"Any progress?" JJ asked, looking up from across the table.

Daphne sighed, frustrated.

"None!" She moaned, "I can still hear every thought in your annoying head. I didn't think math could get any more boring."

Her brother simply grinned at her. Annoying her was one of his hobbies and this time she had made it so much easier. She had come to him for help and he intended to make it as fun for himself as possible.

"Oh shut up." Daphne snapped, glaring at him.

Oh crap, she heard that. JJ swallowed apprehensively and tried to focus.

They had been sitting in the kitchen for nearly an hour now, trying hard to find a way to control Daphne's ability. So far nothing had worked.

"All right, so boring you didn't work, " he said slowly, "neither did the rubber band, or trying to hypnotize you…"

She rolled her eyes at that one. They didn't have a pocket watch so JJ had taken on of their dad's wristwatches and tried to hypnotize her. And failed. Miserably.

"There's only one thing left." JJ said with a grin that Daphne wasn't sure she liked. "Which hospital do you want to live at?"



"Shut. Up. "