Chapter 98

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"Is everyone here?" Sookie asked her husband from her vanity table. She was styling her hair simply tonight. It was an unusual warm Louisiana evening in the middle October of so she decided to wear it up to compliment the simple dress in yellow she had picked out.

Eric slid the v neck black t-shirt over his head. The well fitted jeans he wore on his muscular body always were complimented by a simple t-shirt when it was worn by Eric. "Not yet but do not worry Sookie, everyone will be here." Eric slipped on his shoes then turned around to check on his wife. "Do you need any help my love?" She shook her head no. "I am heading down so take your time." He walked to where she sat and kissed her neck. He was gone in a flash.

Sookie finished getting ready and headed toward the stairs. The sun had just set and she knew that her family would be downstairs. The sound of laughter and voices were bellowing up towards her. Sookie walked into the dining room that had been renovated years ago to accommodate their growing family. She smiled as she walked in to see her family seated and talking to one another, each looking happy. Eric stood the moment he saw his wife and helped her into her seat. Amelia winked at her. "Evening Sookie." Everyone returned pleasantries but there was still one individual missing. Amelia, Alcide, Adam, Allie, Lydia, Eric, Eagle, Pam and her children all sat chatting amongst one another or in small groups.

"She said she was coming home tonight my love, just be patient." Eric spoke spoke softly to his wife as he took her hand under the table to squeeze it for comfort.

Nodding at her husband she looked around the table. Each of her children sat in their traditional seat at the table and she glanced at the faces around her. Johan was the son that was a miracle being the first vampire human hybrid to the supernatural world. His powers were incredible. He took on almost every trait of both the vampires and the fae. He was able to do anything he put his mind too, telepathy, mind reading, levitation, yet he was highly intelligent and patient. Then Enar was the Warrior and the healer. He was stoic, sensible and ferocious when it came to his family. Enar was an incredible fighter and had accompanied Eric many times because of his talent. His connection to his supernatural senses was a gift he didn't need to hone like his other children who had to work so hard at mastering them, they were just part of who he was. Sookie thought of the part humans that sat at the table, Alcide, Amelia as well as Mark and Lily. Over the years they hadn't even had a cold that Sookie could remember. Sure they would get injured in a battle but they would recover quickly and improved. Alcide looked almost as he did thirty years ago except for the faint laugh lines on the sides of his eyes and Amelia hadn't even a gray hair on her head. Their son Gunnar was a full vampire and Eric had enjoyed the fact immensely. This young man had also taken on so many of the vampire traits yet able to walk in the daylight like his father. Eric had him tested years ago to see what fae traits he had but the ability to read minds or throw magic was lost on this son. Then there was Sammy or Sam as he liked to be called now days. He had hints of many traits of his siblings but they were not as strong in him. This Northman child had frustrated his parents with his nonchalant approach to his gifts. He never would take blood as her other children had, he only ate human food from the day he was born. Yet he took on his father's lust for money starting several businesses with the help of Eric. Sammy told his mother from the time he could talk he wanted to be the richest creature in the world. And then there were the triplets, they were fae through and through. There was no indication these boys would take on any vampire traits early in their childhood. They grew at an incredible rate, talked, walked and did magic when most kids were learning to sit up. Max, Dane and Tait had made their cousin Claude very proud with their ability to do magic that elders of the fae world struggled with. Their last child Alec was like his big brothers, a hybrid child as they had been come to be known to the supernatural world. Yet her youngest son wasn't interested in simple magical tricks but honing the skill to make him the strongest and most powerful of all warriors. She knew how proud this child made Eric, the son that would be at the front lines with those Eric respected most, the keepers of the safety of his family. Then there was the beautiful daughter she couldn't help hold a special place in her heart for. The longing and sadness of her daughters absence came creeping back to Sookies. A hand on her shoulder broke her concentration. "Hi mom." Sookie turned in her seat to see her daughter standing behind her.

"Hey Princess! We are starving here waiting for you to get here." Max said with a huge grin on his face as he teased his sister. "Can we eat now?" Tait slugged him on the arm. "Hey!" Max snarled at his brother as he rubbed his throbbing arm.

Sookie stood to hug her daughter and Eric followed suit. Erika looked at her father with concern not sure what had changed with her father's reaction. Quickly Erika threw out her powers and could feel her father's sincerity. Eric's big smile and tight hug made her feel at right at home. "Princess it wonderful to have you home." Eric said into her ear as he hugged her. "We have much to talk about." Pulling back she nodded to her father and kissed him on the cheek. They released each other and Sookie grabbed her daughters hand to pull her to sit next to her. Eric took his place at the table. All of her siblings were talking over each other to try to get their hello's in before they were interrupted by Pam's snarl.

"We are so glad you are home." Pam grinned at her niece. "Well, I think most of us are." Snickering in Eric's direction Pam lifted an eyebrow.

Sookie frowned. "Pamela." Looking at her husband's expression she knew he was in no mood to be teased where Erika was concerned.

"Come now. Let's not fight. It is Erika's first night home in so long. I am sure she has much to tell us." Eagle squeezed Pam's hand very hard under the table in warning.

Pam turned her head at the creature she loved and pouted. "Fine." Eagle shook his head and snickered at his life mate's behavior.

Erika adjusted uncomfortably in her seat. "Another time, please." She looked around the table and could feel the uncertainty of emotions from all of her family members, everyone except her mother.

