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Cardcaptor Fanfic by Dora Ng a.k.a. pandabear234

Author's note:

Dora: Konnichiwa! ^_^ Hey, I'm Dora, and this is my first fanfiction in the Cardcaptor Sakura section.  This story was once on fanfiction.net, but my story seemed to be unsteady and I had to take it off and revise it.

Kero: KONNICHIWA!!!!!!!! 

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Dora: Yeah, the name of the first chapter is…

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Kero:  NANI?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  I'M KEROBEROS, THE GUARDIAN OF THE CLOW BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dora:  Gomen ne.  Here some more pudding.  There will be some profiles of the main characters when they first talk in the story.  If something is in italics, it's my comments that will help you understand the story.   I'm sorry if my English is bad… because it's not my first language…

Kero: Yea, she only Chinese, just like the brat…

Dora:  Hey! That's not nice! *sighs* Ja ne (See ya), Please enjoy the story. ^_^

Kero: See ya guys sometime later!


It's a nice warm night while Sakura and Syaoran are sitting on the balcony of their home.

"Ahhh.  What a beautiful night it is huh, Syaoran?"

"Yes, it is."

"Hmm. The stars are so nice, and it's so nice and warm outside."

"Just right, huh?"

"Yeah," answers Sakura while snuggling in his arms and falling asleep.

~A couple of minutes later…~


*pant* *pant*

"Sakura!  What's wrong? What's the matter?" asks Syaoran trying to comfort Sakura.

*pant* *pant* "Syyaoraan, I-I don't know." Answers Sakura breathing heavily.

"Did have some sort of a dream?"

Sakura closes her eyes and says, "I don't know, I don't know!  It's so weird.  So many nights, and this dream keeps occurring. I think something is wrong. Something is going to happen."

"Do you have any clue?"

"No, we should be ready for anything." Says Sakura. =I hope.=

It's been 10 years, and now it's time for destiny to play its part.

Cardcaptor Sakura fanfic

New Powers awaken, Chapter 1- Destiny starts again.

"Would you like some more coffee Syaoran-sama?" asks Wei. {Wei.  ? Years.  Butler of the Li family.}

 Syaoran looks up from his newspaper, "No, it's alright, Thank you Wei-san."  {Li Syaoran. 28 years.  Leader and business president of the Li and Hiiragizawa company B-day- 7/13}

"Yes, Syaoran-sama. Sakura-sama, Tomoyo-sama, would you like more green tea?" asks Wei.

Sakura looks up from her magazine. "Oh Wei, thank you, please pour some for Blossom too."  {Li Sakura.  Is also the President of the Li and Hiiragizawa Company.  28 years B-day- 4/1}

"Yes, Thank you Wei-san." Answers Tomoyo as she picks up the newspaper.  {Hiiragizawa Tomoyo 28 years. Video Production with the Li and Hiiragizawa company, B-day- 9/3}

"Ohayo!" (Good Morning)

Sakura smiles, "Ohayo Crystal-chan."

Tomoyo says, "Ohayo Crystal, you're early, come and eat your breakfast."

"Hai Ka-san.  Where's Otou-san?" Answers Crystal. {Hiiragizawa Crystal 10 years B-day- 11/29}

"Otou-san is now at the office working on some earlier things." Answers Tomoyo.


Syaoran sips his coffee and asks, "Sakura, is Blossom awake yet?"

Sakura looks up from magazine and blinks, "Nani?  Hooee. I thought you woke her up???"


"Oops, looks like I forgot.  Hee hee." Smiles Sakura.

"Yeah, also looks like she is gonna be late again." Sighs Syaoran. 

~Like 2 minutes later~

*bump bump* as Blossom comes down the stairs.

"OHAYO!!! Ohayo Ka-san, Otou-san." Says Blossom as she sits down. {Blossom Li, 10 years, exactly the same as her mother when she was younger. B-day- 4/24}

"Ohayo kajuu." Says Touya in the living room. {Touya Kinomoto.  33 years.}

"I'm not a kajuu Uncle Touya!!!" yells Blossom glaring at him. (Kajuu- monster)

"She is just like you Sakura." Comments Touya.

Sakura yells, "Touya! Stop it!"

Touya teases Blossom and Sakura. Then he gets up and heads for the door.

"Gotta go meet Kaho before her meeting. Ja." Says Touya.

"Mizuki-sensei? Tell her I say hi!" exclaims Sakura.

"Uh huh", says Touya as he closes the door.

Tomoyo gets up from her seat, "Ja, Crystal, I'm going to the video office."

