He kept from smirking when he saw the grimace when he said the word pregnancy.

"What's the catch?" Ciel asked bluntly. Sebastian didn't even try to hide the glow in his eyes.

"We'd have to be in constant physical contact and we'd have to engage in more carnal activities." Sebastian purred. The look didn't fall off his face as he caught the boy's hand that went to slap his face. A smirk grew on his face while the boy sputtered.

"Pervert!" Ciel yelled. That was all he could settle on. He tried not to think of what 'carnal activities' entailed but his mind was kind enough to supply what had happened between him and Sebastian making him blush.

"It's the truth, young master." Sebastian said. He dropped the boy's hand and stood up to retrieve the teacart. He set up the tea and food in front of the boy but before he could begin Sebastian swooped in and gave him a hard kiss. At first the boy had struggled to get away but he gave in. Sebastian finally pulled away and smirked smugly at the dazed look.

"Young master," Sebastian said lowly, "you are not a freak and you are far from hideous. In fact I'm surprised I can keep myself from ravaging you. If having this child is distasteful to you, remember: Everything that is happening to you goes against God. You are a boy and you are pregnant, not to mention that it is the child of a demon."

Ciel blinked out of his daze and let Sebastian speak. When he heard what he had to say he tilted his head in contemplation. He hadn't given it too much thought since Sebastian first told him of his condition, not to mention he tried not to think about it. He couldn't help but smirk. He hid it by starting in on his lunch but he still threw a glare though, just for good measure.