Hollyleaf: The Wandering Warrior

Dawnfire: Tada! This is my prologue of my series. I'll write the 1st chapter if anyone likes it. 3 good reviews will do.

Spottedleaf: I think it is great.

Oakheart: So do I.

Bluestar: Me too.

Feathertail: That's 3 already.

Dawnfire: STOP BUTTING IN EVERYWHERE! (growls and chases them around)

Spottedleaf: R&R!

Crash! The tunnel was starting to collapse. No! I can't die here! Hollyleaf thought desperately. Rocks and mud showered onto her. She scrambled to get out of the tunnels. She fled down the tunnel and took a left, right, up. Suddenly, a boulder fell onto her head. She fell down unconscious…