morning aproched Hyrule after a couco got a boot thrown at it for crowing. in the castel Prince Delek came storming in, his long black hair was all messed up, his white cape was half gone. .

" I'VE NEVER BEEN SO INSULTED" he shouted, the king comming down the hall heard the prince.

oh Prince Delek, your not leaving so soon are you?" he asked, wondering why the prince was up set he saw the back of the Prince, Deleks pants have been riped and you can see peices of his under garments but it wasn't enough to cover his bare butt.

" GOOD LUCK MARRYING HER OFF" the Prince made his way to the castel entrance and slamed the door behind him.

King Daphnes knew who was behind the princes frustration " Zelda" he took off to the garden.

the garden was filled with flowers and a nice fountain sat in the center

" Zelda" the king kept calling, he spoted a young woman sitting near the fountain, her long golden hair shined in the sun light, her gown while with pink and a tiara rested on her fore head.

" Zelda!" the king got her attention but a wolf comes between the two. she growled at the king, the King wasn't afriad of this wolf cause she was his daughters pet, she had a peice of cloth in her mouth and it was blue

"oh confounded Golden" he grabed the cloth causing a tug of war game, the cloth riped in half, the wolf won throwning the king of balanced he landed on the solf grass, looking at the cloth in his hand he figured out what happedn to the Prince ." so this is why Prince Delek stormed out"

the wolf walked over to the young girl who was sitting at the fountain

" oh father Golden was playing," she said taking the left over peice of fabric out of the wolfs mouth " weren't you Golden " she lifted the wolf's head to look her in the face " you were just playing with that over dressed self- asorbed, Prissy Prince Delek weren't you" she cuddled the wolf enjoying the humor that happedn but the anger of her father made her stop.

" Dearest you got to stop rejecting every suitor that comes to call" he started lecuturing he, Zelda got up from the fountain and walked over to a bid cage " the law says you" he continued but Zelda knew what he was going to say

" must be married to a prince" she and her father both said at the same time.

" by your next birth day" her father inclued. Zelda sighed

" the law is wrong" she argued, she opened the cage and took out a small little dove

" you only got three more days" the king panicked. Zelda stroked the little bird's head. it was sof like a rose petle.

" Father i hate being forced into this" she looked down at the dove in her hand " if I do marry I want it to be fore love" she presses the bird to her cheek nuzzing with it.

King Daphnes understood what her daughter was trying to say, and she was right about the law

" Zelda it not only this law" he started " I'm not going to around forever" he took the bird out of his daughters hands, Zelda begun walking away from her father, he put the bid back into the cage " I just want to make sure your taken care of" he closed the door " and provided for. Zelda went back to the fountain, and sat by the edged

" please try to understand" she looked into the water " I ve never done a thing on my own " she saw two little fishes swim over to her, she dips her fingers in the water swirlling around the fishes " I've never had any real friends " Golden heard her look up whimpering, Zelda turns to her " exept you Golden" corecting her self. Golden satisfied curls up in a ray of sun ligh and takes a sun bath. Zelda looked out the castel walls

" I've never been outside the castel walls, she turns to her reflection in the water, he father looks into the water himself tring to make her look at him through the water.

" But Zelda your a princess" he tells her. angery she splashed out her reflection " them maybe I don't want to be aprincess any more" she turns away from the King. Daphnes had enoguh of this agument and see's not getting anywhere he beguns to walk out of the garden.

" by the goddeses forbid you to have any daughters" he left. Golden hearing that coment didn't quite understand what he ment. Zelda still upset about the agurment walked back to the bird cage and opend both doors and all the doves flew out. she wached as they flew into the sky towards freedome, something she'll never have.

in the castel King Daphnes walked in his studies looking at a moddle of castel town, infact it was like a clock, he pushed down on one of the handles making it spin

" I don't know where she gets it from" he asked his self " her mother wasn't nearly so picky" the king glanced over to see a tall shadow cast on the wall it started him but relised who the shadow belonged to he relaxed

" ah Gannondorf my trusted adviser" Ganondorf the man from the desert entered the room " i'm in desprate need of your wisdom " the king said

" my life is to serve you, my lord" he said bowing in respect Daphnes lifts his hand to show that Ganondorf could rise.

