Life as A Fox

Chapter 1*2013 Revision*

NSW- The Forsaken Author.

"Destiny: sometimes you think you have it figured out, and other times you've got it completely wrong, and other times, it turns out right….but not quite in the way you expected, that evidently, was how my destiny ended up being."

Naruto ran as fast as his feet would take him. Towards the sounds of bombs exploding, the cries of Ninja in pain - or worse, the cries of them dying. 'All for the sake of me, they are dying and getting hurt because of me' He thought bitterly to himself. He landed stiffly on the ground, pausing from the long run he had just had. He wasn't tired, his stamina assured that. But he scanned all that lay before him. Madara had finally started the long-awaited battle, he and the Akatsuki, the ones both living and the ones brought back-to-life simply for this moment, versus what arms they could muster between the five ninja nations.

Naruto shook his head. He should have stayed on the secluded island with Killer-bee and Yamato and the others, but he, being the Uzumaki he was, thought if it was hisfreedom ninja where fighting and dying for, shouldn't he at least be there to fight with them? Instead of sitting and hiding on an island who knows where, learning about his past?

Sure he had gotten the Nine-tails under control, but what good would that do if it meant others died while he simply sat and meditated? He shoved off with a push of chakra. He had some unfinished business to take care of. Business that went by the name of Uchiha Sasuke.

Naruto lept onto a branch of one of the few remaining trees. Scanning once more. Over a third of the army was being held under a strong genjutsu created by Uchiha Itachi. Next was a team-up of power between Daidara throwing his bombs endlessly, and Sasori with his hundreds of Puppets, already he could tell that several squads of ninja were down due to the poison. He studied the medic ninja, as they worked endlessly trying to make enough anti-venom to go around.

Naruto gritted his teeth. War was terrible, and he hated it with every last fiber of his being, but he had to press on. Ignoring the battle and slipping behind the enemy lines, he traveled some ways until he finally found the one he was looking for: the ebony haired teenager stood overlooking the battle from an outcrop of rocks.

Naruto slowed and walked forward slowly, black eyes piercing him as he did. He stopped and stood defiantly, looking back up into those dark eyes. Sasuke stood urbane upon his mock throne of rock. He spoke casually, his eyes rolling across Naruto as his hand rested on the hilt of his sword. "So ready to die hn, Naruto?" Sasuke said, sneering at him.

Naruto shook his head it was unreal, what Sasuke had become, how...far he was lost. But Naruto smirked "I have learned a lot more since the last time we met Sasuke " he said calmly. Sasuke stood complacent, he blinked which he did in a pompous manner as well, if that was even possible. Naruto shook his head, he was so arrogant it was unnatural. But he spoke, somewhere inside that young man, was the Sasuke he knew.

"I know what it's like for you, I really do, but that doesn't mean you have to be this way." Naruto said hoping his words appealed to something inside Sasuke. Naruto continued, his three years of longing stretched into his next words. "Come back to Konoha, please...just come back." Sasuke waited then he jumped down with a grunt, to measure Naruto with a steely glance. "What does that have to do with anything?"

Naruto leveled him with his own glance as well, frustrated. "It means that neither of us have to kill the other! Because you don't have to be like this." Anger flashed in Sasuke's eyes "Be like what?" he spat back. "Guilty" Naruto simply stated, taking Sasuke aback."What?" he asked, Naruto shifted his foot in the dirt. "You know what I said...guilty…you feel guilty." Sasuke studied him with a slight crease to his forehead, as if not understanding 'well finally he is stooped by something' Naruto thought to himself.

"After you heard the truth you wish you could take it all back, you never wanted to kill Itachi you only did it because that's what everyone expected you to do." He said expanding on his former statement. Sasuke stared at Naruto, he finally spoke up his voice edged, "How could you possibly-" Naruto put up a hand silencing him, thats right he silenced Sasuke. "Don't even start Sasuke, there are other people on this earth who have suffered far worse than you." Naruto said with a voice so quiet Sasuke had to strain to hear it, but with words so powerful they sent a chill down his spine.

