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Disclaimer: I don't own "Merlin". It is a TV show which belongs to BBC.

Storyline: Merlin is a young witch whose destiny is to protect prince Arthur and help him to become the greatest king ever. After one feast they spend a night together. Arthur is drunk but Merlin is sober. She's in love with her master. That night is going to have its consequences.

The title of this story is a title of a beautiful song "Corner of your heart" by Ingrid Michaelson.

It's my first girl!Merlin/Arthur story.

English is not my mother language.

Just enjoy reading!

Corner of your heart"

Chapter 1

Feast and its consequences

Merlin was a young witch who was meant to protect prince Arthur. She had a position of his personal maidservant so she could take care of him most of the time.

The girl was quite pretty, though it was a strange kind of beauty. Her ears were way too big and protruding in her opinion. However she had light blue eyes and dark, long and a bit curly hair. Besides Merlin was skinny and taller than other women. In her village boys used to laugh at her. They had said that she was freak. Only William had been an exception.

Nevertheless, it all made her think that she was worse than the others. She even used to think that her skills had been a curse. Now she knew that her magic was a gift and that she had a great destiny. But it couldn't change her past and all that she'd been through in Ealdor.

Life taught Merlin one thing. She couldn't let any man insult her. She tried to keep men about her age at the distance. It was safer and less painful. That's why she'd been angry when she'd become Arthur's servant. The witch had never seen more arrogant prat. However as the Great Dragon had said, she couldn't choose her destiny.

The time showed that it wasn't so bad. The prince was a bit arrogant but not as much as she'd thought at the beginning. Besides he had a good heart and really cared for his people. Merlin knew that Arthur would become a great king one day and she secretly admired him. The truth was that it was more than simple a admiration. The young witch cared for the prat more than she wanted to, more than she should. Merlin couldn't really understand how and why it happened but she fell in love with him. It wasn't just a little crash, so known for girls about her age. The young woman really loved him and would do anything to protect him. She also knew that she wasn't supposed to have feelings for Arthur. He was a future king and he was meant to marry a nice noble lady, preferably a princess. The blonde couldn't have a romantic relationship with a peasant girl who, moreover, had magic powers. That was one of the reasons why Merlin had never admitted her feelings. The other reason was that she didn't want to break the friendship that she shared with Arthur. The girl knew that the prince liked her in some way, but she was far from thinking that he could love her as a woman.

The strangest thing was that she wasn't really unhappy. After all she could see Arthur every day of her life. It wasn't really that bad. Merlin could talk with him, joke with him and, what was the most important, she could protect him. The witch was happy when she knew that Arthur was safe. Her feelings helped her to watch over him more carefully. Maybe that was exactly the reason why she loved him. The love gave her strength to stand his arrogant nature, accept some flaws and see the better side of him.

However that evening Merlin regretted that she was Arthur's servant. It didn't mean that she really didn't want to be his maid. She only preferred not to serve him when there were feasts.

The prince drank too much. And it wasn't water. Although the witch hadn't wanted to pour him the next chalices with wine and ale, the prat had insisted. She couldn't have told him no, when there had been so many people around. Now she truly regretted that.

Merlin was shocked that she was able to bring prince Arthur back to his chambers without using her magic. It was a miracle and she was ready to demand the pay rise the next morning.

"Here we go, Sire," she said when she finally made him sit on his bed. "It was a long evening." In spite of the tiredness she was still able to be kind. "Now you should take the robes off and put that night clothes on." The girl put them on the bed, next to the prince.

Arthur acted a bit strange. He was quiet and Merlin thought that he didn't listen to her at all.

"Arthur!" She waved her hand in front of his face. He looked up at her. "Are you okay?"

The prince nodded and after a short while he added, "yes, I'm fine."

"That's good." The girl felt a relief. "I thought that you're deaf. That's all because of that alcohol!" She sighed. "You shouldn't have drunk that much." She looked at him carefully. "I don't really like when you're drunken," she admitted. "It's not the Arthur that I lo..." Merlin stopped herself in the right time. She hoped that the prince wouldn't remember that little detail in the morning. "I should go!"

The witch turned on her heel and wanted to make the first step when Arthur grabbed her arm, preventing it.

"Stay a while," he asked her.

Merlin looked at him, smiling sadly. "It's quite late," she said. "I should really go."

"Just wait until I go to bed," the prince told her.

