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The Amethyst King

Chapter One

Illusions of Death

10/8/2010 2:09 PM

Lelouch woke. He pulled himself out of his dreams. His body was screaming at him that something was wrong. He smiled. Of Course, something was wrong. He'd been stabbed by his best friend and now was dying. His muscle tensed and flexed uncomfortably. He sucked in what he thought would be his last breath before gripping gasps of pain stiffened him. His eyes shot open wide as the severity of his situation hit him. His mid region was alight with a stabbing aching pain. that wasn't even the worst of it. He couldn't see he realized as he blinked repeatedly. A blindfold had been drawn over hsi eyes.

That didn't stop the new world around him from becoming astoundingly clear. The pain subsided slowly to a dull ache under the bandages and finally after a few moments he could feel as it he could at least breathe. He gasped in another breath and tried pulling on his arms. They were securely bound behind himself. He moved his shoulders against the unyielding fabric. It was most certainly not of the soft fluid fabric of his imperial robes. The fabric was rough, there wasn't much leeway to move in it, it scratched at his skin when he moved. It was a mass production type of linen, probably bland in color and cheap to make. He turned his head slightly. The same cloth felt to be covering his eyes. Of course a blind fold, They wanted him completely crippled. He gritted his teeth in a scowl.

He was in a cell block. He leaned forward from the wall. The pain hit immediate. He let out a cry as he doubled and lost balance hitting the floor. He twisted painfully drawing his bound feet in to his chest. He tightened as the pain intensified and then slowly Lelouch forced himself to calm. He had to assess his situation. He was now lying curled on his side on the floor. The lights above him seemed to flicker slightly as he laid there panting. He pulled on his arms quickly he found that was the wrong move as the muscles pulled throughout his body sending more pain throughout his nerve endings. He hissed and cried out as the pain hit him.

"Lelouch!" he knew that voice. His eyes widened. "Lelouch, are you alright?" Strong hands made contact quickly. One of those hands went to his head the other to his shoulder.

"Suzaku." Lelouch whispered, in acknowledgement more than anything else.

"I'm here." The boy answered. It was more than an answer though. He wasn't just telling Lelouch he was there, he seemed to be reassuring himself that yes he really was there. It couldn't possibly be that Suzaku felt guilt for something...could it? Lelouch felt Suzaku's hand continue from his shoulder to the blindfold. He slipped it off easily enough. If Lelouch hadn't of known better he would have mistaken the act as a caress. The thought was quickly forgotten though as Lelouch blinked taking the bright lit cell block in. Of course he was in the Tokyo Central Prison. He turned his head to his friend, defeated. His eyes shot wide.

Suzaku was over him dressed in full Zero costume, minus the mask and the cape. His green eyes shined like stars down at him through those brunette curls. "Come on let me help you up." He spoke softly and an equally soft smile graced his face.

"Don't touch me!" Lelouch spoke viciously. He snarled at him turning his head away from Suzaku's hand. He couldn't exactly escape him completely, but the feeling was at the least conveyed. His lip curled in a snarl as He glowered up at his former friend.

"Lelouch, please I'm trying to help—" Suzaku reached out to him again. His emerald leaf green eyes softened.

"I said don't touch me!" Lelouch cursed at him. His own violent orbs turning to stone. "How dare you Suzaku!" he hissed at him.

"What?" Suzaku asked, confused. "I thought you would..." Suzaku let the sentence drift off.

"What?" Lelouch interjected. "You thought I would what? Fall at your feet? Beg for you to kill me again? Tell me Suzaku, what did you really think my reaction to this betrayal would be?"

Suzaku was frozen over the petite teen. Lelouch scowled up at the man. "I-I guess I expected you to be..."

"What? Tell me Zero!" he hissed the name out like it was vermin.

"Lelouch-" Suzaku stammered now. The young man knew this hadn't been going well but now it was just turning ugly.

