"See? Even your mother has a teeny bit of knowledge about 'alchemy'." Trisha lifted her nimble but gentle fingers from her son's eyes. The surprise greeted Edward's glimmering golden orbs in the midst of the dimmed room. The boy of ten years marveled at the sight of a lilac light source, resting atop the mantelpiece.

"Wow…What's it made of? We haven't read up on something like this in Dad's books..," said Ed, refusing to take his eyes off the flame.

Trisha grinned, "Potassium chloride, or water softener salt." She heard her son going "oooooo", which soothed her wonderfully. "But I'm afraid you can't use it to transmute anything." The two chortled in harmony.

A moment of silence elapsed, but it wasn't loud screaming silence, or an awkward pause of any kind. Both mother & son relished nature's night music from outside, not giving a care on how much sound they themselves made indoors on a night like this. Ed's mother lovingly turned him around to face her. She again felt the tug of heartache - the memory of her long-gone husband, Hohenheim -& sought to relieve it or cancel it out with what she was about to pass on to her little boy, "Whenever you think of me, think about this special purple flame too. It may not be as bright as a normal yellow flame - but it will still lead you through darkness."

Ed chuckled, then muttered a while later, "I wanna show it to Al!" He'd wake his little brother up, drag him right down here, & share the excitement of beholding the exotic-coloured flame that lent a strange warmth to the house. It was like how comfortable a foothold he found in the realm of alchemy, in spite of its mysteriousness.


The lad looked at her in anticipation.

"Promise me something, my little man. Promise me that you & your brother will find your way through any kind of trouble - never, ever give up in trying to live a life you choose." There was the wattage of Ed's smile, bringing to her a tumult of joy. "What about the purple candle?" he asked.

"Yes, dear. Remember the purple candle. Also remember…that I'll always love you. Think of this flame," she lifted the candle, "& think of my love for you, & there'll always be a way out."

A desire beyond sweetness was planted in Edward that very night - to bring infinite joy to his mother in return for her unconditional feelings for & about him. He pondered frequently on how that candle she showed him wielded a strength independent of everything else that existed.

That is…till the day of her death…