Sookie wrapped her arm around her only daughters shoulder and leaned in to hug her. She whispered in her ear while hugging her. "It is going to be just fine. I promise." Sookie released Erika and looked her daughter over. She was so similar in looks to her own self, it was uncanny. Her daughter's natural hair color was always the softer blonde her own hair would turn after hours in the sun. Erika's eyes were exactly like her fathers as they were on all of her children. Sookie smiled at the thought of her daughter who was about three inches taller than herself which was universal to be tall in the Northman family. Erika turned to look at her mother and the feelings that passed between them were very loving.

"I think we can discuss all of it tonight before the party. Let us all meet here before the guests arrives so that we are all up to speed." Eric stood up and scanned the table.

Erika looked up at her father. "I am sorry, a party?" Her confusion was all over her face.

Laughing, her father looked around the family table again. "Of course a party, the Northman family is throwing a party tonight. It is a very special party in celebration."

Enar stood up and began walking around the table. "Princess, we have a lot to get ready for. " Enar walked to take his twin's arm. "Come. We have some things the two of us need to iron out before we get ready."

Erika looked completely caught off guard and turned to her mother for help. "Mom?"

Sookie stood as well. "Go ahead sweetie. Your father has been a busy King this morning summoning every supernatural so and so to the Northman estate for the party of the century. Catch up with Enar then us girls have to try on some dresses, so hurry." Sookie grinned as she looked at her handsome husband whom hadn't changed much over the last twenty five years. Enar whisked his sister away and the family went back to chattering and talking. Sookie went to her husband and took his hand to pull his head down to her level. "Thank you."

Eric who rarely looked humble nodded. "She is important to me Sookie. I need to do what is right or every being in the world will think I do not support my children, regardless of their talents."

Johan looked up from his phone . "There had been some rumblings about this already so we need to find a way to get through this and we move on." That made statement made Pam giggle.

"Don't rub salt in the wound Pam." Amelia warned.

Sitting back in his chair Alcide nodded. "I would have to second that statement." Alcide tried desperately not to laugh.

"See you all shorty." Eric took Sookie's hand and they made their way back their room while the rest of the family finished their dinner and talked.

"I am glad she is home." Pam said as she smiled at the seat Erika had occupied. "She is strong willed, smart and has the world by the tail." Pam looked at her family before speaking. "I am glad she stood up to Eric and did what she wanted to."

Johan's expression left everyone wondering how he truly felt. "She is my sister and want her happy. I even understand her need for independence but at what cost? She is a Northman and we have responsibilities." He glanced around the room then sat back in this chair.

Alcide looked instantly angry and snarled. "Don't give me that crap kid. She is a female in a house full of powerful, overbearing males. Why can't you just let her be happy?" All the brothers began to protest in unison except Johan. Alcide looked him dead in the eye and held the gaze. "Well?"

Johan looked away. "I cannot answer that."

Alcide pushed his plate away and stood. His face softening. "I love each of you kids like your were my own. I would do anything for each and everyone of you sitting at this table but sometimes Johan are too pig headed like your father." He smirked and touched Amelia's shoulder, she too stood. "Its time you all get ready. You heard your father." Alcide gave the group the stern look of authority. "Get dressed and we will see you all later." They made their way out of the room.

The remaining creatures looked at the oldest son. "What?" Johan looked around the table. Pam looked at him for a moment contemplating whether to engage him but she thought against it. Pam took Eagles hand and they left together.

"I don't know about you sometimes brother." Max shook his head. His brothers got up from the table and left the room. "I sure hope you do the right thing tonight. Our sister needs us." Max looked at his big brother with a stone stare. "All of us Johan." Max too left the dining room.

Adam looked at Lydia. "Ready?" She nodded and he rose to help her from the chair. "I agree with dad and the rest of the family." Adam was just as much part of the Northman clan as any of the blood kids and he had much the temperament of his father. "Go on and get that enormous head out of your ass Johan. She needs all of us to support her decisions." Adam glared at Johan and if he wanted to fight he would fight for Erika because he loved her. Adam was built like a brick wall, broad and strong. Amelia had always said she should have named his after his father because he was a spitting image of Alcide and she swore he acted like him too. Adam grew up with the same privileges the Northman had as well as the best education money could buy. But there was one thing money couldn't buy and that was he did the right thing and had a good heart like father. Johan didn't move from his place at the table nor did he try to edge Adam on. "Sit there and think about that for awhile, bror."

Johan sat at the table looking at the now empty places that surrounded him. He was good at keeping his emotions in check. He knew his place in the family and he knew that it was important to keep his family together and out of harms way. Why did everyone want to fault him for this? Sure he wanted to be happy for his sister, he loved her. But this decision she made without any counsel from any family might just be the wrong one. It had a rippling effect and he would be sure to let her know about it when time came. He shook his head and closed his eyes. Adam's words came back to him. "Bror." If this life his sister was choosing was import to her then he would just find a way to accept it and move on even though he knew how it might change her. He began to rub his fingers against his temples. He took a few breaths in and out and opened his eyes again. "Enough" he said to himself. Johan pushed his chair out and stood. He glanced around the room and his heart began to beat a bit faster. This place was so important to him, this home and every creature that had come into their lives. He knew what he needed to do and he knew tonight would be a changing day for his entire family. As he left the room he smiled. They were Northmans and nothing would come between them. Ever.