"I gave you that mask!" Lelouch cut him off. He spat the word back like they were darts. Lelouch truly wanted nothing but to hurt the other man now. He'd been dragged to this-this cell block and for what? a little last chat? he didn't need this and least of all from Suzaku.

"Lelouch please!" Suzaku gasped and reached forward to the bound form on the floor.

"How dare you confront me in those cloths!" Lelouch screamed only to gasped from pain. he groaned into the floor his face contorted with the wound his betrayer had given him. Suzaku was immediately touching him again. His hand dusted through his hair to his neck, holding his face up gently to look at him. His other hand wen to his side. Suzaku's fingers prodded lightly around the wound.

Lelouch whipped his head away from Suzaku and leaned his body away from him with a grimace. "How many times do I have to tell you not to touch me!" Lelouch's face was mixed with a little wrath a little pain and but most of all betrayal. His violet eyes glared knifes up at Warrant Officer Kururugi. Finally Suzaku took notice of what his old friend was really saying to him.

Suzaku sat deliberately back on his knees speaking quietly. "This isn't what you think it is."

"I don't care! You betrayed me again!" Lelouch hissed and turned away from him. He searched the glass enclosure for any other soul at all. He still had his Geass at the very least. All he would need was a few seconds and he coudl escape this world all together, just as he had planned.

It was silent between the two of them. Not awkward but more of a stand off, of course between a defeated soldier that was supposed to be dead and a defeated emperor who was subsequently also supposed to be dead. It was a cold silence of lies and lost trust. The cold silence blistering and freezing the room over. Lelouch refused to look at Suzaku and Suzaku refused to look anywhere but at Lelouch. Lelouch simply searched for any other soul foolish enough to reveal their eyes to him and Suzaku watched as the former emperor searched.

"You won't find anyone." Suzaku said. His soft voice had turned stoic and cold now.

Lelouch cringed slightly at the words. Already he man was acting superior to him. That voice held all the pride and all the glory Lelouch had once had and had lost, forever. More than that fact was that all of it had been handed over to none other than the man next to him. He turned his head into the pale floor. Escape was all he wanted now. He was supposed to have already had that, but just like everything else it had been stolen from him.

He heard Suzaku shuffle back to lean his back against the wall. "This really isn't what you think this is, Lelouch."

Lelouch's head spun that look of pure hate played out as he looked at the Japanese man. "Than what the hell is it?"

Suzaku let his head roll against the wall to let one eye make contact. It was a warning and more he was baiting him. He knew Lelouch couldn't use his Geass on him but he continually was giving him eye contact opportunities. like throwing a lamb jjust out of the

"I brought you here." Suzaku said stoic, he leaned his muscular form against the wall his shoulders relaxing letting his hands collect at his lap.

Lelouch scowled at him before turning his face away. "We had a deal."

"You never said I couldn't save you—" Suzaku was still saying it as if it were a casual conversation between the two. No emotion involved in the least bit.

"Save me!" Lelouch turned his violent eyes back. "Dying was all I wanted!" Lelouch gritted his teeth. "You have taken everything from me and now even my right to decide whether I live or die!"

"It's no less than you did to me." Suzaku spat back now with a bit of his own malice.

Lelouch turned his face to the floor before pushing his legs underneath him to try to sit up. He groaned in pain as his mid-reign was lit up like circuit board again. He gritted his way through the pain and pushed up farther.

"Lelouch stop!" Suzaku ordered leaning away from the wall and too Lelouch. Lelouch smiled a bit even in the middle of a fight that filthy traitor couldn't be anything but concerned for him.

Suzaku's hand reached him and he hissed. "I told you not to touch me!" immediately the hand shot an inch back. Lelouch watched it carefully. So he still had some power over the boy. But could it go as far as…?

