Clutching hope in my palm, I try not to crush it by planet p

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Marietta Flores shivered, huddling close to her brother and sister. Their father had promised to come back for them, but it had been so long now; they'd been waiting for so long for their father to come back, and they were cold and frightened. The only thing that could have been worse was if they didn't have each other, so they held onto this one, small certain fact as though it was their only lifeline, and the promise that their father had made to return, and tried to believe that he still intended to keep that promise, that nothing could ever stop him from coming back for them because he was their father and loved them very much, so much that he would go to the ends of the earth for them, like any parent would do for their child.

But, though she daren't voice her thoughts out loud, Marietta's hope was slowly dwindling, becoming ever thinner, and that fact alone made her so mad at herself. She could not think like that; it was wrong! But she could not make herself stop.

She wished she could.

All she could do, now, was be there for her siblings, Felix and Joy. And hold hope.