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flies of butter

''I don't care what he thinks of me,'' she muttered under her breath while following the crowd of students to the cafeteria. Haru and Tama had some kind of team meeting, which meant she was alone with Sakura for lunch-break. Unfortunately the petite girl had been at neither her classroom or at their super-secret-lunch-break place. The unhappy girl had already checked this and the fact that Sakura was always first at the 'spot' didn't make things any better. Midori scowled, dissatisfied with the situation. Sitting alone in the super-secret place wasn't an option. The roof wasn't an option either. So it was either the classroom, the library or the cafeteria. If she didn't go to the roof then Fuji would probably go looking for her in the classroom or library. He probably wouldn't think of the cafeteria, as she never went there. Well almost never.

The bell, which indicated that lunch break had begun, rang several minutes ago yet the students were still scampering around as if going to one place and staying there was the worst possible option. Seniors, juniors, freshmen. All rushing from place to place. From class to class. From floor to floor. Most going downwards towards the cafeteria. Some going up in the direction of the roof. Others just randomly walking around and bothering those which were actually going somewhere. Two students, walking towards a different destination met in the hallway. The girl frowned and eyed the boy suspiciously, like always and the boy smiled as he greeted her with a slight nod.

''I didn't want to meet you.''

''Well you just did. Shall we go then?

''I'm going to meet up with Haru and Tama.''

''That won't do,'' he shook his head in disapproval ''You know I'm in the tennis club. I'm bound to know that they're having a meeting right now.''

Mildly embarrassed about getting caught lying she shrugged, ''It never hurts to try.''

''True. Well then.'' he circled his finger to indicate that it was better if she turned around and followed him. The girls scowl deepened.

''Name one good reason why I should go with you.''

''Ahh...'' Fuji smiled at her as broadly as ever ''I could name hundreds, but none of them seem really appropriate. How about you don't have a choice?''

''That's illegal'' she muttered, ignoring the people bumping into her.

''What is?''

''Kidnapping people.''

''No one is to know.''

''There is a crowd of people around us.''

''People notice less while in a crowd.''

''I'll scream.''

''You'll just embarrass yourself.''

''I...'' she trailed off.

''Hm?'' his grin broadened as he saw the girl become more flustered ''How cute''

''Arghh!'' she turned around with a loud grumble.

And with that Fuji had won the fight. Again.

As they got to the same spot as last time Midori turned to him with her usual scowl of suspicion, ''What is it with you and rooftops anyway?''

''The view.''

''Why don't you just stay in your classroom? It's only one floor lower.''

He grimaced slightly, but didn't answer. Instead he sat down and opened his bento box. The girl just shrugged at his silence and stared off into the city ''The view is pretty nice.''

''What shall we talk about this time?'' he asked as he put an unidentifiable object in his mouth, which was probably food.

''Nothing you want to talk about.''

''Then what do you suggest?''

''How the hell can you eat raw wasabi?''

Startled, Fuji looked up to ask her how she knew he ate raw wasabi. Then he realized she was staring at his bento box. With raw wasabi in it.

''Want some?'' he offered.

''You're not normal.''

''I offered you some.''

''So that's why you could endure that juice thing. Your insides are just so screwed up that nothing affects you anymore.'' she muttered, still staring at the green object.

He turned back to his lunch and decided to change the topic, ''You should stop scowling, it'll leave wrinkles on your face.''

''It makes me look intimidating.''

The boy chuckled lightly and shook his head, ''It doesn't work on me then.''

''I'll just keep doing this until it does.''

''That could take a while. Why don't you take a seat?''

''So that I can run away.''

''Ohh...? Afraid that someone might see you here with me and spread rumours that we're going out?''

''I don't care about rumours! I just want to keep a safe distance.''

''If you didn't care about rumours then you wouldn't care about being noticed either. You care about rumours, people talking behind your back and so on, just like everyone else. You're just denying it.''

''Am not!''


''This is why I hate you'' she murmured darkly.

''And we return to this subject?''

''Why don't you just...'' unfortunately she was interrupted by the bell, which rang throughout the school. After hearing it she looked around, bewildered. Had they really been talking for half an hour? With all the pauses there was probably more silence than talking. Fuji noticed her amazement and after getting up came a bit closer to her.

''How about meeting tomorrow again.?''

''I'm eating with Haru and Tama'' came an immediate answer.

''They can spare you for one hour. Well...whenever you come, I'll be here. Waiting.'' and with that the door behind him closed.


Feeling that if she didn't show up she'd lose some kind of battle of prides, Midori went up to the roof two days later.

''So we meet again.'' the usual smile greeted her and for a reason unknown to her opened his eyes. The girl didn't walk further than the threshold. After receiving the greeting with a not she turned around and left.