He maneuvered himself up on his knees finally able to simply sit. He hissed as he tried straightening. The stabbing had done its damage. Lelouch felt like he could hardly breath. He abruptly stopped at the thought. He stretched back a little feeling the pull at the stitchings. More than likely they had used stitches just in case of internal bleeding. It was easier to pull out stitches and fix the problem than to draw a new wound through his skin and have to deal with the problem of bleeding to death. He thought on it a moment. He straightened, and arched just slightly. Bleeding would be a serious threat to him right now.

"Lelouch, please stop you shouldn't be moving that much." Suzaku growled at him.

Lelouch looked straight ahead at the glass. The prison was massive. It would take at the least ten minutes to get him to any help if he needed it. Besides that he had caused a lot of damage the first time weakening his tissue. The second time he would likely do twice the damage with less the effort. He pulled in a long breath before arching back. He gasped at the pain his eyes wide before letting himself fall. It was almost instantly he felt it. He gasped into the ghostly silence. He'd reopened the wound. He fell back to the floor with little to no sound.

"Lelouch!" Suzaku screamed and was immediately to Lelouch's side. Lelouch smiled looking up at the once friend. He'd get his wish after all. Especially if Suzaku kept pining over him. He wasn't sure on the time limit he had before he would bleed out but it couldn't be long. The red liquid quickly pooled over his stomach before spilling on to the pale floor.

Suzaku noticed his eyes also wide he leapt up from the floor the glass instantly raised up to as he slid around the corner and to the control pad. He was panicked, Lelouch could tell from watching him as he screamed the orders into the contraption.

"Get a medic down here now!" His voice was a bit callous but it got the job done.

"Yes ser, immediately." The reply came. Suzaku scrambled back to Lelouch in an instant.

"Lelouch?" he spoke, his voice cracking. He kneeled over him. Lelouch looked up into those ever-green eyes. His first and last friend. He smiled softly as Suzaku tentively moved his hands down to his head. his hands shook as the moved over Lelouch's white porcelain face. Suzaku tenderly cupped Lelouch's thin face. Lelouch breathed thin already only half there to take in what Suzaku was really doing. Suddenly Suzaku's eyes flashed to the red mess at Lelouch's middle. Lelouch felt as Suzaku's hand fiercely started at his shirt.

"Suzaku stop." Lelouch whispered. Suzaku didn't look to him.

"No!" he hissed back and continued to un-strap the shirt revealing the blood soaked wound beneath. Lelouch lay back letting a smile slip into his features closing his eyes. Suzaku pulled Lelouch's legs out from under him to let him lay flat.

"Suzaku!" Lelouch didn't have to look to know the medics had arrived. He snorted a bit, they were earlier than expected. He'd have thought they would want him dead as well so the fact that they were early pulled at Lelouch's thoughts. But then again when death comes knocking not much of the details seem to remain.

"Lloyd, help me!" Suzaku pleaded, his voice was more than cracking now.

Lelouch cracked his eyes to look back at the researcher. Ms. Cecile was standing next to him a medic team behind them as well. What struck him was Lloyd. The man looked shocked. Lelouch turned his head to Suzaku. The Japanese man looked more than panicked. Why? Lelouch thought to himself. Lelouch was already supposed to have died once? Besides didn't Suzaku want him dead? He shook the thoughts away limply and let his head rest to the side. He was getting very drowsy. He smiled it would be just as it should. He was going to die.

"Help me!" Suzaku screamed again this time much more like an order and the team reacted and rushed forward.

Lelouch was already slipping though. He registered as the medical team lifted him on to the medic float system, but then it all started to fade. The next moment he was being pushed through the double doors to be blasted with bright fluorescents. He went to lift is arm to shield it only to find his arm restrained.

"You might want to get those eyes of his covered up." Lloyd commented absently. Lelouch opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. Suzaku entered his limited vision and pulled the blindfold over his eyes. And with that darkness he let himself go.

