Chapter 1: A short introduction

~~Hello everyone, and I'm happy that you decided to read this fanfic. This is my first story here.

The first part is a short introductory to the whole story, the next chapter takes place a bit earlier and explains mostly what happened.

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UPDATE on 19.02.2012. I'm re-writing some parts of this fanfic so stay tuned

If at that time someone had gone trough the east corridor of the third floor they would have heard a loud crash coming from one of the rooms. Luckily there wasn't anyone there, as lessons were in progress and only few dared to skip and even fewer would be bold enough to walk around school while committing this crime. But what if there had been a person standing outside the theatre clubs storage room? Like a teacher? Then out of curiosity they would have opened the door and witnessed a rather unusual sight. A girl. A boy. On the floor. From the visitors point of view it seemed as if the boy, who was lying on top of the girl, wanted to smother her with his hug, while the girl, after a moment of shock, decided that breaking his ribs would be the appropriate response. The boy just started laughing, so the girl decided to make her point clearer.

''Get off me!'' she hissed at him.

''Ah gome...gome*'' he answered nonchalantly and lifted himself up a bit, allowing the girl to face his grin head on. She stopped smacking him and just stared up, waiting to be freed but all she got was a smirk. Realizing that nothing else was left she sucked in a deep breath and murmured something, which the imaginary visitor couldn't possibly be expected to hear. The boy stopped laughing, as if to think over her statement, and pushed himself off of her. He headed straight for the door and looked back only once with the grin still in place on his face, as he was closing it from the other side.

As the girl got up, she picked up the papers, which the boy had left on the floor. After making sure they were the ones she had come for, she looked in the mirror, which hung by the door. Her messy dark brown hair had become even messier and her skirt was a bit ruffled. She tied her mid-long hair in a small pony-tail and after making sure that her clothes were more-or-less all right she opened the door to leave. Unfortunately there was another boy standing in the hallway, just around the corner in a place where she didn't see him until they had made eye-contact.

''Aren't you supposed to be in English?'' the girl asked with a scowl.

''The teacher told me to come looking for you as he remembered that the nurse isn't in school yet. It took you nearly half an hour to find that out?'' he said in his usual stoic tone, with a bit of impatience in it.

''She wasn't in the places I looked, so I figured she'd be somewhere else'' as she had actually searched for the nurse no lies were told, ''I guess no one bothered to tell me that she wasn't at school ''

''Where did you look? The storage room?''

''Teachers room, gym, the roof, etc. etc. . I'll be going to the classroom now'' she said in a nonchalant tone, ignoring his last remark and passed the muddy yellow haired guy, ignoring his stare.

'Of all the people it just had to be him.' the girl thought to herself as she turned around the corner and glanced back. Since they were in the same class the boy with glasses was following her. The girl just shrugged and wondered off in thought. 'Now I need to think of a way to get back at Fuji...again' she opened thedoor of her class and went in. After murmuring some words of apology she sat down and stared out of the window. It was English class, so the teacher didn't pay any attention to her, knowing that the girl could answer any question asked.

Her late grandmother would pale in shock, after hearing what her mind had to say about Fuji Syusuke. Three years ago she would probably not have known any of these words. t was funny how all of it was probably her brothers fault. Him and his colourful language. Even the bell didn't disturb her swearing spree-which shall not be described here in detail. It was stopped, though, by a very uncomfortable blow of breath in her ear. She snapped ''What the hell?''

''Ah...she's awake.''

''Damn. I was sure that wouldn't wake her up...''

''My methods are superb, they have worked on her since the first year''

''You know that sounded wrong''


Every one of the 3 girls became silent as they noticed the glare coming at them. Suddenly the one with the shortest hair squealed ''That's not good! Midori you aren't allowed to glare like that! You'll remind me of another glare-machine from the 2nd years!''

The other two standing girls sweat-dropped.

'''s not good to say that...'' the girl with the longest hair pointed out

''We can't deny the obvious fact Sakura!''

''Whatever. What did you guys want? And Tama, why the hell did you blow in my ear? I hate that!''

Tama, the girl with reddish hair grinned. ''We had to wake you up somehow.''

''I wasn't asleep.''

''Sakura saw Tezuka stare at you so I asked Tama to use her magic. And by the way...what did you do to Tezuka-san that made him want to order you to run 200 laps? '' the girl called Amai asked

''He was probably just mad that I wanted to ditch English, no use for me to sit here anyway. '' Midori added dismissing the matter completely. ''So...lunch time?''

''LUNCH'' Amai shouted and ran out of the class.


''The usual place then?'' Midori said as she got up.

''Yeah…let's go''

And the three of them left the classroom, leaving it empty.

*gome - sorry

So this is where is all began...well...not really

By the way this is happening in HIGH-school. Tezuka is still learning in Seigaku (so is Oishi and the rest of them, but Kawamura isn't playing tennis, because I want him to become a sushi chef, so I can eat the food he makes...) Anyway the plane Tezuka was supposed to be on crashed, so he saw this as a sign from God and didn't fly to Germany.


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