Fuji, content with her showing up at all, placed another unidentifiable object in his mouth and ate it.

-=-A few days later during lunch-break-=-

''Ne...Midoriii...are you really hanging out with Fuji during those lunch-breaks when we're away?'' Haru asked, as only she and Midori were at their 'spot'.

The girl spoken to gulped down her egg-roll. ''Maybe.''

''Mou...why do you never tell me these things?''

''Because...well...there's nothing to tell.''

A pout formed on Haru's face. There were no egg-rolls left in Midori's bento-box.



''Am I your friend?''

Midori placed her chopstick down into the bento-box and looked her friend into her eyes.


''You aren't thinking that I might know...a fa-''

''No,'' she didn't allow her to finish.

''Good. Otherwise I might have to hurt you.'' Nodding she decided to change the subject ''So are you and Fuji going out?''

If she had had anything in her mouth Midori would have died of choking. Luckily there wasn't. Yet Haru's question made it clear that she had never really thought about the question asked. Here facial expression answered the question all by itself.

'' that a no?''

She shook her head as a clearer answer, unable to add anything.

''Aww... that means I lost the bet to Tama.''

Recollecting herself, Midori wanted to know, ''What bet?''

''Well I bet that you are definitely going out with him, as you don't curse him as much as you used to, but Tama said that you aren't, since you hate him anyhow. Why do you hate him by the way?''

''Why am I continuously asked this?'' , ''Because I do. He's annoying.''

''Really?'' Surprised now Haru stared into her friends eyes ''Is that really it?''

''Well yeah...what else is there to be?''

''Hmm...well hate is better than indifference.'' Haru mumbled as she got up.


''Oh nothing, nothing.'' with a carefree smile Haru opened the door and they exited to return to the classroom.

Several days later the same thing occurred as the last time Midori went up to the roof, only this time the girl stepped over the threshold.

''Not running away this time?''the tensai, who had already sat down by the rooftop fence, asked.

''I haven't decided yet.'' she replied and neared the fence, keeping a safe distance from the dangerous person at the same time. ''Why do you never have a club meeting during lunch-break?''

''Because we have them after or before practice. The girls are simply unlucky.''


''Do you like cacti?

''Why do you constantly bother talking to me?'' she ignored his question.

''Ahh...and so finally you ask a question, which I can actually answer. Why? It's fun talking to you.''

His answer made things worse for her as she now had absolutely no idea what to do anymore.

''Why do you constantly make fun of me then?''

''We've been through this already. I'm just playing around.''

''It's not a fun game.''

''Not all games are fun.''

''Then it's not a game anymore.''

''What is it then.''

''An annoyance'' was the best she could answer.

''Hmm...Looks like we're back to point one again.''

''It's your fault!'' she threw up her hands in frustration ''and you know it.''

''Not really no...''

''Yes really! Yes it is''

''You just dislike being teased.''he opened his eyes, which were now full of laughter, '' I on the other hand love to tease.'' Their eyes linked, and for a moment she forgot where she was. A random background noise woke her up and she looked away.

''If you know that I don't like to be made fun if then why do you do it anyway?''

''Tease, Hoshiwa-san, I tease you. I would never dare to make fun of you. I don't think there will ever be anyone who would.''

''So almost tricking someone into joining a club and doing something they don't want to do is teasing?''

''Hmm...No. I guess not.'' he shook his head. Her raised eyebrow indicated that she was waiting for an explanation.

''Hmm...Well I guess I'd call it a little prank then.''

''Same thing as making fun of someone.''

''Hoshiwa-san,'' Fuji sighed her name out, ''I'm not really sure whether you want me to believe that I'm making fun of you or you want yourself to have that belief. Either way I am not making fun of you. Making fun of someone would be pushing someone down and then pointing your finger at them. I have never done that now have I?''

After a moment of thought she shrugged and looked away, full-well knowing that she had lost, yet too stubborn to yield.

Somewhere below them a girl cried out and a boy tried soothing her. The words said couldn't be understood from such a large distance.

''Ah...another broken heart.''

''How do you know?'' curious Midori leaned over the fence to see if everything was all right.

''What else could it be?''

''She stepped on a piece of glass. He poured water on her accidentally. She's talking about the film ''Titanic''. He told her that she's stupid accidentally.''

''You're not romantic at all.''

Midori just shrugged and kept on looking down towards where the voices where coming from,a bit curious. He looked at her, slightly amused, and decided to start the risk game, ''Have you ever fallen in love?''

''No.'' she answered indifferently.

''Why don't you then?''

''Because love is scary?''

Fuji sighed, ''Your brother deals with it just fine.''

He wasn't given an answer, all that showed that she had heard him was another light shrug.

