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Rating: NC 17

Warnings: Angst, fluff, sap, yaoi, Lemons, Lime, AU

Summary: Heero is a rodeo rider, the best on the circuit and looks set to remain there until an up and coming young cowboy appears on the scene.

AN: This fic is based loosely on the lyrics of 'Rodeo' by Garth Brooks - although it is not a song fic.

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October 2010 ShenLong


[And a broken home and some broken bones
Is all he'll have to show,
For all the years that he spent chasin'
This dream they call Rodeo.

Rodeo – Garth Brooks]

~Three Months Later~

"Happy?" Duo asked as he snuggled deeper into the strong arms that surrounded him.

"Very much so," Heero replied and pressed a kiss to the crown of Duo's head.

"No regrets?"

"None at all." Heero let his hand rub up and down the bare arm of the cowboy currently snuggled up to him. "You?"

"Never." Duo brought his own hand into play, running across the golden skin of Heero's bare thigh. The pair were cuddled close in Duo's bed, the curtains drawn and keeping the night chill outside. "It's still hard to believe at times," Duo continued, "I know I always dreamed of having my own ranch, breeding successful cow ponies and having a loving partner to share it all with. I guess I never really thought it would all come true."

"You'd better believe it. You've worked damn hard to come this far and I feel so privileged to be able to share in it all with you. Whilst we may have ups and downs with the cow pony side of things you can rest assured I'm here to stay, Duo. I love you with all my heart and soul and I couldn't even begin to imagine what my life would be like without you in it."

Duo melted. "How come you always know the right things to say? That's so sweet, Heero."

Heero just chuckled and held his lover tighter. "I don't think half of it would have been possible without the help of Wufei and Meiran."

"Yeah, she's one heck of a girl and I'm so glad that Wufei found her. He deserves to be happy, they both do."

"I agree." Heero let his mind drift back a couple of months...


"They're here, Heero," Duo called out from the back patio where he was firing up the grill. He turned down the heat, wiped his hands on his jeans and turned around.

Hearing his boyfriend's call, Heero left the salad vegetables he was chopping and wiped his hands on the towel. Grabbing his hat from the hook on the back door, he slipped his boots on and stepped out to join Duo in greeting their guests.

The large truck rumbled to a stop between Duo's home and the now extended barn. Cutting the engine, Wufei opened the driver's door and climbed out, Meiran doing the same from the passenger side.

"Heero, Duo," the woman called in greeting, "It's so good to see you both again."

"You too, Meiran. Wufei looking after you then?" Duo grinned as he swept the woman into a hug.

"Of course," Wufei answered for Meiran.

"Nice to see you, Wufei," Heero greeted and shook hands with their friend, turning to give Meiran a hug once she'd released Duo.

"Thanks for bringing the mares with you," Duo said once he'd released Wufei's hand.

"It's our pleasure," Meiran replied. "Should we get them off now and settled?"

"I think that would be a good idea," Heero stated.

The morning after the final rodeo when the six had met up for breakfast, Duo had asked Meiran if her father would have any mares for sale at his ranch. Meiran had promised to ask and let him and Heero know. Two days after arriving back home, Meiran had called and let the cowboys know her father had twenty mares he was considering selling and if the guys would like to come and take a look at them, they could have first pick of any they thought would be suitable for their newly founded stud.

The following week had seen both Heero and Duo at Meiran's home and being shown a very nice selection of mares the woman thought would suit their plans and cross well with Scythe and Wing. After looking the mares over carefully, discussing their good and bad points and with input from Meiran in relation to how she thought they would cross with the two studs the pair currently had, Heero and Duo narrowed the selection down to four mares in total. Negotiations took place between the guys, Meiran and her father and a deal was struck.

Once the payment for the mares was sorted out, they set about making arrangements to collect the mares. With neither Duo or Heero's rig being able to transport more than two horses each, they resigned themselves to having to bring both rigs to collect the horses the following week. Wufei solved the problem for them though. With Duo having invited Meiran and Wufei to visit them for a barbecue later in the week, Wufei suggested he drive Meiran's father's truck down with the horses on board and deliver them at the same time. It sounded like a good idea and both cowboys agreed to it so long as they were allowed to pay for the gas. Meiran pointed out that they would be coming there anyway so it wouldn't be a problem. They settled on paying half the gas bill.

