I know it's been ages since this was written but here's an update for anyone still following it/anyone who manages to struggle through this to read this note.

I had planned to clean this fic up a bit, and move it over to AO3 with all my more recent fics. But upon rereading it I realised it was of a very poor quality. So I rewrote it completely for the move as I did love the idea behind it.

As of the 10th May 2014, the first chapter has been posted at the: archive of our own dot org (/) works (/) 1592357 (remove all spaces and brackets and replace dot with '.'- there's a link to my AO3 on my profile page where this fic is posted under the same name) for anyone who is interested. I'll be updating as my free time allows, which should be semi-regularly.

Thank you to anyone who reads this,