This is requested by and dedicated to 'Hellotoday'.
Hope you enjoy it! This has recently had a few tweaks to it, feel free to read again!


My backpack weighs me down, my whole life thrown into it, as I desperately try to escape from reality, I pump my legs faster and stronger yet I seem to be travelling at just the same slow speed. That's got 'my luck' written all over it! I want to run from it all but I simply can't getaway...

I can't escape from it, from them...
More importantly I can't escape from myself!

I bet a thousand questions are running through your mind, but I can answer each one with a question of my own...

Why are you trying to frantically escape from yourself?
Why does nobody love me?
Why don't you go home?
Why are my parents always away at work?
Why do they neglect me?
Have you tried talking to someone about this?
Why does nobody listen?

Suddenly I catch a glimpse of my running self in a shop window...

My hair is a tangled mess, strands flying in all directions. My cheeks are flushed a violent burgundy while my breathing is out of place. Realising just how eccentric I look, I slow my sprint into a slow jog until finally slow down even more to a gentle walk.

If you haven't already figured it out, I've run away from home! I've run away from my old life and I'm about to begin a new one.

Am I just paranoid or is everyone staring at me? I can't help but shake the feeling that I'm being watched and it's really off putting!

Suddenly that feeling takes control of my legs and soon I'm running once again. Trying to escape…

As I run faster and faster with adrenaline kicking in, I try hard not to trip and I nervously glimpse in all directions.

That's when I see her…
A cute, little, blonde girl chasing after a red balloon floating in the sky, such a heart warming sight.

But then I hear the screeching of tyres, as I notice a car hurling down the road towards her. I call out to her, but she doesn't hear…Too caught up in her own fantasy world! I urge the car to decrease in speed, as my heartbeat increases rapidly. But to no avail…

And it was at that moment that I knew what I had to do, so swiftly I change my intended direction and run with all my might to push the small girl out of the way. What's a small graze compared to a few broken bones…Or worse, dead?

I can feel the heat of the headlights shining onto my body, blinding my vision and confusing me greatly. I attempt to move out of the way but my legs are firmly glued to the ground.

Fear washes over me! I know I said I wanted to get rid of my old life...

But NOT like THIS! I don't want to die; I just want to be happy...

Is that too much to ask?

The blinding light inches closer towards me, until I'm finally consumed by its brightness! The last thing to enter my mind is the echoing sound of tyres screeching against the road, the smell of burning rubber and the taste of copper in my mouth as it fills with blood.

Will my scientific grandfather care?
Will my father (a business chairman for a computer software company) care?
Will my mother care, or will she just pretend as if it does? Will I be her latest performance?
Will my uncle, Sam Speed, catch the driver of the speeding car?

Christopher Thorndyke; will I make it? Or will I die?