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Ying-Ying frowns =are you sure about that? =, "Then how can you explain all those books on the library floor and all the strange stuff in that small hidden room in the library?"

Kaho closes her eyes and yet she still continues to smile, "Ying-Ying, are you afraid that you will lose everything?"

Ying-Ying looks up and stares at her…

Cardcaptor Sakura Fanfic by pandabear234

The New M&Ms (New Powers Awaken)

Chapter 7- Something else is coming…

Ying-Ying looks up and stares at her… =why is she still smiling like that?… It's making me feel so uncomfortable=

Ying-Ying closes her eyes, Kaho frowns as she sees Ying-Ying's confused face. =Ying-Ying… you are struggling with so much pain… this isn't good…=

Ying-Ying takes a deep breath and opens her eyes to see Kaho's concerned face, Kaho smiles and says, "You know, you don't have to decide now, but do think about it okay?"

Ying-Ying glances down at her hands, and nods, "Yea…sure, I guess."

Touya, Crystal, and Kiki come back and sit down next to them with their plastic bags full to the side.  Kaho smiles, "So what did you three buy?"

Touya takes out the receipt from his pocket, "Let's see," he scans down it saying, "Well, Crystal say that Ying-Ying and her needed some school supplies, and I brought Sakura's birthday present so I'll have it early… and that's basically it…"

Kaho nods, "I see…" she turns to the three girls, "So shall we get going?"  They nod, and Touya whips out his cell phone, "Hello?  Lei, its time and we need a ride back… thanks, later in about 10 minutes."

They pick up everything and head outside.  In a couple of minutes Lei's limo arrives, and they gather inside.  Ying-Ying sits in the middle of the back seat, as Kiki is on the her left, and Crystal is to her right staring at the lights outside of the car window.  Touya and Kaho sit to the opposite of their seat.  Silence fills the air as Crystal and Kiki continue to the lights go by; Ying-Ying looks down and thinks, =Why do I have to do this?  Why do I have to be the one to seal the card other than mother? =

Touya and Kaho look at Ying-Ying and see that she is somewhat disturbed.  Touya whispers into Kaho's ear, "What did you tell her?"

Kaho makes the grin that she always makes and smiles, "Some stuff, that might help her understand the situation…"

Touya sighs, "so there's nothing we can do about it?"

Kaho shakes her head, "Nope…"

Touya turns his gaze back to Ying-Ying, "It seems that she is thinking this through, and I don't exactly like the silence in her right now…"

Lei stops and says while looking into the rearview mirror, "We have arrived back at the mansion Touya-sama."

Touya smiles at him, "Thanks" he slips a 20 dollar bill into his hands, and Lei looks back at him with widen eyes, "Touya-sama, uh… I don't…"

Touya puts his hand in front of him and winks, as he is the last one to leave the limo, "No, just keep it."  Touya steps out, and Lei draws the window down and smiles, "Touya-sama, arigato."

Touya smiles, "No, thank you.  Lei scrolls the window back up and drives off to put it back into the mansion garage.

They walk into the mansion and are welcomed back by Wei and his bow, "Welcome back, Touya-sama, Kaho-sama, Kiki, Crystal, and Ying-Ying."  They smiles back at her as they take off their shoes.  Ying-Ying starts her way up the stairs with Crystal and Kiki following not far behind.  Sakura walks into the welcome hall, and sees Touya, "Onichan!  Welcome back!"

Touya smiles as he sees Sakura up and about, "Sakura, you alright and feeling well?"

Sakura greets him with a smile, "Of course I am!"

Celeste walks in, "Sakura-sama?"

Sakura turns around and faces her, "Yes, Celeste?"

Celeste replies with her hands folded, "Syaoran-sama, Yukito-sama, and Cerberus would like to have a talk with you in the library."

Sakura nods and smiles, "Thank you Celeste," she turns back to Touya, "I see you later Onichan."

Touya nods, and as Sakura leaves to go to the library, Eriol steps in from the living room, "Touya, Kaho, how was the 'pet talk'?

Touya points at Kaho, "She did it this time."  Eriol turns to Kaho, "So how was it?"

Kaho's smiles turns into a frown, "Why won't we discuss this somewhere else?"

Eriol nods, "You are right… it wouldn't be appropriate if we spoke here in front of the main door…  Let's go out to the patio in the backyard to talk about this kind of a subject.  They start their way towards the patio…

~Meanwhile, in the library…

"What do you mean?"

Yukito looks at Sakura, "Sakura, the cards have escaped, and it seems that you might have to go back out there instead if Ying-Ying doesn't go…"

Sakura shakes her head, "No, that is not the point that I'm trying to make… You see, I have not outgrown this, but remember my problems?"

Kero pats her hand, "but you haven't had any of those attacks for a while neh?"

Syaoran leans backward on his comforter, "Kero has a very good point.

Sakura stops and blinks as she sits down next to Syaoran, "Oh, you're right…"

Yukito crosses his arms, "But like I said, Ying-Ying is reluctant to go anyway."