"Yeah, Mother. Blossom!  Start eating!  It's late already!  We'll gonna be late!!!!!!!!!  I'm leaving on my skates!  Blossom, I'll be waiting outside, but hurry!" says Crystal.

Syaoran also gets up, "Me too, Sakura I'm going to the office too.  See you there later." as he kisses Sakura on the cheek.

Sakura blushes. "Ja Syaoran."

"HOE!!!!!!!" yells Blossom while stuffing the French toast into her mouth and running towards the door.

As Blossom runs around, she screams, "Wai!!!!!!!  Where are my blades? HOEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

"They are under your helmet in the closet!!!!!!" answers Sakura.

"HOEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  O.K. Ja!!!!" yells Blossom again as she skates down the mansion driveway and through the gate. "Wait!!!!  Crystal-chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Sakura sighs. =Reminds me of old times=

"Ohayo!!!!!!" yells Kero as he enters the kitchen. {Cerberus- guardian of the Sakura cards.}

"Ohayo Kero-chan." Says Sakura.

"Is breakfast ready yet?"

Sakura turns around from the stove and smiles, "Yeah, here pancakes and syrup.  Your favorite, and just the way you like them."

Kero goes to the table and sits down, "YATTA! (Yes!)  Sakura, is there any more cake left from last night?"

Sakura walks to the refrigerator, "Yes, I'll get you a piece."

"THANK YOU!!" says Kero.

Sakura goes to the refrigerator and as the cake box drops, *GASP*.

"Sakura-chan, what is the matter?" Says Kero as he rushes to his card mistress.

Sakura struggles, "I-I d-don't know, it's like something i-is wrong with me; I feel so dizzy," As she pants for air.

Kero helps his mistress up and walks her to the chair, "Come on, and sit on the chair. Hmm.  I wonder."

Sakura sits down, "Kero! It's been happening for quite awhile, and now it more often."

"Ok, Let's meet and discuss it with Yue, Eriol, Spinel, Ruby Moon and Syaoran first later." Says Kero.

"OK. Maybe that's a better idea." Says Sakura calmly.

~ On the path to school…~

"Ah, Blossom-chan, we are late!" says Crystal.

Blossom looks at her watch, "No!  We got 4 minutes!"

"Nani?  That's still pretty late!" says Crystal.

"It's OK!  Shortcut! Turn!!"

They both turn into a alley and Crystal says, "Hey!  It's a dead end!"

"It's alright! Look." Says Blossom as she pulls a piece of paper out.

Crystal blinks, "NANI (what)?!?! You're using magic?"

Blossom looks up, "Mom hasn't even found out that I found the Sakura book yet, and dad doesn't even know that I found his papers."

Crystal sighs, "But… Okay, just this once more.  We got three minutes!"

"Powers of the teleport card.  Come to me, and teleport Crystal and me to the back of the school!" chants Blossom.

A bright shining light surrounds them.

~Back at the Li mansion~


"Sakura!" says Kero hurrying to her.

Sakura struggles, "I feel so weak…"

Kero helps her up, "What? Hm.  Go rest.  I'll try to figure this out.  I'll call Eriol. Go rest."

"Alright…" says Sakura walking out of the room.

"I'll have to figure this out," says Kero scratching his head and turns into his human form. Kero and Spinel now have human forms like Nakuru and Yukito, since the cards' powers have gotten stronger

~Meanwhile …~

Blossom and Crystal are teleported to the girls' restroom of Tomeda Elementary School.

"Huh? Where are we?" asks Crystal.

Blossom blinks, "Hoe? I think we are in the girls restroom."

"Blossom!  I thought you said that we would teleport to the back of the school!"

"Sorry!  Hee hee. Oops.  Looks like my powers aren't as good yet."


"AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!  We didn't make it?!?!?!" yells Blossom.

They both run out of the restroom, and run to their classroom 4-B.

Crystal opens the door.

The entire class turns to them as they walk in to the teacher.

 "Hiiragizawa-san, this your first late, remember you will be excused only once." 

"Gomen-nasai, Suziki-sensei." Answers Crystal.

"Please take your seat.  As for you Li-san, you are the same." says Suziki-sensei.

"Hai, sensei." Says Blossom as she takes her seat.

"Now, let's start the lesson," says sensei as she turns back to the blackboard.

~Back in the Li mansion…~


*"Hello, Li and Hiiragizawa Corporation business office."*

"Hello, um, this is an important phone call, I need to speak to Hiiragizawa Eriol." Says Kero.

* "Kero?" *

"Huh?  Spinel?  Hey! Wazup?" {Spinel Sun, guardian of Eriol and of the Sakura cards}


"Oh, really?  I thought it was Nakuru doing it.  Gomen ne.  And what about Yukito?"

