a/n: Something really stupid that I wrote when I was bored.

Brennan sat her cute little baby girl down in the play pen with the other crawling babies. She then watched as another beautiful woman put her dark featured son into the pin, who immediately started crawling around and taking everything in with his dark, alert eyes. Joy started rolling around (since that was all that she could do) and observing everything from her spot in the corner of the pin. Brennan smiled to herself at this, she could already tell that her daughter would be the shy, smart type.
Brennan went to sit down in a chair to watch her 5 year old son play with his friends while her daughter observed everything. The beautiful woman who Brennan had observed at the play pin came over and sat down beside her, striking up a conversation after observing where Brennan was looking.
"You have a beautiful daughter, I can see that she has your eyes," said the darker woman.
"Oh, thank you! Your son is quite an adventurous little thing, isn't he?
"Oh yes, never a dull moment around him. He's the sneakiest thing when he chooses to be, once I couldn't find him for 10 minutes! Turns out he was actually following me the whole time, just hiding around corners and stuff like that. Gave me a heart attack, nonetheless."
"Oh my! Well, my daughter is quite the little fighter. Whenever her brother tries to bother her in the morning, she tries to kick him. Succeeds at it too! But Kyle is a good brother, more protective of Joy than anything."
"Oh, I'm actually expecting another son. I wonder if Seeley will be as protective to his little brother as your Kyle.."
"I'm sure he will, the older siblings are always at least a little protective. How old is Seeley?"
"14 months. What about Joy?"
"9 months," 'Brennan' as she would later be named answered while laughing. "Just look at them, they seem to have met their match!"
Seeley's mom looked over at the two babies to see her son pulling on Joy's leg and Joy looking back at him while trying to kick him. Joy eventually freed her leg and turned around ready to go after Seeley, when he started crawling away as fast as his little limbs would carry him. Joy caught up to him and climbed onto his back, trying to stop his crawling progress.
"Well it was very nice talking to you, but I really have to go to work, the library opens at 9:00. I'll see you later? My name is Keenan by the way."
"My name is Booth, and it was very pleasant talking to you! We may have to set up a play date, so maybe our kids will exhaust each other out all on their own. I'll see you around. Goodbye!" Seeley and Joy, who would soon be renamed Temperance, both went home exhausted that day. Unfortunately, a play date was never arranged because the Keenans moved away shortly after. However, Seeley and Joy/Temperance never seemed quite as exhausted as that first day they met. Until they met again over 30 years later.