Spring-Summer Aroma

Natsu rested his chin against the hardwood of the table as he lazily eyed Lucy who sat at the other end of the table reading some book. He sulked, wanting to play. Today the guild was boring, what with practically everyone off on some mission or other. The warm midday sunlight was diffused lightly throughout the room keeping the guild at a nice warm temperature, chatter from those who still remained filtered throughout the room, a soft buzz. Sighing heavily, Natsu breathed out a small puff of frustrated fire. He wanted so badly to blow of some steam.

"Natsu," Lucy hissed as she glared at him with her soft brown eyes, "If you plan to sit there and sigh forever, go somewhere else. I'm trying to read."

Scowling pitifully the dragon slayer pouted, "But Luce… it's boring! There isn't anyone to play with. You're boring today, Luce."

She narrowed her eyes in irritation, "Well excuse me for not being your personal play toy." Clicking her tongue in disapproval she gathered her book and made to stand.

"Where are you going…?" his voice had a slight bite of loneliness and Lucy offered a small smile.

"I'm just going to go sit at the bar and read. I'm almost done, so we can hang out some after that, okay?" Flashing her small perfect white teeth at him as she went to the bar and asked Mirajane to pour her a glass of juice.

Mood brightening at the prospect of some sort of amusement, Natsu's mood lightened only for seconds later to be distracted by the scent that wafted into his nostrils as Lucy walked away. Letting it fill his senses, he folded his arms over the table and nestled his head on them. He liked the way her smell lingered in his nose and settled inside of him. Somehow she always managed to smell like spring, year round. Like budding, blooming flowers. It was always something that was very very specific about her and only her. It was probably how he could always find her no matter what, even in a big crowd chalk full of robust heavy scents.

Lucy's particular scent was always relaxing to him. Well… usually. Sometimes the way she smells excited him in a strange way that made his insides boil and his skin rise in temperature. Like when they were on missions and they'd been walking for miles and the sweat glistened on her skin, dotted her brow. It was like she was in full bloom, her scent so thick in him that he could hardly bare it. It makes him dizzy, but at the same time it makes his mouth water. It's always such a weird sensation, like he wants to eat her.

And then there are other times that puzzle him. Her scent almost morphs completely, changing seasons. It happens every once in awhile and he's not quite sure why it happens. But they'll be sitting around, hanging out or goofing off and suddenly she smells like summer spice. All heady and hot and spicy. That particular scent is always so powerful he can almost taste it on his tongue. Just thinking about it made the skin on his arms prickle, his insides heating up. When Lucy smells like that, he almost always gets this bizarre urge to push her down, devour her body and her soul. The thought made him lick his lips.

"Ew, what is that creepy face for?" Lucy pinched his arm, letting him known she'd finished her book.

"Who's creepy? You're creepy for lurking and stalking me with your creeper skills. Creeper ninja, nin nin!" He smirked at her and she just looked at him, unimpressed.

Rolling her eyes, Lucy stuck her tongue out at him, "Who's a creeper, asshole? But anyways, you wanna hang out now? What do you want to do?"

Jumping out of his seat and landing next to his partner, arms extended towards the ceiling in a stretch, "Mmmm, lets go fishing! Let's have a picnic!" He laughed as they left the building, all the while taking in her soft spring time aroma, content just being near her.

Author's Note: So, this is my first natsu/lucy fanfic! I have been dying to write about them for the past few weeks and finally decided to sit down and get to it. I always loved the idea of Natsu liking the way Lucy smells XD And i've read it in a few fics but I wanted to sort of embellish upon it a little bit.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and I hope you'll drop a line and tell me if you liked it or not. I hope to write more soonish since I am pretty much living eating and breathing natsu/lucy right now. I actually wrote out a whole bunch of scenarios I would like to get out, but if you guys have any suggestions of requests I'd love to hear them!