Kyoko is at LME doing her Love me jobs, waiting for Ren to finish his others jobs so they could go back at he hotel they are staying at as the Heels siblings. It's already a week since she begins her dangerous assignement but she was really enjoying herself and she starts being relaxed with Ren even when he isn't in Cain's persona. She enjoys joking, playing and talking with him, she sees him more like a normal human than her perfect sempai and she likes him spoling her a bit. Of course she has been very worried when he injured himself during the shoot of Dark moon when he drove the car in a wall to not hurt the child who was on the road. It wasn't that the injury was important, it's that he was acting strangely after he left the hospital, like he cut himself from the world and was thinking hard. After the president talk to him, he looked better almost normaly but she could tell there was still something bothering him and she wanted to helped him but hesitated to ask him if he would like to talk to her about his problem after all she's his kouhai.

Lost in her thought she doesn't see him come and jump when he actually put his hand on her shoulder. Grabbing her chest over her heart, she turns around and greets him.

« Good evening, Tsuruga-san. You surprise me, where you here long.

-Good evening, Mogami-san. Sorry for surprising you, I don't realise you were so deep in thought. He answers with a gentle smile on his lips. I come to take you to Jelly-san.

'There it is again, he smiles but there's a shadow in his eyes, like something wrong.'

-I come right after I gather my things. »

They change themself in their alter ego the Heels siblings and go to the hotel, after a good dinner prepared by Kyoko, they go to sleep because it's already rather late. Around 2 am, Kyoko wakes up because of sounds that come from Ren, he whimpers and moves in his sleep, he seems to have a terrible nightmare. Immediatly Kyoko comes to his bed and shakes him to wake him up, he's sweating a lot and she's worried. He wakes up and grabs her in a crushing hug as if she's the last ray of light in the darkness which is right, she's the light in his darkness, his memories. When he hugs her, she become stiff but soon she relaxed herself in his arms and return the hug, she knows how it is when you wake from a nightmare and want someone to soothe you and even if no one has ever do that to her, she follows her instinct and hug him tightly and tell him genlte words until he calms down. When Ren comes to his senses he's surprised to be hug by Kyoko but he wants to take the most of this situation and honestly he needs it, her presence, her scent, her warmth are the best things to help him forget his nightmare or to be exact his past. She realizes his breath stabilizes and his heartbeat slows down but she doesn't stop hugging him, she have made her decision she'll ask what was bothering him and then she'll help him solve his problem. After a few more minutes, Kyoko slowly detatchs herself from Ren and tell him she'll be back in 5 minutes and go to the bathroom. She comes back to his bed with a damp towel and a cup of hot chocolate, she gives him the cup and gently washes his face with the towel. Ren is a little stunned to see her teke care of him like that with a sweet smile on her face, even without acting as Setsu but it warms him deep inside of his heart and give him hope that maybe she care about him. She lets him drink his hot chocolate slowly and then she ask him what was bothering him since the accident. He's surprised she has notice there was something, no one else has, but he don't want to talk about his past, especially not to her by fear it would make her leave him so he tries to change the subject. Kyoko looks at him sadly and tells him she understands even if inside she thinks 'I must have known that he wouln't tell me what bothering him, after all I'm just his kouhai not even a friend'. Ren sees he has hurt her and couldn't stand it even more after seeing her go away from him, he makes up his mind to tell her a bit of his past.

« Mogami-san, I'm sorry I don't want to hurt you by not telling you about what bothering me, it's just...

-It's okay, Tsuruga-san you don't have to tell me, it's not my place to ask you such things, it's just that after this week I was feeling more close to you and began to think of you as a friend but I misunderstood I'm sorry, I won't do it again.

'What! A friend, it's way better than just a sempai, how could I let her close herself to me more when all I want is having her open up her heart for me. I'm such a baka'

-No, I'm really happy if you consider me as a friend, I think of you as a friend too 'and a lover and a wife'. It's not that i don't want to tells you, it's more that I'm affraid of your reaction. 'Be brave' And if you still willing to listen to my story I would like to tell you a bit about my past.

-About your past? Is it your past that bother you, not your accident?

-Yes, in fact the accident remind me of my past which I sometime would like to forget.

She sat beside him on his bed and put her hand on his as an act of reassurance but say nothing to let him tell her his story.

-When I was younger, before I really start to act, when I was about 13, I start to hang around on the street and I get into fights, I drunk, I smoke, well I have done every thing I could to mess around. It was my way to escape from all the expetations that every one have from me, they always demand me to do impossible things and then they have fun firing me. It make me so angry that I become wild, quite a bit like BJ I think... Then one day, when I was 15, I was on the street and a girl start to hit on me, I was angry and no the least interrested but her boyfriend thinks otherwise and he began to punch me.. He was on drugs but quite strong and he didn't want to believe that I wasn't trying to stole his girlfriend and didn't want to let me leave, we start fighting a few minutes and then he takes a knife from his pocket and try to stab me, I manage to grab the knife after he cut my arm and before I could do anything, he stab himself on the knife. He died on this street waiting for the ambulance to come in his girlfriend arms who called me murderer again and again.

He looks at her to see her reaction to his story, she was looking directly in his eyes and never had she move her hand from his. Reassure with her acceptance he continue his story.

-I was often in fights and I have beat a lot of people sometime enough to take them to the hospital but even if it doesn't make me proud of myslef, it never make me so sick and disgust of myself. Even if the police and the juge don't charge me, saying it was self defence I couldn't continue living knowing I killed someone, I couldn't act, I couldn't breath. I got used to feel inferior to my parents but it was the first time I was thinking I don't deserve to live, it was at that time that my parents contast Lory to ask him to help me create a new person who I can live as and when I leave my name behind to become Ren Tsuruga. I create Ren Tsuruga as the perfect gentleman and the person I so want to become. You must be disapoint to know that your sempai is not as perfect as you think he is.

-Of course not! And even if I can't really imagine you were living like Cain at a moment I guess it explain how you can give this frightening aura even when you try to hide it behind your gentlemanly smile.

She gave him a small smile and squeeze his hand.

-I want to tell you I can understand why you don't want people to know about your past, but I still think your a great person even if you're not perfect and nobody is I think you could be proud of what you have accomplish rather than being depressed by your past. I know we not always make the good choise, I am a living exemple, but I think we can learn from our mistakes more than from our success. And finally I don't know if it'll make you feel better but I don't think it was your fault you killed him and you should forgive yourself because I'm glad it's not my friend who died on this street so I can meet him.

She smiled again but this time very gently and still doesn't let go of his hand trying to soothe him because she saw him become more and more tense during the time he recalled his past.

Ren couldn't believe she isn't leaving him after he told her of the worst of his past and her words find their way directly in Kuon's heart, helping healing the wound which has been here for years. So relieved he couldn't stop the tear which escape his right eye and roll on his cheek to be stop by her hand. Her acceptance makes him fall in love all over again and for the first time he could consider forgive himslef.

-I can understand why you have been troubled by your past but I can't see why your accident makes you remember it. You couldn't drive at this time.

-It wasn't the car, it was the fact I nearly kill someone again, only this time I manage to protect the little boy.

-Oh yes! but finally you save him and you weren't too much injured fortunatly. Now I think we should return to sleep after all it's 3,30 am.

-Yes, your right, thank you for listening to my story and good night.

-Good night. »