" it's this suitor business" he said " Zelda won't choose a husband" he fixes the crown ontop of his head " I'm at wit end". his attention focused on the raven sitting on Ganondorf's shoulder " oh what a nice bird" he takes out a peice of bread from his side pocket " ah wouldn't the bird like a bpeice of bread. the raven knew that bread wasn't any good but the king shoves it into his mouth, the bird didn't like the fact the bread was stale and hard. Ganondorf enjoyed this amusement from his pet

" you majesty certainly has a way with dumb animals" he said to his pet. Rocko knew that he was being insulted, he glared at Ganondorf. the man turned his attention back to the king " now then perhaps I can diveine a solution to this thorny problem" his arm wraped on the kings shouldher he leads him to his desk

" if any one can help it's you " Daphnes picked up a book from the desk, he opend it up , with a quilt he scratched out Prince Delek, it was a book with names of faild suitors. Ganondorf took the book out of the kings hands and tossed it. some how it ended up hitting a cat and it wasn't happy

" yes but it would require the use of the mystic blue dimond" he reached for the kings hand which had a ring with a big blue dimond. Daphnes reacted by taking his hand back to inpect the rign

" my ring?" he asked " it's been in my family for years" Ganondorf could care less about the kings family, he unpinned a pendant from his sholder, the pednat had the head of a boar .

" it's all necessary to find the Princess a sutor" with it he held the pendant to the kings eyes " don't worry, every thing will be fine" the king gased at the boar's eyes as it hypnotized him

" Every thing will be fine" the king repeated

" the dimond" Ganondorf asked. the King slowly took the rign off his hand " here Ganondorf, what ever you need will be fine". the gurudo snaches the ring, beaking the Hyposis on the king

" you are most gratful my king" he said looking at the ring, he sees the king alittle dazed from the spell, he ushers him over to the clock that he found him before " now run along and play with your little toys" he joked with the king

" yes.. that.. would be fine" the king said. Ganondorf exit the room, once out of sight he rolled his eyes in a iritated way and rocko spited out the bread

" I can't take it any more" the bird yelled "if i gotta choke down on one more of his stale bread" Ganondorf trying not to listen he walked over to a wall pulling a torch down the wall slid open like a door.

" Bam wack" the bird continued, the man step in and the door slamed shut

" calm your self Roko" he begun desending up a spiral stare case. of corse the Raven still continued to rant

" then I'll grab him around the head Wack wack" he started punching the air

" then I'll be king" Ganondorf inturpted him " and not that addle-pted twit, Roko liked where this was going

" then I'll stuf the bread down his thoat" the bird finished. they both laughed at the last part as the door slmabed to ganondorfs room.

night had fallen on Hyrule, in the garends a maiden with a cloak over her head ran across the open grass, it was Zelda and she looks like she about to run away. she spoted a trees right up agaist the stone wall. she dashed over to it, grabing the trees branch she felt a tug agaist her cloak, panicking that she was caught she turn only to find her pet wolf Golden was the one tugging her cloak.

" oh I'm sorry Golden" she bent down to the wolf " but I can' t stay here and have my life lived for me" she pated the wolf's head and gave her a hug " I'll miss you" turning back to the tree she reached for thhe brach and started to climb, Golden helped her by l using her head as a step. she heard Zelda hicup, the Princess looked back at her pet

" goodby" she went over the wall, Golden laied by the spot whimpering like a puppy, she was going to miss the Pincess.

yes the underwear part I had fun writing about. and I choos a wolf insted of a tiger because I haven't seen any tigersin the zelda series. as for Ganondorf I think you could understand why he had a pendant of a boar head isnted of a snake staf to hypnontized the king.

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