In a big house with a huge garden, you can hear sounds of children playing, their father is still in bed but their mother is making the breakfast in the kitchen. It's Kyoko Hizuri, actress, model, singer and businesswoman extremely famous and she is now 26 and even if she doesn't take over her grand father at the head of the Suzuki Corporation she still help her father and model for them a lot. But even if she has a lot of work offers she still takes time to be home for her family since she doesn't have a loving family before a few years and she doesn't want her children to feel the same way. Kuon is also still very busy with his schedule but he too takes time to be home with his family, he's a bit worried about their children since they are too very famous and he thinks about how much he suffered from being the son of a famous couple. But Kyoko tell him not to worry, after all it's still not sure that they will go in the entrainement industry, and even if they go, it's still not before a few years so they sill have time to worry later and they can still protect them.

Their 3 children are Yuki, 6 years old with black hairs and gold eyes but his father's features, then there is Akane, 4 years old with blond hairs and brown eyes who loves to speak and finally Kazuma, 3 years old with blond hairs too and gold eyes. The 3 children are very close and really like to play together, even if they fight often, and tried to bring their parents in the game by faking it. They always wake up early since their parents have a lot of work and often begin their days early. And if they are lucky enough, their mother let them help cooking the breakfast. They are in the kitchen drawing at the kitchen table to let Kyoko keep an eye on them while cooking, then Akane decides she wants to have her father here too. So she goes to their parents bedroom and climb on the bed and shakes her father to wake him up. Soon Kuon wakes up and hugs his daughter asking her why she wakes him while tickling her. Giggling, she tells him that she wants him to be with everyone in the kitchen. Letting her go, he change and goes downstairs with Akane in his arms and he puts a finger on his lips to tell the children to not make a sound, puts Akane on the ground and goes behind Kyoko silently.

Kyoko is singing while cooking when suddently two arms embrace her from behind and bring her against the muscular chest of her husband. He kiss her neck and caress her stomach gently.

"Morning Kyoko. How are you and Sakura doing?

-Morning Kuon. We are fine even if I can't wait till next week to finally have her in my arms.

-Mommy! Mommy! I'm hungry! When is breakfast ready?

-It's ready, Yuki. Now all you have to do is asking Akane, Kazuma and dad to help you set the table.


-Fortunatly our children don't take after you for their eating habits or I'll be worried about their health too.

-Now that we're married and you makes my food I eat a lot better! You're a wonderful cook, so it's no wonder you have no problems making them eat decently.

-Thank you, darling.

The family eat their breakfast in a joyful atmosphere.

-When do your parents arrive?

-They want to spend time with their grandchildren and be there for the delivery so they tell me they will take the first plane they can and they must be here in an hour. I will soon go to the airport to catch them.

-Okay then I will do the dishes quickly so we can all go together. She gets up and grimace.

-What happened Kyoko? Does it hurt?

-Huh! Kuon, finally the dishes and your parents will have to wait. My waters have broken and I will soon deliver so we should go to the hospital.

-What! But, you're not due till next week! Yuki, go in our room and bring the bag for the hospital. Akane, grab yours coats and yours shoes and put them on. Kazuma stay with your mother until I take the car out of the garage. Kyoko sit down and wait for a second I will hurry."

Kuon quickly grab his car's key and run to the garage, he put the car the nearest he can from the door and rush inside. He ask the children to put the bag in the trunk and to get in the car, after he call the hospital to tell them that they come for a delivery, then he call Lory to ask him to tell his parents about it.

"Morning, Takarada Lory speaking.

-Kaicho, it's Kuon. I call you from the car. I would like that you sent a car to the airport to bring my parents to the hospital, they should arrive at 8:45 am at Narita airport.

-The hospital? What happened? Are all of you alright?

-Yes we're fine but Kyoko will deliver soon. So I can't go to the airport.

-Don't worry Kuon, I will tell everyone. Take care of Kyoko-chan, you must know what to do now, after all it's not the first time.

-Thanks. We're at the hospital, I have to go.

-I will be there soon. He cut the phone call and Maria comes in his office.

-Why are you going to the hospital, oji-san?

-Kyoko is having her baby. I have to call the Suzukis and call a car for Kuon's parents.

-Onee-chan is having Sakura! I go to the hospital too! I'll ask Hio-kun to take me there instead of going on our date."

She quickly go out and take her cellphone and call her boyfriend, during this time her grand father ask Sebastian to catch the Hizuris and phone the Suzuki Corporation to tell them the news.

Half an hour later, the Hizuris arrive at Narita airport and they're surprised to see Sebastian waiting for them and not their son. So they ask him where Kuon is and as soon as Sebastian tell them about Kyoko, they drag him to the car and hurry him to bring them to the hospital immediately. And 10 minutes later they arrive to the hospital and join the large group of persons waiting to see the little Sakura. There are the Suzukis, Lory, Maria, Hio, Kanae, Yukihito, Chiori and the owners of the Daruma-ya, who are all consider as family by Kuon and Kyoko and who take care of the children during the delivery. And soon, Kuon comes out from the room to tell them that they can come to see Sakura and Kyoko. Fortunately, Kyoko's room is big because they are a lot of people who have come to see Sakura but they all let Yuki, Akane and Kazuma see her first. They are excited to see their little sister, she has blond hair like her father and golden eyes just like Kyoko.

Kyoko is tired but she watch her daugther being carried by everyone in the room with a bright smile. 'I can't believe how lucky I am. Even if I had an unhappy past, I found a job I love, my own fairy prince who love me dearly but I also found a new big family that make me the happiest woman in the world. I have 2 grand fathers, 3 fathers, 2 mothers, a little sister with soon a brother-in-law, friends on who I can lean. But best of all I have the best husband and 4 wonderful children. I'm so glad that I decided to give love a chance again. Takarada-san is right nothing can bring more happiness than being with your love ones.'

"What are you thinking, dear?

-I'm just thinking that I'm glad that I listen to Kaicho and give love antoher chance.

-I'm also glad that you did it. I couldn't think that I could be happier and more in love with you than the day you accepted to be my wife, but you prove me wrong everyday since.

-It's great! I'm a grand father again. I'm so happy!

-I'm happy too father. You will have one more present to buy for Christmas now.

-One! No way, I'll buy 30 presents more! It's my grand-daughter!

-It's good that she's born now, she really wear well her name, she's just in time for the cherry blossoms.

-Maybe my future heir just born, or maybe one of her siblings will want to take over the Suzuki Corporation.

-We'll see that when they are a little older don't you think so Oji-chan.

-Yes, you're right. But I was just thinking that if they want they can either do the same job as their parents, or take over Swan design or the Suzuki Corporation or even the Daruma-ya.

-Yes they can but they will have the time to have a true childhood. I don't want for my children to have to grow up too fast like me. It nearly destroy me.

-You're right sorry. I haven't thinking so far. The atmosphere is pretty tense until...

-Mommy, they want to ask a nurse to take a photo with the 6 of us.

-Okay Yuki. But then we will ask for a photo with everyone. After all you're all our family!"

Kuon stand beside Kyoko's head, Yuki sit on her right and Akane on her left while Kazuma sit on her legs on the bed and Sakura in Kyoko's arm. Then they take a photo with everyone, which is difficult because of the number of people but they finally success to take a good photo.

"You know Kuon, I think each time I see you change my life for the better. I love you.

-I love you too. But I should say that I think, after all, it's you who always save me from the darkness trying to swallow me. You're like an angel fallen from the heaven to save me, bring me happiness and give me a new beginning."