Sasuke said nothing, he thought to himself: 'Naruto is right in his random way, life as a Jinjuriki had to have been hard, to be considered a demon all your life.' Sasuke had to admit, it would take a strong man and a strong will to face up to that kind of pressure day in and day out. 'Which is also probably why he so stubborn and annoying.' He added dryly to himself.

There was a silence for a moment as each stared at the other, the sounds of the distant battle still rang on but neither seemed to notice. Sasuke finally sighed. "Why are you doing this Naruto?" Naruto shook his head. "You still don't get it?, because for the thousandth time, Sasuke, you're my friend, and I made a promise to Sakura. You know me - I never go back on my word".

Sasuke chuckled, he had always thought, long after he killed Itachi, about what he was going to do. True, he felt guilty about killing Itachi, but if there was one thing he knew he had to do still, even today, it would be to get revenge on that village. Konoha, the place he once called home. The thing that had all but destroyed the Uchiha clan. That accursed village forced his brother to carry the burden of killing his clan, then Itachi had forced his own brother, forced him to kill his own brother, his last relation, did no one understand that?Did no one see the wrongness in that?

Now Naruto was all but forcing him to return to that Kami-forsaken village in the name of friendship?

There was no way, unless, he paused as the devilish wheels in his head kept turning. Something revealed itself, something dark and deadly as killing ones own brother as he figured out a way to get all this to work. True, he was bored with the Akatsuki and wouldn't mind leaving, but if he went back to the village Naruto would be there; and let's face it: he only had so much of his vision left. Although he didn't want to admit it, Naruto was stronger than him, however he had one thing he could do that Naruto couldn't...He could kill the other.

Naruto couldn't kill him, he was too pure, too innocent, something Sasuke envied. But despite that he couldn't help smiling at the thought of what Naruto's face would look like, how would it contort when he knew Sasuke had betrayed him. Yet, under all this, Sasuke still felt some link to Naruto, they were rivals and friends, there was something about their destinies that were bound to each other, he held that respect to Naruto even to this moment but like all bonds before, he would sever time.

Suddenly the lights went on as he thought even harder. Danzo was the current Hokage, if he did return, Danzo would greedily accept him into his clutches the old man was blinded and a fool. But he did have the same motive as Sasuke, he and Danzo could plot together for a bit then, but he would just kill Danzo when he outran his thing kept getting in the way: Naruto.

If he returned with Naruto, Naruto would get in the way unless... he killed him now? 'Wait! if I did kill Naruto and blamed it on Madara,… this would actually work, everyone would be so upset and confused they would have to believe him! No one else is here, no one would know the truth.' He thought to himself. Already he had thought up a story to win over the hearts and minds of the ones he would call his 'comrades.' Sasuke smirked then said "So you're saying...all I have to do is say, 'I'll return' then - that's it, everything forgiven?" He almost laughed at the thought of how simple everything was falling together, he was like a wolf standing before a young gullible lamb.

The innocent lamb stepped forward, walking even closer to his hungry jaws. "Yes, all you have to do is take my hand." Naruto said. Sasuke snorted inwardly. 'Naruto you are so naïve, look: you even put your guard down.' Sasuke stepped forward giving a sincere smirk, nothing too obvious to give away his true intentions.

Wordlessly he thought of the childhood story his mother used to read to him, a single phrase obtruded in his mind. 'Oh grandmother, what large teeth you have?' "All the better to eat you with" he mumbled silently with his lips, "huh?" Naruto grunted. "Nothing" he answered then clasped Naruto's hand, and quickly drew his blade.

Naruto thought it was almost a dream come true as Sasuke stepped forward to take his hand in peace. But randomly before they shook Sasuke said something strange that put him off guard. "All the better to eat you with." It was so random, Naruto was taken aback, that was a childhood story, it was about a wolf who tricked a- he felt a tensing of Sasuke's body. Before he could register what was going on he saw a flash of steel, then a pain in the middle of his chest. He stared, still not comprehending what had happened. Not until he looked down to see the hilt of Sasuke's katana sticking out of his chest.

