A/N: After considering most of the outtake requests for Harvest Moon, it seemed simpler just to cave and do a sequel - including the outtake requests within it.

My next step was to then beg my former beta to participate in the torture, for my story wouldn't be half as good without his anal retentive tendencies with regard to the English language. I will not put his reply here, as I am certain it would get me booted off FF and Twilighted.

After much begging and pleading, he agreed, with the stipulation that I call the sequel Full Moon (which is what he wanted to give everyone who requested a continuation of Harvest Moon). He came up with several poems of his own, that you'll find in the post notes in the first few chapters. Since I was stuck with the name Full Moon and you know I like to pick leading poems…

Wilt thou suddenly enshroud thee,
Who this moment wert so nigh?

Heavy rising masses cloud thee,
Thou art hidden from mine eye.

Yet my sadness thou well knowest,
Gleaming sweetly as a star!

That I'm loved, 'tis thou that showest,
Though my loved one may be far.

Upward mount then! clearer, milder,
Robed in splendour far more bright!

Though my heart with grief throbs wilder,
Fraught with rapture is the night!

To the Rising Full Moon,Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Dark angry clouds hung low, grey and threatening over the full moon. The black tops of the dense forest swayed ominously in the whipping wind, as if to warn me that something bad…something horrendous…was coming. A streak of lightning hit in the distance, as if foretelling fire, and I shivered at the symbolism. My skin actually crawled at the thought. The smell of my family; vampire, hybrid, and wolf surrounded me as if to counter attack the vicious, insidious oppression of the eerie moon and weather and the inevitable confrontation.

Run! I heard in my head. Take them away from hereNow!

It was impossible; the horde would only follow, endangering the innocent humans that populated the area. It was now or never. We weren't just fighting for the future of the family, we were fighting for the future of humans as well. I heard the stirring of my loved ones beside and behind me, just faint sounds of the bending of a grass blade here and there, and the deep huffs of the wolves surrounding us. Time seemed to stand still as the forest grew eerily quiet deep within the thick growth. The animals knew to be quiet…so very quiet.

DANGER! They were coming! It was inevitable…we were going to die.

I looked across the expanse of the moonlight lit clearing before us. The meadow…how poetic. How ironic that we would once again come to Forks, and face the one person that would prove to be our most formidable enemy, here, of all places. He possessed more knowledge than anyone about us, our weaknesses, our strengths…what could destroy us…what had already destroyed us. I wanted to shout to the heavens at the unfairness, the heartbreak. How could this have happened? It was inconceivable.

Bella stirred beside me and I reached out to grasp her hand, to comfort her. She stared forward, across the place that had given her so much happiness. Agony seared across her face and she looked to me for comfort. I felt Carlisle step to my side, and I glanced quickly at him. Carlisle's face echoed Bella's distress. We'd been so happy. The last few years had been nothing but true nirvana. We'd made our home in Volterra and Seattle, and although we'd faced many fights, nothing had, or could have, prepared us for what was coming for us through the forest.

I heard Demetri murmur softly to Heidi, telling her of his love for her. Jasper whispered soft reassurances to Alice, and I picked up the fragrance of Esme's scent as she came to Carlisle's side. "This is unbearable…unbelievable," Anna whispered from just behind me.

"Rosie…" came the deep voice.

Her feminine one echoed painfully, "Em…"

Pain sliced through me at hearing them, but I thought quickly back through our preparations. Jasper had pushed us to extremes, as one after another, the smaller covens had been destroyed. The marauding enemy showed no mercy, they were too well trained and led by one who could outwit us all. His love and mercy had changed to maniacal fervor as the blackness within took over. Where once he would have smiled with love, his lips twisted in hatred and cynicism. Compliance with his will was required. Any who thought to go against it was immediately destroyed.

I felt Bella begin to shake, her panic eating at her rigid control. Nessie and Jacob's soft whispers floated by me. Stefanie, Seth, and William joined their hushed tones, making me want to snarl. They were too young…this hit too close to home for them. Hands that had once cradled them now sought their destruction. The brush of fabric against the low bushes in the distance reached me. They moved with stealth. Within just a minute, black robes ghosted out of the trees like wraiths in the night.

They know not the green leaves;
In whose earth-haunting dream
Dimly the forest heaves,
And voiceless goes the stream.
Strangely they seek a place
In love's night-memoried hall.

A poem by Siegfried Sasson raced through my mind. The Wraiths…how appropriate. Strangely they seek a place, In love's night-memoried hall. Why here…why now?

Did he plan to destroy everything sacred? The meadow, in it true simplistic splendor, would forever be ruined after this night. It probably wouldn't matter because no one would be here to see it afterward. Perhaps it was appropriate that my ashes would scatter across this place. "Ashes to Ashes…Dust to Dust." Would the flowers find nourishment from me, as my charred remains deteriorated? Would they flourish from the cherished bodies of my family? Did it matter?

Somewhere…from deep inside of me…a moment of despair washed through me as I thought of him. I wondered how would he feel after he destroyed us. Would he still retain his unnatural peace? I worried for him, even if I knew he would rejoice in our destruction.

The black swathed figures stopped not far from us. We were outnumbered…it was clear. They possessed as many talents as we did.

The lead figure took a few long steps toward us, and I felt Bella stiffen beside me and heard her gasp of pain. Hands moved toward the cowl of the robe, pushing it backwards. The moonlight made a valiant attempt to shine through the clouds highlighting him as the angel he'd always seemed. Bright red eyes scanned the group as a sneer claimed his face, twisting it. He looked toward the assassins beside him, after one last cold look toward us, he gave his order. "Destroy them."

The family tensed at the callousness in his voice.

"Edward…" Bella breathed out from beside me. Pain laced through her voice.

The figure hesitated only slightly as the weak light framed his bronze hair and the scar along his cheek. Then as he turned away, the robed figures dashed past him toward us.

"Henry!" my family screamed around me as we braced for impact. "Remember our training," I shouted. "And if possible bring Edward back alive…"

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