Chapter one

The Bracelet

This Story takes place eight years after "The Adventures of Danny O'Connor". In it, Danny and Mona discover a bracelet that turns into a sword that could destroy the O'Connor family. Meanwhile, a nasty man wants the bracelet to take over the world, so he resurrects Butch to help him. Butch has been reduced to a walking skeleton. The demons have eaten away his flesh and muscle. Once he is brought back to the world of the living, his blood, muscle, and skin will slowly come back. It is time for Danny and Butch to fight for supremacy and, once again, control of the Earth.

The O'Connor family was chilling out in the park one fine Saturday morning. Butch's final defeat had been eight years ago, and Luke was now eight years old. Danny and Mona organized the bills. Mona took the longest showers, and thanks to her, in the winter the massive house they lived in was like a sauna, so she took the water and gas bills. Danny often duked it out with Luke in Video games, and he took full care of the car, so he took the electricity and car payments. This is to mention just a few. They had such a big house because Wario had a change of heart and actually paid them.

The only thing was that he invited himself into their home, and tended to fool around with girls he brought there. This always drove Danny and Mona crazy, because he had the habit of leaving up bras and panties throughout the house, as if mounting up artwork for all to see. They often tried to kick him out, but each time, he threatened to fire them. Ashley had also had a change of heart, as well as a change of appearance. She was taller, a little thicker, and was no longer flat chested. She was very fond of Luke for some unknown reason. When he was a baby, she was always the third to hold him.

Mona was first and Danny was second. She may have been so fond of him because of Red's death. She beat herself up over it. As she would have taken her own life, she noted sight of baby Luke in Mona's arms as she fed him. When she finished, Ashley had asked if she could hold him. When Mona let her hold the baby, he seemed to coo, and Ashley's sanity returned to her. Luke never cried when Ashley held him.

Due to this kindness to him, she had become his godmother. He referred to her as "Auntie Ashley." But I'm rambling, so here, we get to the plot. They were sitting in the park, when the mayor of Diamond City came to them,

"Ah, the O'Connors," he said with a smile, but he came to a serious facial expression. "Rumor has it that there is a treasure in the Pit Cave. We've sent our finest excavation crew to look for it. That was a month ago, and not one of them ever came back. So, I ask, nay, I beg that you go in and look for them. If perchance, you find any treasure, it is yours to keep." Mona looked toward Danny,

"We can't leave them in there," said Mona, "they have families to provide for."

"I was just thinking that." Said Danny.

"Splendid," said the Mayor, "we sent six men in there. I'll give you $600 out of the city treasury for each man you bring home."

"May I come?" asked Luke,

"Sorry buddy," said Danny, "It could be dangerous, even for us." Danny was reaching for his jeans pocket where he always kept his cell phone. But then Ashley came from around the corner.

"I'll watch over Luke," said Ashley.

"How do you always show the exact moment we need you?" asked Mona,

"Godmother's intuition. Fret not, go find those men, I'll keep Luke out of trouble." Danny and Mona teleported to the cave. It was called the Pit Cave because after about ten feet in, there was a huge, deep, dark pit. It seemed to swallow you and deny any chance of return to the sunlit world we call home. Danny jumped in, while Mona slowly floated in. As deep as it was, the fall wouldn't even leave a mark on Danny when he came into contact with the cave floor. He would not even feel the slightest jolt.

Danny's super sharp hearing told him that the first three men were nearby; the last three were in very, very, VERY deep. Where there was barley any oxygen.

"Let's hope they have oxygen tanks," said Danny, as Mona floated gently down next to him, "Mona, see what you can do of the men near here, I'm gonna go get the last three." Mona nodded. When there was little oxygen in the area, Danny had a queasy feeling. But there were lives on the line, so he had to deal with it. Mona had already gotten the three men to safety before Danny was halfway there. When he got there, they were lying still. He warped them back to the city. Then the cave started to shake a little bit,

"I have a bad feeling about this." Said Danny. After the shaking subsided, a hole opened up in the ground, and a pedestal came up, with a huge chest on it. Danny picked it up and warped away.

NOT BAD FOR THE FIRST CHAPTER, I'D SAY. If anyone sees anything I can improve on, I'll lend my ear your way. But if you're gonna be rude about it then shut your pie hole and unplug your computer.