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So this is the end, girls! It's time for the epilogue.

Corner of your heart"


After seven years from the day when Merlin and Arthur had decided to give each other a chance, Uther's reign came to an end. His hatred for magic lost him completely. The king had been obstinate until the very end and never dared to say that he had been mistaken. Although it was as clear as day.

That seven years taught Merlin and Arthur to be together. They had been hiding their feelings from the world but it only deepened the love that they shared.

People talked but it was not a surprise. People, after all, always talk. There were rumours about Merlin and her daughter. Some of Camelot's inhabitants noticed that Lilly's hair looked just like prince's. Besides there was something else about her, something what the older ones had seen in the child that Arthur used to be.

There was also the other evidence. When Merlin had come back to Camelot with Lilly, she had become prince's maidservant again. She often took a little girl to work and Arthur didn't seem to mind it. Moreover, he cared for his servant's daughter very deeply.

The other thing was that Lilly started to call the prince "daddy". Merlin tried to persuade her to not call him that when there were others around. However it didn't always work. After all Lilly was just a child. The little girl had even used the word "daddy" a few times when Uther had been within a sight. If he had heard something, he hadn't showed it. Perhaps the king preferred not to know the truth. Maybe he hadn't been as bad as people sometimes thought.

Luckily Merlin and Arthur were able to hide Lilly's gift. The mother often used her own powers to retain her daughter's. The father kept an eye on the girl when Merlin couldn't and, when it was necessary, he took her away from people. It somehow worked.

When Arthur took his rightful place on the throne, the first thing that he did was announcing the permission for using magic. Then he pronounced Merlin the Court Sorceress, who was meant to be the protector and expert in case of magic. The king also openly said that he had a daughter, the princess Lillianne, and that her mother was going to become his queen soon.

People were quite shocked by the news. Nevertheless some of them could not help saying all around that they always felt that Lilly was Arthur's daughter.

Magic was no longer banned. People who had a gift didn't have to worry any more. They were free to practice it, if they didn't hurt anyone by their actions. Of course not everybody used the powers in a good way. Luckily Merlin kept an eye on the whole situation. She was Emrys and that name commanded respect between sorcerers.


"You are finally my wife," Arthur whispered into Merlin's ear, making the woman shiver. "I've been waiting for that day so long."

"Me too..." the new queen said softly. "Do you know that now the destiny of that kingdom rests on our both shoulders officially?"

"Is it important in that moment?" the king asked.

"Arthur!" Merlin reprimanded her husband. "How can you say that? The Albion... People... Lilly..."

"I know, sweetheart." The blonde sighed. "But it's night and we've just married," he murmured.

The sorceress looked up at him and started laughing. Arthur was right. They could start to worry in the morning. Now they had time for each other.

Everything was going to be well.

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