Now the day had arrived and Duo was just as eager as Heero to introduce the mares to their new home. Scythe and Wing were in their respective corrals, both stallions taking an immediate interest in the truck as it pulled up. They could scent mares in there. The four mares would be turned out with the other four currently on the property, Duo having picked up the two mares they'd decided on buying before the last rodeo and bringing them home to the paddock with the two he currently owned.

Wufei carefully lowered the back ramp and disappeared inside. Moments later he came down the ramp with a very pretty paint mare. She was small, compact and wiry, the patches of black and white even on each side of her body. She carried herself with grace and eagerly looked around her new home. Wufei handed her lead rope to Heero and went back inside the truck.

A buckskin mare was next out of the truck, taller than the paint but with tremendous hindquarters on her. She gave a loud whinny as she came clattering down the ramp, both Scythe and Wing responding. Wufei handed the mare over to Duo to hold.

An appaloosa mare followed the buckskin, bay with a blanket of spots scattered over her hind end. She had clean legs, good shoulders and a depth of girth that indicated excellent heart and lung room.

Seeing the mare, Wing snorted. He was seriously over spots!

Meiran took the appy whilst Wufei went back to the truck to fetch the last mare. She was a chestnut, the only white on her being a small spot in the middle of her forehead. Like the other mares, she was neatly put together.

"Where would you like them, Duo?" Meiran asked.

"I'll pop the four of them into the small paddock at the back of the barn, that way they can get used to the other four mares over the fence for a couple of days before I turn them all out together," Duo replied and leading the buckskin, he started to walk towards the side of the barn and around the back.

The other three followed, each holding onto their respective mare as the horses all shared neighs and whinnies with each other and the stallions.

"Sounds like a damn symphony," Duo chuckled as he closed the gate once all four mares were safely in the paddock.

"I'm sure they will settle down soon," Meiran laughed.

"I know the mares will, it's Wing and Scythe who will carry on and on," Heero muttered.

"I don't believe that those two are still trying to out-do each other," Wufei snorted.

"Yeah, tell me about it," Duo grumbled. "You're not the one that has to put up with the constant pissing match between them. It's really starting to get annoying."

"Oh well, short of putting the pair in with each other to sort it out themselves, there's not much you can do," Meiran laughed.

"Trust me, we've both thought about that on more than one occasion," Duo groused. "Problem is they would probably kill each other and we need both of their bloodlines to make this stud successful."

"Then all I can suggest is maybe some Valium and a good pair of ear plugs," Wufei stated with a smirk.

"Either that or geld the pair of them and use another stallion for your breeding program. I have a very nice black stallion back home that would be more than happy to cover mares for you," Meiran said with a twinkle in her eye.

"Geld the..." Duo began and then Meiran's words finally caught up with him. "No fricken' way!"

"I second that," Heero growled. "No way am I going to geld Wing, and as for using Reaper; forget it!"

Meiran couldn't contain her laughter any longer. "Oh my, if you two could only see your faces," she snickered.

Both Heero and Duo blushed, but neither one of them was about to apologize for their feelings regarding the black demon. Both cowboys had had more than enough dealings with the bronc and both would be happy if they never saw the animal ever again. Regardless of what Meiran said or did with the horse, no matter how much he proved to be the animal Meiran said he was, he would still remain the black devil to them both.

"How is he now?" Duo asked, his curiosity getting the better of him, "And did you have much trouble getting him back from the rodeo?" He directed the last question to Wufei who had been the unfortunate one to have to transport the bronc back to Meiran's home.

"He's doing just fine, Duo. I've got him back into work and he's starting to remember all I ever taught him. He still has the odd moment when he seems to think he's back at the rodeo again, usually if one of the cow hands is a little loud or rough around him, but even those episodes are getting less and less. I expect him to be completely settled and ready to perform within the next twelve months."

