cast of Characters for Hylian nights

Link As Aladdin : Duh!

Zelda as Princess Jasmin : Princess Ruto wouldn't work

Ganondorf as Jafar : you all should of seen that comming

King Daphnes as Sultan : The king from wind waker is the only King I know who has a name

Impa as Razoul : you know the gaurd that hates aladdin's gut, and in occarina of time Inpa seems to be the captain of the gaurds so thats why I made her take this role

Nabooru as the Genie: Why? cause the area I'm using for the cave of wonders is going to be the spirit temple and Nabooru kinda dresses up like a genie, and she gets forced to work with Ganondorf in the game so it make sense to make her the genie

Navi as Abu: it works, they're small.

Epona the horse as carpet: not that many magic carpets in the Zelda series and the CD-I one was ugly

the Role of Rajah the tiger is going to be replaced with a wolf name Golden cause there are no tigers in the legend of Zelda series I have yet to see one in the games.

Iago the parrot will be replaced with a raven named Rocko

Naraitor will be played by the happy mask sales man and the theif will be played by Salkon from Majora's mask


spirit temple as the cave of wonders: it makes more sense cause this temple is in the desert and the statue of the snake goddess coming to life will be fun to write

Hyrule castel town as agrabah.

and the Lamp will be replaced with the ocarina of time

that is all.

if you don't like the roles I picked then you can turn away and go read some one esles story. I might shage some of the Lyrics of the songs to amke it sound like it comes from Hyrule and not Agrabah