Naruto looked back up, he couldn't believe it, how could he have been so stupid? Did he really think Sasuke would see the error of his ways that quickly? Of course it was all just a ploy to kill him! All of it was from the very beginning. Shame welled through Naruto, how did he let Sasuke win so easily? How did he let himself get devoured by the wolf?

But Naruto couldn't finish that particular thought, as he felt his knees give out. 'Wait a second, what the hell is going on? Oi! Fox, what the hell is wrong with you? Do your job!' "What? Do you think I can heal this kind of damage?" Naruto felt a chill go down his spine 'wait…can't you?' he asked the fox, suddenly afraid. "Sorry kit, even I have my limits, but at least you will be able to see your dear mom and dad soon."

Sasuke watched him with a look of amusement. Naruto was kneeling on the ground before him as he retreated from his conversation with the fox. Already he felt a cold seeping through him. Numbing his body and making him feel sluggish. His vision started to go foggy, he blinked his eyes trying to clear them, but then he heard Sasuke speak. "You know Naruto, I actually do miss Konoha." He said languidly stepping down next to him.

"I might return and enjoy it a little bit before I destroy it." he said casually. He could see the anger sparking in Naruto's dying eyes. 'How pitiful, looks like the fox can't, or won't help him' he thought to himself, not believing the luck he was having. He continued to taunt the blonde. "It will be easy... I'll tell them of how you came to win me over," he said placing a hand on Naruto's shuddering shoulders.

Sasuke smirked then gripped the shoulder tighter, he continued. "How I finally saw the light to my path" he said, holding back laughter. "Then" he said sounding as if he was telling a story. "We faced Madara together" but he turned his head away, bowing it as if sorry for the next thing he said. "But alas, then you got caught in a genjutsu... like you always do, you were never good at that were you?" he added asking Naruto.

Naruto made a gruttel sound as blood began to drip down his chin. Sasuke wiped it away as he spoke as if Naruto were a child with food on his face. "And before I could get to you, he had stabbed you…" he gave a fake sob grabbing Naruto's face holding it as he stared into this angry, pleading, dying eyes. "I tried saving you" he began softly leaning in. "But sadly, I am not a medic ninja." He said finally.

He sighed then looked to Naruto, he gave him a few pats on the shoulders. "Don't worry." He said pointing a finger into Naruto's chest. "I'll tell them how your only regret was not being able to become Hokage." Then he stood up, wiping his hands. "Oh" he said remembering something randomly, "I almost forgot. You also said that they should welcome me back to the village and trust me again." Sasuke said finally, giving off a cold cruel smile, one that revealed how far gone his sanity truly was.

Naruto felt a cold hatred run through him, even as he felt his life energy drain from him. He finally realized that he could not let this happen, he had to somehow stop this! But… he was dying he knew that, Kyuubi's power was sealed away so he couldn't heal, he had to stop Sasuke somehow, he needed to prove Sasuke wrong, that he was false, a betrayer, just like he always was, he was never going to change.

Although he finally saw Sasuke for what he was, he had to have him return to the village - it was part of his promise, and no matter what, he never went back on his word. Maybe he could summon a toad and relay the message? No, it wouldn't work - the bastard was going to stand there and watch him die. He was enjoying this too much. He had to do something soon though; he could feel already the unnatural pull of death near him. Naruto had no option he had to do something, anything, with the Kyuubi, anything that would grant him more time at least, or even stop this bloody war.

He closed his eyes and fell back on the earth, surrendering himself one last time to the blackness of his inner self, he felt the real world fall away as he slipped into his inner realm where the Kyuubi was housed. He opened up the orb in which the Kyuubi was contained, the fox appeared. It growled and snapped at him, it's fangs bared and it's tails lashing. Naruto was not affected, he spoke, his voice commanding attention. "Listen up you old Fox!" The fox paused, stunned for having a mortal speak such a way at him. "I am dying right now-" "Well no shit, Sherlock"the Kyuubi interjected trying to remain the boss, as always.