"That's good then. I wish you all the best with him."

Noting the dark look on Wufei's face, Heero repeated Duo's earlier question. "Did you have much trouble getting him back to Meiran's from the rodeo?"

Wufei snorted. "He wasn't too bad once he was in the trailer. I didn't touch him though, Meiran was the one to handle him. Nataku wasn't all that pleased either."

Heero and Duo could both imagine what must have taken place, especially with Nataku. The Morgan wouldn't have been too keen at all in sharing his trailer with the horse that had tried to harm both him and his master.

"Nataku is fine with him now though," Meiran stated.

I guess that's good for everyone then," Duo said.

"I think we should go eat, the grill will probably be white hot by now," Heero said with a small smile. "You did remember to turn it down, Duo?"

"Yeah, yeah, I did," Duo replied with a wave of his hand. "Come on, folks, we can talk more over dinner."

It wasn't until the four had finished eating and were reclining back on the patio, each with a drink in their hands and watching the sun set that Wufei dropped his bombshell.

"Guys, Meiran and I have something we'd like to share with you," Wufei started and took his girlfriend's hand in his own.

Immediately, Heero and Duo gave the man their full attention, noting the soft look passing between the pair. Duo had an idea of what might be coming, but kept his thoughts to himself and his mouth shut.

"I've come to realize that Meiran means the world to me, she's charming, witty, a good rider and has a lovely personality. It took me a while to accept that she could love someone like me and I love her with all my heart."

Duo could feel his eyes getting misty with the softly spoken words.

"Meiran has kindly agreed to do me the greatest honor and become my wife."

Both Heero and Duo sat in silence for a moment, digesting the words. Wufei and Meiran didn't notice though, they had eyes only for each other, Wufei's thumb rubbing gently at the back of Meiran's hand whilst the woman gazed deep into Wufei's eyes.

When his brain finally did come back on line, Duo gave a whoop of joy and lunged forward to hug both his friends. "That's wonderful news, Wufei. Congratulations to you both."

"I agree with Duo, that is great news. I hope you will both be very happy together," Heero congratulated once his lover had released the pair and he could get into the act. Handshakes were exchanged and Heero even gave Meiran a hug and kiss to her cheek.

"I hope you will both be able to attend the wedding," Meiran said.

"Sure we will, wild horses wouldn't keep us away, would they, Heero?" Duo replied for them both.

"When is the wedding going to be?" Heero asked.

"We haven't set a date yet, but rest assured, you will both be notified just as soon as we do so you can keep it free," Meiran smiled.

"That calls for another round of drinks to celebrate," Duo stated and disappeared inside the house to fetch them each one.

~End Flashback~

"I'm glad Wufei found someone, he's a nice guy and deserves to be happy," Duo mused.

"That he does. I think Meiran is the perfect match for him. She won't take any of his macho bullshit and yet she's also good for him in bringing him out of himself," Heero replied, thinking about their stoic friend.

"Yeah. I don't think I'd like to be between those two when they have an argument," Duo snickered. "From what I know of Meiran she can be just as stubborn and hot headed as Wufei."

"Kinda like Reaper in a way," Heero chuckled.

Duo almost choked on his laughter.

Heero began to trace lazy circles on Duo's back with his fingers. "How many of the mares do you think have taken?"

"Dunno," Duo said softly, enjoying the soft stroking to his back. "I guess we will know tomorrow just how successful we're going to be," Duo continued. "We could get lucky and have them all take."

"It's possible, but I wouldn't pin my hopes on it."

"I suppose so. Although it will probably give those pair of studs something else to bitch over if some haven't," Duo sighed.

Heero couldn't help it, he snorted at the thought of Wing or Scythe crowing over the other, if one had managed to get more mares in foal than the other. "It probably would," he agreed. "They certainly were showing off to each other enough whilst we were covering the mares."

A soft snicker escaped Duo as he thought back to when they had started to cover the mares...