The girl sighed. It was the second time that evening when she couldn't say no. However this time Arthur's pleading look was the reason. "Okay... But please... hurry up!" The prince smiled. "Don't even try to distract me by your bloody smile and change that clothes. Go, go!" She thought that talking about his smile wasn't a good idea, however she couldn't change her words. The drunken Arthur made her babble even more than usually.

The fair haired man stood up and slowly took his shirt for special occasions off. She glanced at his muscles, sighing lightly, and turned around. The girl wanted to see more of Arthur's body but she knew that it was too tempting.

"Have you finished?" she asked him after a while.

"Just a second," Arthur answered.

The witch didn't wait more than a minute and the prince spoke to her again. "Now you can have a look."

Merlin laughed mockingly. "As I've never seen you..." she said, turning around and her eyes widened.

Arthur Pendragon, the crown prince and the future king of Camelot, stood in front of her completely naked.

"Arthur!" She tried to look at his face but it really wasn't easy. It was the moment of truth for her will.

"What?" he asked. "Don't you like it?"

The girl blushed deeply. She didn't want to talk with him in that way.

"Put something on yourself, right now!" Merlin said firmly.

"You're not the person who can give me the orders," Arthur told her. Even alcohol didn't let him forget who was a royal there.

"Yes, I can!" She said. "You're drunk now and I'm your servant. I need to take care of you. And I'm telling you that you shouldn't stay here naked."

"Why not?" Arthur asked, smirking. "That's my chamber."

"Because I am here," she reminded him, as if he wasn't aware of that little detail.

"And?" The prince laughed. "I know that you like it."

"No, I don't," Merlin denied.

"You're a terrible liar, Merlin." Arthur smiled charmingly and made one step towards her.

"Arthur," she said pleadingly. "Please..."

But the blonde was already two inches away from her. She felt his hot breath that also smelled like alcohol. She also felt his cock. The girl wanted to believe that Arthur truly desired her but she couldn't forget about the wine and ale. It all was because of the alcohol.

"You're drunk..." she whispered weakly but it was already too late. The prince didn't listen to her arguments. He leant down and smelled her.

"You're shivering," he said in a very seductive way.

"That's your fault," Merlin said in trembling voice.

Arthur caressed her cheek and she dared to look into his eyes. They were light blue, like hers, but there was something strange in them. The witch knew that she would regret it later but she decided to yield. Merlin could easily use her magic and run away from prince's chamber. She could use her gift in the way that Arthur wouldn't have even noticed. But she didn't want to.

Merlin allowed Arthur to raise herself. She felt his muscles against her body. The dress that she wore was very thin. It was the middle of August after all.

The prince carried her to his bed and put her gently on the quilt. Then he started stripping his maidservant off.

Merlin's dress landed on the floor. Her breaths became short and fast. Then Arthur placed his hands on her underwear. After a while the rest of clothes landed on the dress.

The dark haired witch was naked as her master.

Arthur started caressing her breasts. It was a new sensation for Merlin. She had never supposed that the touch of prince's hands could be so amazing.

He kissed her and touched her. The witch wanted to remember every detail of that night. It was her first time and she shared it with the man that she truly loved. Merlin just couldn't think then about the consequences.

Finally the prince entered her. He was thrusting into the witch steadily but a bit too fast. Merlin wanted to enjoy that time, even though it brought her a little pain at first. Luckily, the pleasure was stronger, so she couldn't complain.

The witch felt her first climax in her whole life. It was indescribable. "Arthur... Arthur..." she moaned and the prince continued his thrusting.

Eventually he came too, filling Merlin up with his semen.

Arthur was very tired and he fell asleep almost immediately. He left the girl with her thoughts. She couldn't close her eyes. Besides she knew that she shouldn't stay in prince's bed. Nobody knew how Arthur would react in the morning.

Merlin slipped off the bed. She had tears in her eyes but she wasn't sure if it was because of the fact that she'd lost her innocence or the reason was that she was leaving Arthur's bed.

The witch looked at sleeping prince. He really looked lovely. Then she noticed a mark of her blood. She hesitated but eventually she decided to remove it from the shits. Merlin whispered a short spell and the blood disappeared.

Then she looked once again at Arthur, smiling lightly at him, and she went out of his chamber. Merlin didn't know what would happen in the morning. She decided to wait patiently and try to fall asleep despite everything. After all she would need some strength to face her prince later.

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