Naruto growled at him. He a tiny human, growled at the Kyuubi-no-Kitsune. That got the foxes attention. "So I want to make this quick, if you wish not to die with me I would listen up." The fox perked his ears up, but remained silent, "I will offer you freedom, in return to some simple people needing to be killed" now the fox -who has been sealed inside humans for three generations liked the idea of freedom, and the feeling of killing again made him quite susceptible to listening to Naruto even more.

Naruto continued, "when I die…" the blonde started to say. He paused but shook his head then gave a heavy sigh, gathering courage. "When I die" he said stronger. "I want you to kill the Akatsuki, they have been trying to get you for the longest time and they have your brethren sealed away as well. Now that's all I wish, just get rid of the Akatsuki. Do you think you can handle that?" he said challenging the Kyuubi.

Karuma stared down at the child "no, not child, he has grown, he…even when facing death, he still thinks about others…about me, he cares about me…why? What did I ever do him? I caused him harm, and made a burden on him, and yet, he wishes to free me…and my siblings….this mortal…has more guts, then I" The fox thought of this sadly, a new feeling blossomed in the fox, he had a revelation.

He lifted his head then looked at the boy, he smiled he would accomplish this task. He would not let this human…who had changed him, who had cared for him like that man, of long ago, Karuma could see the shadow of that man, somewhere in that boys face…pardon him, this young man's face.

Karuma nodded, he had long awaited the day where he could run free and escape the human hell hole. He was even overjoyed, he believed even, that one of his tails was wagging, he stopped it before the mortal noticed. He was itching to get out he wanted to get back at the Uchiha Madara, the man who had used him like an average weak summoning. A demon only has to fall for a trick once to build up immunity to it. So thus the Sharingan and any other forms of Sharingan would be no effect to him. The fox smiled, "A fox, always has something hidden up his sleeve" he said quietly to himself, "what?" Naruto said up at him.

Karuma waved it from mind, he looked at Naruto and said "I agree, Uzumaki Naruto, freedom in exchange for certain mortals death's, understood, like you, a demon can never go back on its word, once it has created a pact…if one breaks it, he loses his soul." He stated simply, it was the truth, the brutal, drak ugly truth, how they could lose something so precious for breaking a small thing, why did there goddess make them like so?

The demon and Human studied each other for a bit, both of them finally realizing that the one who stood before him was not as bad as everyone thought it out to be. Naruto then sighed and the chains, binding the Kyuubi fell. The great fox nodded his head to Naruto, he was one of the two humans to ever gain control over him, and no matter what you are you have to honor that being, and give him or her the up most respect.

The Kyuubi left Naruto, Naruto being the Uzumaki he was, was like his mother, he didn't die right away, instead he got to watch the satisfying expression of Sasuke's face as the Kyuubi appeared. The penchant Uchiha backed away quickly, Naruto could see fear on the noble features of his rival. Something that at least gave him some amusement. Despite the situation.

Already he felt his life source drop to very low levels, he fought for breath as he turned his head to see Kyuubi, with a triumphant roar. Lashed at Sasori of the red sand first, then another tail at Itachi effectively breaking the genjutsu that held a part of the army. The ones captured, fell to the ground, sighing in relief as they were saved from their private tortures. Naruto had to admit that Itachi was powerful to hold so many, no wonder he was a known master of genjutsu.

Naruto spoke, finding it hard to find his voice, which was frightening for him, his voice always came so freely, most of the time he was told to shut-up or be quiet. "What….is….the…matter…..S-sasuke?, Afraid of….the power….I…used to….control? You ….better watch yourself,...Sasuke…..I will be watching….." He probably wouldn't but, he wanted to at least make an impression of the Uchiha, gods knows he needed to be intimidated by something. Sasuke turned his head to him; Naruto dug his eyes into the others, wanting the Uchiha to never forget, he did this until his vision all but faded to black.