Lelouch blinked several times before opening his eyes fully. He tried to sit up, failing as he realized they had put the restraints on him. The only thing really mobile was his head. Turning his head he surveyed himself in an infirmary of some sort. He was well secured to the medical bed. The tubes and wires all connected to him did that job almost better than the straps. He was nude under the covers, all bare but for the bandages around his abdomen and chest. He ached now. The straps prevented him from moving but he didn't need to move to feel the pain now. He gave a soft moan before turning his head to the room.

"That was a close one." Lelouch recognized the voice instantly, Lloyd. His eyes shot around the room. The room was small, private it had a large window at the foot of the bed and only one door near the head. they looked to be the only exits in total. The view of the window was just of sky so he doubted they were close enough to the ground to be considered and exit with out help. That simply left the door as a possibility if he needed it. The room was dark with the night sky seen from the window. The only source of artificial light in the room was from the open door casting the frame of golden-yellow light from the next room. That is where Lelouch supposed the conversation was coming from.

"It could have been worse too, do you remember the first time we had to stitch him up?" This voice was new. Lelouch didn't dwell on that though. A medical staff had never exactly been on his priority list of people to meet. "The boy was a lot more than half dead then." the voice was strong but not overbearing. Male, older twenties at least. But a new voice meaning his Geass would work on him. In short a threat, but possibly a minimized threat. Strange the voice hadn't sounded resentful in the least. Lelouch would have thought that saving him would be—well not desirable.

"It amazes me how fast Suzaku can act when it comes to that boy." Lloyd said as always in his casual tone.

"Lloyd!" The definite voice of Cecile scolded.

"It was only an observation." Lloyd explained in his defense.

"I do believe the Earl of Pudding has a point though." Rakshata joined in. Lelouch turned his head more to listen. Did everyone know he was alive? "I mean think about it, Lelouch pulls one silly little stunt and Suzaku has the whole medical unit in an up roar over him."

The sound of a door opening and then closing brought a small silence.

"How is he?" Lelouch's eyes shot open. Cornelia was here.

"Stable. We have him restrained. He tries to kill himself again and we'll know about it." Lloyd answered her.

"I see, and Kururugi?"

"Resting, my lady." Cecile answered this time.

"Good." There was the sound of moving chairs as Lelouch guessed she was sitting down. It was a long moment before she spoke again. "Has he used it on anyone yet?" Lelouch cringed at her tone now, it cut through him harshly.

"No one." The unknown voice said.

"Thank goodness." Cornelia breathed seemingly relieved.

"Suzaku insists a blindfold will hold him off for the time being, but Gottwald is more or less indefinitely stationed on the property nonetheless." Lloyd commented.

"Suzaku moves freely in and out of the room himself." The unknown man comments boldly.

"Doesn't that mean he could be…" this voice was of Nina. Lelouch wanted to laugh. If it had been any other moment in his life and he would have been terrified to know all these people knew of his Geass and further more that he was in their custody. Even more frightening was that a portion of the people in that room he had already used his Geass on. No, there was no getign his way out now…well at least no way alive.

"No." Cornelia said. "Suzaku told me he could only use it once on people and he's already used it on him a time before."

"How are we to know if he's used it on us then?" Nina asked.

"Through Gottwald naturally."Lloyd said nonchalant.

"The second Gottwald destroys the hold Lelouch's power has over you, you can regain the memory of what you have done." Cecile naturally explained further.

"Oh my…" Nina breathed.

"That means I could go in there." Cornelia commented.

There was another long pause. Lelouch watched the light displayed across the linoleum floor. He really was hated by all of them and yet for some reason he was still here. He should have been dead twice. The fact kept rolling itself over and over in his head.

"So the question would be where do we go from here?" Rakshata said. Lelouch perked up at this.

"Do we trust Suzaku or not?" the earl continued for her, he was rather more solemn now. It was one of the first times Lelouch had ever heard a change in the man's usually so casual voice.

They all stopped at that.

