Title: supernova

Fandom: The Losers movieverse/Fantastic Four movieverse

Disclaimer: not my characters

Warnings: AU for Rise of the Silver Surfer; future!fic for The Losers

Pairings: none stated

Rating: PG

Wordcount: 420

Point of view: third

Prompt: The Losers, any/any, Undercover Brother

Jake breathes in slowly, trying to be silent. Cougar is somewhere behind him, setting up much quieter than Jake could ever be or has ever been. Clay is to his left, staring through binoculars. Aisha is to his far right, waiting for the signal.

And Pooch is somewhere in the compound, needing rescue.

It's not really Jake's fault, but no one will ever be able to convince him of that.

Clay nods to Aisha, gestures for Jake to stay at his present location monitoring the bad guys' communications, and then they start towards the smallest building.

Jake keeps breathing, but something is bothering him, something that feels familiar and warm, and then the main building of the compound explodes, knocking Aisha and Clay onto the dirt.

Jake really hates fire when he doesn't know it's coming. If he'd had a little more time, he could have saved those kids in Bolivia.

Aisha and Clay are down, Cougar is cursing, and Pooch is somewhere in the flames and wreckage. Jake closes his eyes, feeling for the fire that always burns inside him, and then he lunges up and forward in the same movement because he has to save Pooch.

Jake Jensen is engulfed in fire as he pulls all the flames burning in the compound to himself. They wreathe around him, burning out as he consumes them, and Cougar is still yelling, but Aisha and Clay aren't moving yet, and he still hasn't seen or heard anything from Pooch.

And anyone in the compound who isn't Pooch doesn't survive the fire.

He finally finds Pooch, Aisha has dragged Clay to Cougar's location, and Jake turns off the flames.

"Holy fuck," Pooch gasps out, staring at him. "What the fuck?"

Jake smiles, bent nearly double and breathing shallowly. "So, there might be some more in my past than I let on," he laughs, and desperation and grief builds in the sound.

Straightening, Jake fights the fire trying to explode back out, the supernova always swirling at his core. He closes his eyes, forcing someone whose name he hasn't even thought in half a decade down down down. He's not that guy anymore. He can't be that guy. Johnny struggles fiercely, but Jake eventually wins.

When he opens his eyes, he's on the ground, curled in on himself, surrounded by his team. He pretends he didn't look for other people, just for a moment, and he pretends that the ashes still moldering in the destruction aren't calling someone else's name.