Naruto wandered in a realm of complete and utter blackness for some time. Abysimal and depressing, it carried out for eon's it seemed. Before he could commence his freaking out, a light appeared. With a sigh he went towards it. Unfathomably drawn to the warmth that radiated from it. But out of nowhere a man appeared. Dressed in formal robes and holding a scroll in his hand. He floated radiating in complete white-no, not white, even brighter then that.

He floated in mid-air as he turned his pupiless eyes upon Naruto. Which unnerved him to some degree, "Uzumaki Naruto" said the man, the words resounded and hung in the air. As they came from lips that did not even move. "You are forbidden to enter eternal peace" Naruto could not manage a single syllable. "You made a pact with a demon, an offense taken seriously to the heavenly beings, demons are our sworn enemy, the cast off kin of us, they disrupt or ways, they change the way we have for told things, making the future...unclear."

Naruto said nothing once more, not because he had nothing to say, but because he couldn't, it was like they had taken his voice away from him. "As said in the holy script one who makes a deal with demons." He said unrolling the scroll,"is cursed to wander the earth unseen and unheard to mortals." With that being said, Naruto suddenly found himself sitting on the ground, in front of his own body.

Sakura, was in the medic tents working profusely trying to save lives and limbs. She heard another explosion go off. 'Two more dead, 6 more wounded and 3 more critical people going to be coming in'. Sakura thought to herself looking up from the man she was done with.

Moving on to the next person, 'there is nothing we can do, except relieve his pain' she said looking at the wound, almost half his torso was ripped away, it was a wonder he was still alive. She was sad to let one with such a strong will die, but she had to, there was no way to fix him. If they did it would take every last medic nins strength, something they couldn't afford.

A great roar broke through the area, freezing everyone in their tracks, as a pressure pushed around them, a pressure of a great power source. Familiar to her, but still so powerful she shook. It was not like a roar of a man in pain, this was different, it was insurmountably greater. It shook the ground and scattered birds in the distance. A chill went down her spine because she knew that a roar and chakra signature like that, could only belong to one thing.

And that one thing, was supposed to be far, far away, safe, from all harm. Neatly sealed away in a person. A person with sunlight blonde hair, and azure blue eyes, who never ever gave up, so it was impossible, impossible that, he was dead, but if that thing that roared was out…fighting, killing, and to put it mildly saving their asses, then the person it was once contained in…had to…was dead.

Realization hit her like a fist from Tsunade to the gut, and she was not the only one to put two and two together. She looked up into the eyes of her nearest squad member; she looked back in fearful sad eyes.

All of a sudden Sakura found herself running out abandoning her post and all of the wounded in the tent to go outside. To confirm the great beast named the Nine tails, flex one of those said tails to destroy one of the Akatsuki like a flea. It gave a howl and sent more tails lashing out with such power.

Swatting away Akatsuki like flies on a hot day, she saw one cloaked figure rise up...she saw the mask, no doubt it was Madara trying to control the beast, in ways she didn't know how…how could someone even think about controlling a force of nature?

But Madara must not have listened to that lesson because, he suddenly found himself crushed into the ground by one of that large hand like paws. Wondering why the sharingan was not working, a chuckle broke form the beast and it roared as it finally had its own revenge of crushing the self-proclaimed immortal being.

A few more flicks of its tails, and the Akatsuki was destroyed, then with one last look and final victorious howl it disappeared in a poof of smoke as it teleported itself away. A silence, descended upon the Ninja, some had not yet registered, still holding weapons they waiting for the next wave of eneimies…but none came.

Ninja looked to each other. For a few moments no one could comprehend what had happened. Then the silence broke and in jubilation all of them, no matter which nation they were from reached out to each other. Hugging, clapping, crying, not even knowing each others names they gripped one another. They did this just because they were happy. Happy they had survived, happy they had lived.