Having gotten their little band of mares together, Duo and Heero sat down one evening to discuss each mare's good and bad points and compare them to Scythe and Wing, thereby enabling them to figure out which stallion would cross best with which mare. Once the 'genetics' side was worked out, it was time to put their theories into practice.

Before even attempting to put any of the mares in foal, each was checked by the local vet and cleared of any infections and the like that could possibly affect them getting in foal or worse still, infecting the stallions. As each mare came into season, she was 'teased' by the stallions to ensure she was definitely in season before going ahead and serving the mare.

The bay appaloosa mare had been the first to come into season and both cowboys had already decided she would cross better with Scythe. The mare had been brought into the corral, Heero fetching her and playing the part of mare holder while Duo went to get Scythe.

The stallion scented the mare before he saw her, tugging on his lead rope and giving loud grunts and squeals as he was led around the barn to where Heero waited with the receptive mare.

"Steady on," Duo had chastised, but Scythe was all business. He knew what this mare was for and he fully intended to do what nature insisted. Besides, at least he was getting some and not that splash back!

It had taken all of a couple of minutes for Scythe to serve the mare. A lot of grunting, humping and a few snorts from the mare and Scythe had started to stiffen. Duo swore the stallion's eyes rolled back in his head and couldn't help but snicker when Scythe all but fell off the mare when he was done and tottered around for a moment.

In the corral, Wing watched, frustrated and annoyed. When Scythe stiffened and then left the mare, Wing practically rolled his eyes. Had this stallion no stamina?

With the mare served, Duo put Scythe back in his corral where the appy proceeded to prance smugly around, showing off to the paint pot.

The following week, the paint mare was in season and also the chestnut mare with the white spot on her forehead. Both mares were to be crossed with Wing and with Duo playing the role of mare holder, Heero brought his stallion out and up to the mare. Wing decided he was more of a gentleman that that dotty donkey and had turned on the charm for the mare. He wuffled low in his throat, putting the mare at ease before rearing up carefully and landing as gently as he could on the mare's back where he gave in to the call of nature. He lasted a good three minutes before he began to stiffen and then gave a grunt of satisfaction. Carefully, he pushed himself from the mare's back and moved to the side. He made sure to curl his lip up at that spotted excuse for a stud.

Scythe hadn't been impressed at all and had promptly turned his nose up and walked off to the back of the corral.

When Heero came for Wing again later that afternoon and Duo once again played mare holder, this time with the chestnut, Scythe couldn't help his annoyance. He squealed, reared and kicked out at nothing, prancing around his yard and being generally obnoxious. Wing ignored the other stud, knowing full well what was getting the appy's spots in a spin. He behaved himself once more, acting in the gentleman role and playing nice with the mare. Once his duty was done, he returned to the corral, a lazy, satisfied look on his muzzle.

Scythe stuck his nose in the air and turned his tail on the patchwork pony.

It went like that for the next couple of weeks, each stallion showing off to the other when it was his turn to serve a mare or sulking in the corner of the corral when it wasn't. Wing continued to play the role of 'gentleman' whilst Scythe was just in it to prove what a top stud he was; oh, and for the pleasure.

Scythe squealed loudly as he was brought out to serve the last of the mares; the buckskin. Wing didn't take any notice, he'd been covering mares for the past couple of days and was feeling quite content. He turned his back on spot and went to lick his feed bin in case he'd missed anything.

Scythe lunged forward with a grunt, having to stand on the tips of his hooves to cover the mare as she was quite tall. It didn't deter him though, he still managed to climb on board and do his duty. Within another minute, he was done and sliding off to the side, the mare shaking her head as if she also couldn't believe it was all over.

~End Flashback~

"Scythe sure was quick when it came to covering the mares," Heero commented.

"He didn't mess around that's for sure," Duo snickered and cuddled closer to Heero, his hand feathering across Heero's thigh and closer to the juncture of his legs.

"Mmm, nice," Heero moaned softly. "I'm glad you don't come that quick," Heero said, his mind not really focusing. When the fingers suddenly stopped in their motion, Heero opened his eyes and looked at his lover. It was then that it hit him, just what he'd said. "Ahhh..." Heero went a healthy shade of red.