The boy leaned back, not sure at all of what to do anymore. The silence strangled them both until Midori finally started to choke and turned around. ''I'm going back down.''

''We haven't finished.''

She looked in his now open eyes and after a moment looked away. This theme was one of those which you just didn't want to talk about, ''You aren't saying anything right?''

He remained silent.

''If you're not saying anything then good bye.'' so she left.

The left behind boy wished for silence. The words he had been unable to say were smothered by the wind as he said them to thin air.

Midori, completely red now, ran down the stairs. She had felt that something ominous was about to happen the moment he suddenly mentioned the 'l' word. She made a left tun and walked towards her class. No one she could talk to was there. Great. So she sat down and looked out ofthe window, only to realize that the view from the rooftop was much better.

''I think I recently understood something.'' Fuji began the next time she had come to join him up on the roof.

''What? L i f e' s a b i t c h?''she spelled out

''No...rather I l o v e y o u.''

It took the girl a moment to put the letters into words and the words into a phrase. After forming the phrase, she had to stare a half a minute at the confessor to make sure whether she hadn't lost her deciphering abilities.

''No.'' was her immediate answer.


''You're bluffing.''

''Now what good would that do to me?''

''I don't know... but you're bluffing. Or lying. I don't know.''

''Have I ever?'' the slight insult in his voice was obvious.

''I don't know. No. Yes. You just did. No. Yes. No. This isn't right. You can't.'' she pleaded ''You can't.''

''But I do. So where does that bring us?''

Realizing that he was dead serious she slowly backed away. Her head was still shaking in denial, her eyes were already reaching their limit and it seemed that any moment the eyeballs would pop out. ''No. No. No.'' she hated the way her voice sounded. Too squirmy.

''Why not?''

''I'm foolishly in love with one of my classmates!'' was the first idiotic thing that came out of her mouth.

''Oh? Who might that be? Tezuka?''

While trying to ignore the faint sarcasm, Midori forced herself to remember the boys name, who had last confessed to her a few weeks ago. No luck for she just picked another one.


''Huh?'' completely dumbstruck he opened his eyes to stare at her. Somewhere far far away a certain boy sneezed.

''You're lying,'' Fuji stated as calmly as possible after a moment. For some odd reason he had never thought of Oishi as a rival.

''Prove it.''

''Hmm...then I'll just call him right now to notify him of the sudden development.'' he pulled out his cellphone from his pocket and looked up his team-mates number. ''I'll bet you two make a nice couple.''

''Huh? Wait...NO...Arghh.'' Midori leaped and snatched the phone out of his hand ''You bastard!''

'' passionate love confession then?'' He got his phone back from her and closed it.

''I hate you and I couldn't care less whether you loved me or not. I don't care.'' as the words were spoken, Midori turned and left him standing there alone.

''Oh God. No. No. No. No way. No. Lies. No. No. No'' she muttered each syllable with each step she ran down. She couldn't go to her classroom. Nurses office. And as she decided to make that her destination she took a sharp turn to her left, hoping that this was all a bad dream.

''Midori!'' Harus voice woke her up from her sleep. Where was she? Home? Why would Haru be at her house? Was she sick? She didn't feel sick. The memory was slowly returning and so was the realization that everything had indeed happened. The worry in Haru's eyes proved her that she had disappeared after lunch-break. Midori got up and looked around, fearing that people might just pop in front of her.

''What happened?'' Haru asked.

Midori's voice came out quieter as a whisper, yet it felt as if she had screamed it out ''Fuji confessed to me.''

''Ah? C...c...confessed? F-fuji? Oh my God. Really? That's...'' she wasn't sure which adjective to use so Haru asked her friend what she had answered.


''No, that you don't love him?''

''No..I don't I don't know.''

''You didn't turn him down?''

''He didn't ask me anything.''

''Would you have turned him down if he did?''

''He didn't. I don't want to think about it.'' She finally got out from the bed.

''But Midori. Doesn't that mean you like him? If you don't turn him down like all the others.''

''I don't like him. Christ no. No. No. No.''

''Maybe it's easier to say ''no'' than ''yes''.''

The brunette shook her head and looked at the clock. ''Don't you have tennis practice coming up?''

''I do, but... Are you sure you're aright?''

''Yes. I'm fine. Go.''

''Mkai...Well see you tomorrow then.''

''Bye.'' and with that Midori was left in the room alone.

As she got home Naoko announced that she looked ill and needed some rest. ''But first I'll do your hair. Nothing feels better than having your hair washed by a professional and then getting it cut.''

Midori didn't object as she usually would. In fact she said nothing at all until her hair was washed, cut, dried and cut again. She kept thinking about what Haru had said and about what she herself hadn't said and why.

''How did you and Kida-nii started going out?'' Midori asked to the person combing her hair.