A great cheer rose up from all of them. But then those of the Fire Nation died down, realization hit them as well. One man of the sand, the Kazekage hadn't bothered to cheer with his men. Gaara had already made his way to Sakura, who sat kneeling on the ground, strength vanished from her, she cried. A look of silent grief etched upon his features. "Sakura, I-" she shook her head, "It can't be H-he was sent away, f-for safety, it might be a trick or something"

But even she could not lie to herself, tears already flooded from her eyes. Gaara merely held her as she cried. She cried though, not because of grief, but also in a small way happiness, when she saw all the men, men of different nations, joining together and laughing, crying, cheering, seeing them come together in peace, she knew Naruto's dream had come true, his dream of peace was met. Yet sadness hit her harder when she realized, that he would never get to see it.

Sakura broke from him "we have to find him!" she screamed her voice hoarse. She ran not knowing where to look but she would find him, she had to! Gaara chased after her. They passed by Kiba and Shikamaru who were coming in from the battle, as they helped drag in the wounded. Watched them, they to tried to stop Sakura, but to no avail you just couldn't…and you didn't want to .

Naruto sat unnervingly staring into his own dead eyes. He didn't remember bleeding from the mouth when he died but I guess it was so because blood covered the bottom half of his face and still dripped out. Then he did remember randomly, Sasuke had wiped something from his face, it had to have been blood.

His entire front of his jacket was drenched in the crimson substance, dyeing the fabric a muddy brown. 'Dammit, that was my favorite jacket' he thought to himself. Then looked to his face, even an idiot could tell, after one look of his face, knew he died painfully.

Although he couldn't remember grimacing when had he done that? Sasuke suddenly rose, 'oh awake from our comatose emo bastard state are we?' Naruto thought with disgust. Sasuke leaned forward and gripped his sword hilt, he braced a foot on Naruto's cadaver and pulled it out with a grunt. It took some effort, but finally with a ripping sound it came free, it must have been lodged in his spine or something. Calmly he sat back down and brought out his kit that he used to clean his precious blade he then absently began to purge the blade from the blood.

Then all of a sudden he heaved it into the ground. Naruto jumped in surprise at the sudden movement, plus it had fell through his foot. "Why god dammit! Why!" He screamed to the heavens. Naruto was unnerved by the sound of pain in his voice, it almost made his heart go out to him, almost. Sasuke continued. "Why! Why did my clan have to be destroyed?... Look what I have done to avenge it! Destroy my brother, now my best friend…" tears fell from him, "Naruto I swear, if I had grown up normally without the clan massacre, we probably would be best friends, and we would have grown old together sharing stories,… but I can't...I couldn't..."

He said sobbing, his voice cracking "I won't… let that...village get away with what they did to my clan,...what they did to Nii-chan, the pain they caused him and me…" he cried silently for a bit, soft sobs racking his body. He continued "You were in my way, …I had to do it, right?" He directed the question to dead Naruto, as though he was asking Naruto's corpse if it was perfectly okay to kill him.

Naruto had to admit, he felt sorry for him, wait! He felt sorry for the man who killed him? He shook his head what was wrong with him! "What the hell!" Naruto exclaimed. "Do you really think the only way at getting revenge is killing everything?" he said getting up yelling at Sasuke, "Who said you had to get revenge in the first place anyways? Why did you have to go and be a massive idiot all over the place!... you moron!" Naruto cursed himself and Sasuke.

He sat back down, crossing his arms over his chest "this sucks…he can't even hear me…fuck, this sucks majorly, what the hell am I going to do?" Naruto lamented in his pain by himself. Sasuke had grown silent and comatose once more and no amount of jeering form Naruto seemed to wake him. (Naruto had tried poking him, but found out that his hand as well would fall through Sasuke's flesh. Naruto had screamed then in fright and backed away at that), it was too creepy, he really was a ghost.

He hyperventilated for a bit until he calmed down and watched as a certain pinkette ran up to his body. She collapsed and sobbed into his bloody chest, not caring that his blood was getting into her precious hair. Shikamaru, Kiba and Gaara where behind her, they all looked down at his body then to Sasuke, they converged on him, but when Shikamaru lifted him to punch him, he saw the tears, and hesitated, he glanced to Kiba then to Gaara, they shrugged not knowing what ot think or do.