"I should hope not," Duo teased. "I'd like to think I have a bit more stamina than that!"

Heero wondered if he would spontaneously self combust.

"I know they say that people and their animals are very much alike, but in this case they're completely wrong," Duo continued. "I can last a hell of a lot longer than Scythe."

"I know you can," Heero managed to get out. "I'm sorry, that didn't come out quite right. I kind of meant that you-"

"Heero, shut up." Duo leaned in and kissed his lover deeply. When they broke for air, Heero's mind had completely left town. "I'll show you just how much stamina I have," Duo growled.

That was all the warning Heero got before the long haired cowboy pounced.

Hands, fingers, lips and tongue all went on a journey of discovery, teasing and tormenting across Heero's skin until he thought he would lose his mind. Nipples were sucked and nipped before Duo moved lower. Unable to reach his partner to reciprocate in any way, Heero could do nothing but succumb to his boyfriend's ministrations.

Duo was enjoying himself, his mouth was mapping out the contours of Heero's abdomen, pressing soft kisses, the odd nip and occasional lick to the golden skin. His own excitement was rising by the second, fueled by the soft moans and pleas from Heero as he teased his lover. Between Heero's legs, his cock stood proud, a droplet oozing from the tip. The organ was simply begging to be touched, to be played with, and Heero's pleas only backed up his groin's demands. But Duo wasn't ready to grant that wish just yet.

Moving from Heero's abdomen, Duo pressed open mouthed kisses to the jutting hip bone before shifting along to Heero's thigh. Pushing Heero's legs a little wider apart, his teeth gave soft nips to the inner thigh, soothing with gentle licks and kisses a moment later.

Not content to let his mouth experience all the fun, Duo brought his fingers back into play, running them lightly up and along the opposite thigh to the one he was feasting upon. Trailing up and down, each time working just a little closer to the crease of skin where hip and groin met.

"Ahhh, ohhh," was all Heero could manage in the vocal skills area, his body completely reduced to the sense of touch. His nerves were on fire, Duo's touches leaving shivering sensations on his skin in their wake, that mouth teasing and tormenting with a skill Heero knew had to be illegal.

'I must be gay,' he thought to himself. In all his time with Relena, sex had never felt this good or as pleasurable. Heero had thought he'd been turned on when Relena had touched him, when they had joined together, but in all honesty, what he'd felt then, paled in comparison to the things Duo was doing to him, had done to him. It was as if Duo knew exactly where to touch, how much pressure to apply, which buttons to push to have Heero writhing in pleasure beneath him. He also knew that Duo's body turned him on more than he'd ever thought possible.

As soft gasp left his mouth and all thought processes shut down as Duo suddenly took his erection into his mouth and began to suck.

A tongue danced across the baby soft skin of Heero's shaft, flicked lazily over the crown and then licked from base to tip. A slick finger began to run along Heero's crevice and the cowboy opened his legs wider to accommodate his lover. The finger teased at first, running up and down, circling the small entrance before darting off again.

"Please," Heero moaned.

Duo gave a soft snicker. "What do you want, Heero?"

"You, Duo. Only you," came the reply, Heero's voice thick with need.

"I can't deny you anything," Duo whispered as he pulled himself up the bed again and lay flush with his lover, hand still between Heero's legs and circling that entrance.

Reaching for a kiss, Heero sealed their mouths together, tasting himself on Duo's tongue. It didn't make him feel nauseous, quite the opposite, it turned him on even more. He let his hand dance over Duo's chest and abdomen until he found Duo's cock. Wrapping his hand firmly around the shaft, he began to pump.

"Nice," Duo groaned and wriggled his finger into Heero's passage.

Once Heero's body loosened enough, Duo added a second finger and then a third, completely stretching Heero for his cock. He panted softly, doing his best to keep his own libido in check, which wasn't easy with Heero's hand doing wicked things to his cock and balls.

Finally Duo felt Heero was prepared enough and removed his fingers, reaching for the tube of lube and squeezing a generous amount out. He gave Heero a sultry look as the other cowboy stilled his hand and let his partner take over.

