12 – Perfect Life

Drace watched Noah talk excitedly into the phone. She couldn't believe it had only been a few months since the confrontation, and how quickly things seemed to blow over.

Noah walked back and forth behind the counter, stopping randomly to pick something up, only to put it down a second later. Basch had moved back to Dalmasca, but called almost every day to talk to his younger twin. Noah always waited for the call, and if Basch didn't call, Noah would start to freak out. Many times Drace had to tell him that Basch had a life in Dalmasca, and he had to understand that Basch couldn't call every day.

"How's he doing?" Zargabaath, who had just sat down, asked.

"Hm?" Drace looked over at her friend. "Oh, he's been doing fine. I'm glad they got things sorted out…it was so strange to call him Gabranth!"

"May I say something little Dracie?" Zargabaath smiled.

"You may." Drace looked back at Noah.

"I totally called it!" He punched his friend lightly on the shoulder.

"Zarg!" Drace laughed.

"Anyway, how are you two? I mean together."

"Just fine. We're going out later this evening."

"And you feel the need to continue to stalk him at his place of work?"

"Zargabaath, you know I always get my coffee at this time."

"But it seemed to become habit when he started working here."

They laughed at the first day they noticed Noah working at the coffee shop, and how Drace had asked him if he was in high school or not. She laughed even harder when she thought of how he had asked her out. To her, it seemed like most of their first conversations were awkward. But she was happy now, and Noah was happy now.

As of that moment, they both had the perfect life.