"He says it was Lelouch that got us all here." Nina said quietly.

"Yes and Lelouch was also the one to inflict this tyranny on us all." Cornelia added.

"And yet," Rakshata joined in. "He is truly brilliant if everything Suzaku has said is true."

"And yet the question still remains the same." Lloyd gave a sigh. "Do we really trust what he has said?"

The door suddenly burst open. "Where is that traitor!" Lelouch's eyes widened again now. Kallen had arrived. "I'll kill him myself this time!" The irony of the whole thing was tearing at Lelouch. He'd worked so hard for so long for all of them to not know a thing and now they all knew everything with in less than a few hours of his scheduled death.

"Kallen please." Rakshata scolded. "Good to see you again Ohgi."

"You too, Rakshata." Ohgi commented. So they literally were all here. What was Suzaku trying to do? Torture him into obscurity? He turned to the ceiling. Just being alive still was torture for him. He had planned on dying. Now that he hadn't died all he wanted to do was to die. What was the point now? Every objective he'd ever had was filled or forgotten anyway.

"You two are just in time it would seem." Lloyd said. Lelouch kept his eyes on the ceiling.

"What I want to know is why is he still alive?" Kallen yelled at them all.

"Unfortunately that is what we are all thinking." Cornelia said. There was spite in her voice now. They truly did not want him alive. Lelouch let his eyes drift closed. If they only knew that he wished for nothing but to grant their wish.

"Well maybe we should all just fix that!" Kallen countered. He could imagine it now her strong frame ready to pounce at him. One bullet and he would be finished.

"No, Kallen you won't be." Abruptly he heard from the door. Lelouch's eyes flew open and his head snapped to the door The tall broad form of Suzaku Kururugi stood in the framed light. The expression on his face was cold as ice. His lip curled in a threat he stopped himself form uttering as he simply let those powerful eyes pierce into the occupants of the unseen room.

"Suzaku—" Kallen stammered.

She was too late though as Suzaku reached to the coded pad for the door. The door shut abruptly cutting the light source down to nothing but for the light the moon let through the window. Suzaku stood there his fingers flying at the door control pad. the quiet soft light from the moon caste a soft light over the soldier. A second more passed then, 'Locked' flashed at the top display. Lelouch watched the figure as it simply stood there for another moment. Suzaku had abandoned the outfit Lelouch had passed on to him. Now in a simpler outfit. A button up shirt and jeans, casual shoes, all things Lelouch had not seen up close for what seemed like ages.

"Suzaku?" Lelouch asked. He realized that his voice was a lot weaker this time around. Figures He'd been stabbed once and then tried to commit suicide. Being weak was his only option now.

"I'm sorry I didn't realize I had left the door open when I sat down." Suzaku said as he turned to the bed. His eyes down-caste his face clear but for the ever so slight downturn of his lips.

"Sat down?" Lelouch inquired. Had been in the room the whole time now?

"Yeah," Suzaku looked down to the floor, evasively. " I needed some sleep so I sat down over in the corner…I'm really sorry Lelouch I didn't wake up till just a moment ago." He looked up at the last his eyes truly sorrowful.

Lelouch swallowed hard before speaking. "Don't be sorry for the truth."

"Lelouch," Suzaku stepped forward.

Lelouch silenced him with a fierce glare. If nothing else Lelouch had his control. "I have nothing to say to you Suzaku Kururugi."

Suzaku stood there, defeated himself. His shoulders lowered a little with the blow Lelouch had just let fly.

"Then let me simply be by you." He proposed with little hope of it reflected in his voice.

Lelouch turned his head away. "You are no longer my Knight, you can do as you please."

It was silent for a time. The blue cast of the moon seemed to be a mirror image of the feelings around the two. A short moment later Lelouch heard Suzaku pull a chair to the side of the bed before the soldier collapsed in it silently. Everything was different between them. But as always they were still in the same room together. They were still together…

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