The gel was spread liberally from root to tip, Heero's eyes tracking the movement of Duo's hand and enjoying the visual. Once his partner was slick, Heero pushed his knees up and opened his legs wide in offering.

"God I love you," Duo whispered.

"Show me how much," Heero countered.

"It will be my pleasure." Duo took hold of his cock and moved forward until he was resting between Heero's spread thighs. Guiding the tip to the stretched entrance, he placed the head against the ring of muscle and began to push forward slowly and steadily. Violet eyes locked with cobalt blue, love and trust showing clearly and mirrored in their opponent's.

The burn of entry made itself known, but it wasn't anything Heero couldn't handle. He kept his body relaxed as Duo inched forward, taking his time.

After what seemed to be ages to Heero but was only a minute or two, Duo was fully sheathed in his partner's heat. He paused and held himself up on his elbows, still staring deeply into Heero's eyes. "I love you, Heero, with all my heart and soul."

Not only was the sincerity in the voice, but Heero could see it clearly in Duo's eyes. Those violet orbs were completely open to him, he could see right into Duo's soul, the warmth, the love, the devotion all shining through and he felt his own heart skip a beat whilst his throat constricted. Managing to swallow past that lump at last, Heero spoke softly. "I love you too, Duo. I know it took me some time to come to understand what I was feeling and I thank you for being patient and not giving up on me. I never really knew what love was until I found you, and now that I have, I don't ever intend to let you go."

Unable to reply as he was overcome with emotion, Duo lowered his head to touch his lips to Heero's, saying all he felt in that tender, loving kiss.

A soft roll of Heero's hips broke the moment and Duo slowly withdrew. Pushing back in again, he was sure to take his time, letting Heero's body adjust and adapt to the invasion. Heat and tightness surrounded him, Heero's arms encircled his shoulders and all Duo could do was feel.

Their lovemaking was slow and gentle, each taking from the other and returning the gift with just as much passion. Nerves were awoken, sensation danced through bodies and the steady rhythm continued on.

Gradually the pace increased a touch, Duo angling to find Heero's prostate and reducing the dark haired cowboy to a quivering mess. Heero flexed his inner muscles in retaliation, squeezing Duo's cock and driving him to near madness.

"I'm not going to last much longer," Duo groaned.

"Me either," Heero panted out.

Managing to work his hand between their bellies, Duo curled his fingers around Heero's shaft and began to pump, the steadily leaking precome aiding in his hand's movement.

They rose to the pinnacle together, soft moans and pleas escaping lips, bodies shuddering with desperation until Heero felt the point of no return creep up on him. With a keening cry, he let go and flew.

Duo managed to thrust a few more times before his own orgasm claimed him. A deep throated moan pushed forth and escaped as his body stiffened and his cock released its fluid into Heero's waiting channel. Pretty colors danced in his head, pure, unadulterated pleasure swam through his blood and he sagged against his lover.

They held each other tight, simply letting their respective climaxes rage through them until the last vestiges drained away and they were left limp and sated, the sweat cooling on skin.

Heero was the first to move, nuzzling against Duo's neck. "Thank you," he murmured.

"That goes both ways," Duo mumbled and gave his lover a squeeze.

After a few more minutes, Duo carefully rolled off his lover and reached for the pack of wet wipes they kept on the night stand beside the bed. Lazily they cleaned each other off, tossing the soiled wipes into the trash. Once they felt clean again, Duo pulled the blanket up and covered them both with it, spooning up behind Heero and draping his arms around Heero's waist.

Heero's hands came up and rested over the top of Duo's and he sighed contentedly when Duo pressed a kiss to the nape of his neck.

"Love you, Heero. Sleep well."

"Love you too, Duo. Good night." Heero snuggled deeper into his partner's embrace and closed his eyes. Duo's eyes also closed as he prepared to let sleep claim him.

Heero gave a soft snicker which had Duo cracking open one eye. "What was that for?" he asked sleepily.

"You're right, you do have much more stamina than Scythe."


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