''It was me who started it all,'' the older girl smiled, remembering, ''He was and is so handsome that it was hard not to fall in love. The thing was though that he had turned down every singe girl, who had confessed to him...I knew I didn't stand a chance.'' Naoko stopped brushing Midori's hair and sat down next to her.

''If I remember correctly I confessed to him about 54 times during our second year in high-school and 35 during the 3rd. It was around August that I understood that it was useless and got really depressed about it. Also he had told me the previous day that I was an annoyance and that he was tired of me imposing my presence on him. So I stopped. I guess I finally realized that if he really did dislike me that much that I better stop bothering him. It took me 1.5 years to understand that.''

''Did you fall in love with him only because of his looks?''

''I wish I had some shoujo-manga romantic sort of story on why I fell in love, but no.'' she brushed off an imaginary tear, ''I don't. Yes, at first it was the looks, then after I started stalking him it was everything else.''

''What was he like in high-school?''

''Solitary, unfriendly, dissatisfied with mostly everything, mildly kind and he NEVER said anything bad about someone behind their backs.'' Naoko giggled, ''He always said those things directly to their faces. Teacher or student.''


''Yes,'' with a secretive smile, Naoko winked at her

''All right...''

''Might tell you some other time.'' she giggled.

'' did you get together then?''

''It happened about a week after I had stopped bugging him. I was all gloomy and sad and stuff, then someone poked me from behind. I turned around and there he was! Looking all uncomfortable and stuff. He asked me if I was mad at him for being called an annoyance. I just shook my head and then he said he had fallen in love with me!...Kyah! I felt like I was dreaming. Of course it all happened in a far more romantic way, but I won't get into details''

Naoko's mind flew back into the past, to that wonderful moment, ''It made me unearthly happy...on cloud nine. Ahhh...I wish something like that happened to you! Don't you have anyone you like?'' the redhead asked as she got up and start combing the younger girls hair again.

Midori couldn't answer.

''Hmm? Midori? Do you?''

She gulped ''I don't know.''

The hands in her hair stopped moving. Brown eyes met green in the mirror and the brown ones noticed the slight blush below the green ones.

''You do? You do? You do? You do? Do you really?''

The girl shook her head but answered ''I don't know.''

''This is much better than a no! Does he likes you?''

''He said he did but...''

''Wah! Is he handsome? Do I know him?''


''Who is he?''


Cautiously now Naoko eyed her boyfriends sister. ''Is it Fuji-kun?''

The deepening of the blush was all the answer she needed.



''You are a bad liar.''

The girl just shook her head again. ''No.''

''Why not?''

''He's an idiot.''

''Well Kida is too and we both still love him.''

''A bigger idiot.''


''Why do you love an idiot then?''

''Why do you?''

''He's my brother.''

''I'm not talking about Kida.''

Her statement caused an uncomfortable pause on Midori's part. Then she just went on asking, ''Did Kida-nii annoy you?''

''Not as much as I him.''

''Did he mess around with you?''

''A bit.''

''Did he...?'' she broke off, not sure at all of her beliefs.

'' don't understand love until it strikes you.''

''E-even...EVEN IF I am in love, I still don't understand it.''

Naoko patted her one last time in encouragement ''That's because it's your first time.''


''If it makes you this flustered and confused try doing this – stare at him. Or at least a photo. If you can't look him in the eye and not blush or look away, then you're lost like the rest of us. Now up you go. G' night''

''Good night...Thanks.'' and with that she left the older girl standing there and smiling about both past and present.

Having reached her room Midori first sat down. Everything Naoko said made her feel...itchy. She wanted to scratch all uncertainty away and receive a clear answer from her brain: ''Yes'' or ''No''. Unfortunately her brain had some kind of malfunction and wouldn't operate properly. So it was her heart. She never trusted it, how can she trust it now? With a sigh she fell downwards onto her bed, wishing she could stay there forever.

''How am I supposed to know that I love him if I don't know what that kind of love is like? I'm not all mushy and cute like Naoko-nee. I'm not. I'm not. I'm not...I'm not sociable. I'm not friendly. I'm not. He doesn't like me. Of course. It's a misunderstanding. Has to be. It's his hobby to torture me'' At some point she stood up and walked to her desk. On it there was a sports magazine, given to her by Haru. The Seigaku-high male tennis team regulars were in it. Each had a photo. His photo was there too. ''Even if I was in love with him...I'm not. It's stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Yes. Stupid.'' Surer now she picked the magazine up and opened it in the middle. Her classmates faces stared out at her. His face was on the next page. She closed it. ''Why should I prove anything to anyone?'' she asked out loud to thin air. ''But don't I have to prove something to myself?'' with that resolve the magazine was opened again.

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