Shikamaru instead knocked Sasuke unconscious then tied his hands behind his back. Not sure of what else to do, but then they also turned to his body. All three of them looked down at Naruto as Sakura, tried to clean up some blood coming from his face. Wiping it clean of the offending substance.

Shikamaru looked away "dammit Naruto, this wasn't how it was going to be, I thought you said you were going to be Hokage? How are you going to be able to do that when you're dead?" Shikamaru said letting a few tears fall. "T-this is so t-troublesome" he gasped out as he wiped tears that came out of his eyes. This was the second time he had lost someone important to him, first Asuma and now Naruto, what cursed world was he going to have to live in from now on?

Gaara suddenly fell to his knees, crying as well. "Naruto…." He said "you and me were one of a kind,… you were the only other person I knew to be like me, you saved my life more times than I can count, you taught me to believe and to feel love again,…we were going to be Kages together….you said to me once it was us against the world,….now I guess it's only me…" Gaara bowed his head as tears slipped from his pale blue orbs. Kiba placed a hand on his shoulder giving some comfort.

They stayed there, numbly absorbing the shock for a few moments of silence before, Kakashi, who's arm was bandaged with blood soaked wrappings sank to his knees as well. Gai appeared next to him and put a hand on his shoulder. Ten-Ten and Neji ran up next, both of them covered in scratches and Neji limping slightly. "Lee is in the medic tents Gai-Sensei" Ten-Ten said absently before looking at Naruto then turning away, her shoulders moved up and down hinting to the fact that she was sobbing.

Neji closed his eyes, and said nothing; Kiba looked around "Were is Hinata"? He asked. Neji answered, "She is helping the medics look after Choji, Lee, and Shino." Kiba gave a curt nod "good she doesn't need to see this,….I'll tell her the news if she hasn't figured it out already" Kakashi suddenly started to talk "I was supposed….to protect him, he was my student,…and my mentors only son,….and I failed them both…I-I….do not deserve to be a ninja" He choked out.

He then slumped against Gai's leg. Gai leaned down and waved a hand in front of Kakashi's visible eye. He didn't focus or flinch or anything, "Kakashi!" Gai yelled out. Shaking Kakashis shoulders. "Crap! He's going into shock or something!" he looked to Sakura who was unable to talk much less perform her duties as a medic ninja. With a growl he hauled Kakashi over his shoulder then said to Neji "I'm taking Kakashi in, someone get a body bag and mark it good so we know who is in it!" He yelled angerilly, these children, what were they doing? Now was not the time to grieve, they had duties to perform!"

Neji nodded and rubbed the few tears out of his eyes, "I'll get the body bag, and some people have to take Sasuke in as a P.O.W. for the time being before we can sort through what happened, is everyone understood?" He asked, looking around, silent nods answered him.

Sakura started to pull herself together said she had duties to perform. Already her mind was going through how Naruto died…"A sharp projectile punctured his skin and clipped the superior vena cave and the ascending aorta, entering at a slight angle missing spine, but clipped the nerve ending controlling movement to the legs."

Sakura sighed "even if he did survive… he would have been paralyzed from the waist down." 'But even so, it probably would still be better than dead' she thought to herself, but something told her 'no' that Naruto wouldn't be able to handle something like that, but maybe he could? Maybe he would have been those people who keep on running when they can't even walk.

"But he died from blood loss", she said snapping herself form her thoughts. "Further analysis would tell me more of his conditioning, but I as a medic ninja declare him dead at the scene, Uzumaki Naruto age 17, rank…..Chunin, Konoha ninja, died at 5:31, on November 17th" she then stood stiffly "my job as a medic ninja is done." She then stumbled away.

Naruto also stood and stumbled away, he couldn't believe it either. He knew that he was dead, it was pretty obvious, he had done the damn dying. But it just hit him fully now. He was dead, now he was a ghost of some sort, well not some sort, he was a full on ghost, and it was true none of them could hear him. He had screamed and begged for them to hear him back there, he just wanted to desperately make them feel better. It was ironic, he was dead yet he was trying to comfort them.

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