* "Nakuru and Yukito can only fill in on special purposes!!  They are on business trip for Eriol in England!" *

"Oh really?  Isn't it your day to be answering the phone calls for Syaoran and Sakura?"

* "NO!  Today is my day off baka (dummy)!" *

"Hey!  Never mind.  Get Eriol on the phone!"

* "Why?" *


* "WHAT?!?!?!?!  Yeah, sure! Wait." *

~A couple of minutes later in the meeting room~

Spinel enters the room slowly.

Everyone's eyes turn to him.

"Eriol-sama, you have an important phone call" says Spinel.

Eriol answers, "Can't it wait till later, or give it to Syaoran?" {Eriol Hiiragizawa, 28 years, Leader and also business president of the Li-clan company in England, B-day- 3/23}

Spinel walks to Eriol and whispers into his ear, "It concerns your Sakura's health."

Eriol's eyes widen, "Everyone, I have another important business to attend, so I will turn this meeting to Ms. Mitsuki Kaho."

Kaho steps in as Eriol walks out.

"Good Morning everyone…" {Kaho Mitsuki, 35 years, vice president of the Li-clan company in England.}

Eriol and Spinel are walking in the hall

"Spinel, I'll take the phone call in my office. Don't tell Syaoran anything yet."

"Yea, sure" says Spinel.

"When are Nakuru and Yukito coming back?"

"I think, today around five from England."

"Okay.  Later."

Eriol walks into his office, sits on the big comfy soft chair.  He then presses the button on the phone.

"Eriol speaking."

* "HEY!!!  WHAT TOOK YA SO LONG?????????????????????????" * yells Kero over the phone.

"Gomen Cerberus.  So what is wrong?"

* "Sakura is suffering." *

"Excuse me???? What do mean by that?"

* "She says she feels dizzy and weak. It's probably have to do with the cards"*

"I see, so it's time.  I will be coming home early today, and I will look in the mansion library if my past life has wrote about anything about this."

* "Okie!!!!!  At 3:00?  But what will Blossom think of this?" *

"Yea. Oh, hmmm… She has cheerleading and track today with Crystal. Anyways, it's 12:00 now."

* "Oh. Okay. Ja nae." *



Eriol thinks =I wonder= as he presses a button on the phone.



*"Hello, This is Tomoyo Hiiragizawa in the Video department of Li and Hiiragizawa company, May I help you?"*

"Yeah, it's Eriol."

* "Hmmm… What is the matter Eriol?" *

"I'll be going home a little earlier than you, okay?"

* "Okay, see you later." *

"See you later."


~Back in the Li Mansion~

"ARGH!!!  CAN'T FIGURE THIS OUT!!!" yells Kero.

Sakura as she steps into room, "Kero-chan?  What is the matter?  Have you called Eriol yet?"

Kero turns around, "Ahhh... err… uhh...  yea, he says he will look it up in his old books in his past life."

"Ohhhh.  I was just wondering, I'm going to find the Sakura book."

"Okie, Sakura?"

"Yea?" answers Sakura.

"…Never mind…"

"Hoe?  Anyways, why did I hide the Sakura book again? Says Sakura as she turns yet again.

"Sakura, I think you were hiding it because you didn't want Blossom to go through the trouble you did."

"HHmm, oh yea." Says Sakura as she leaves to find the book.

~Later (3:00)~

Eriol and Spinel comes in the door. 

Wei greets him at the door bowing and saying, "Good afternoon Eriol-sama."

"Arigatou Wei."

Kero flies in, "Hey Clow, Spinel!  Come on!"

They walk towards the mansion library.

~Outside the mansion~

Blossom and Crystal are skating up the driveway slowly.

*yawn* "Crystal, I'm so tired.  Thank goodness we don't have cheerleading and track today."

Crystal says, "Yea, Blossom, next time, can't you wake up a bit earlier so we don't miss practice?"

Blossom looks up, "Sorry, can't help it," and sticks her tongue out.

Crystal sighs as they walk in to the mansion, greeted by Wei.

"Welcome home Blossom-sama, and Crystal-sama." Says Wei as he bows.

The two girls then reply, "Thank you," bowing back.

They then walk down the hall and while they pass the library…

Crystal stops, and Blossom wonders why she did.

Blossom stops and turns around, "Crystal, What's wrong?"

Crystal points and blinks, "Look, Why is my dad home early, and why is your mom reaching up towards the-"

Blossom looks and turns pale.  =The Sakura book! =

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Kero: Hiya Peoples!! Wow that was long.

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Dora: Chapter 2 will be coming soon.

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