Sakura looks down and sighs as she lets Syaoran hug her from behind, "She's my daughter, and she is able to choose her future that she wants."

Syaoran, Kero, Yukito just nod along with her, since there is nothing that they can do about it.

~On the patio…

Touya crosses his arms and leans backward on the patio chair, "I don't think we should talk about this without Sakura herself and everyone else except the girls…"

Eriol locks his hands together on the table and nods, Kaho stands and starts towards the screen door,  "I go and get her, I think she need some fresh air anyways."

Eriol nods agreeing with her, "I'll use my telepathy to get my guardians too."

~Inside the mansion…

Kaho walk down the main hall, as she sees Celeste passing with a tray she asks her, "Celeste, have you seen Sakura and Syaoran?"

Celeste nods smiling, she directs her eyes towards the library since she's holding a tray, "I do believe I've seen them in the library with Cerberus and Yukito-sama…"

Kaho smiles back and takes a cookie off the tray, "Thank you."

Celeste walks off and turn left at the corner, Kaho chews her sugar cookie, and walks into the Library to see Sakura and Syaoran getting up and just about leaving.  "Ah. Sakura."

Sakura smiles as she steps in front of her, "Yes, Kaho-san?"

Kaho smiles and answers, "Eriol and Touya would like to talk to you and Syaoran-kun which also includes Tomoyo, Andy, and Meiling-san."

Sakura nods and turns around facing Syaoran to see him getting up nodding.  Sakura looks at Kaho again, "Should I get Meiling, Tomoyo, and Andy too?"

Kero and Yukito also get up and say immediately, "We'll coming too."

Kaho nods.

~On the patio…

Sakura and Syaoran sit down on the nearby loveseat, Kaho sits back in her former position; Meiling and Andy cuddle in another loveseat; and Tomoyo sits in a chair next to Eriol.  Yukito and Kero sit comfortably in separate chairs next Sakura and Syaoran.  Nakuru and Spinel sit comfortably next to Eriol.

They sit in silence for about two minutes, and then Sakura speaks up, "Eriol… what did you want to discuss?"

Eriol sighs and his grip with Tomoyo's hand gets tighter, "We haven't concluded the situation with our daughters yet…"

Sakura nods her head in agreement, "Yes, but Ying-Ying seems to be reluctant to do it neh?"

Eriol nods back, Touya switches his position, "Kaho had a pet talk with Ying-Ying…" he looks at Kaho and says, "You tell them…"

Kaho nods and sighs turning her smiley face to a serious one, "Your daughter seems to be absolutely against the role of becoming a Cardcaptor…"

Sakura gulps at the thought and closes her eyes, "I know that already…"

Meiling crosses her legs and holds her hands tightly with Andy's, "But, however, it seems that Crystal and Kiki want to go on the mission."

Syaoran bits his lower lip, "They have chosen their futures, while our daughter seems to want the one with less problems and troubles…"

Sakura nods and looks at Kaho, "Did she make any sort of faces that made her decision complete?"

Kaho nods disappointedly, "Yes, unfortunately, she seems to be having a battle inside her mind about it, but it also seems that the 'no' side is winning…"

Sakura squints her eyes in confusion, " 'No' side?"

Yukito answers for Sakura, "When she definitely doesn't want to be a Cardcaptor then…"

Sakura looks at him, and Kero continues, "Okay, we already know that part, but what are we going to do now?  Some of the cards are still missing and if she doesn't do it who will?"

Everyone stares at him at this thought… they all wonder, what are they going to do if this happened, the world would change since the card were gone and on the loose.

Then suddenly, Sakura stands up with Syaoran still holding her hand, "I'll do it."

Everyone there on the patio gasps at the thought of the former cardcaptor will have to do the whole mission again.

Eriol replies back calmly after closing his eyes, "No, you cannot… I would not allow it."

Sakura looks at him determined, "If they're not going to it, I will!"

Eriol opens his eyes and looks at her sternly, "No."

Sakura turns to look at Touya, "Onichan?"

Touya shakes his head in agreement with Eriol, "No."

Sakura bites her lower lip and then she talks in a frustrated calm voice, "Then who will?"

Suddenly two female voices come from the back screen door, "We will…" They are leaning on opposites ends of the door, and they step out.

Meiling and Tomoyo give surprised gasps, and the rest of the people are surprised in their own ways.  Eriol stands up, "Crystal?  And Kiki?"

Crystal walks down the marble pathway with Kiki behind her, "Yes, father; Kiki and I have decided to take over this situation."

Eriol crosses his arms, "and how long have you been standing there?"

Crystal smirks a little crossing her arms too, "Long enough to know what's going on."

Sakura sits back down next to Syaoran, "then where's Ying-Ying?"

Kiki replies after walking over to her parents, "She's upstairs in her room, she wanted some time alone…"

Sakura nods and closes her eyes, "I see…"

Kiki sits down between Meiling and Andy, and she looks up at her mother first then to her father, "Mother… Father, I have decided to become a cardcaptor."

Meiling and Andy's eyes widen in surprise, Meiling smiles saying, "Okay then, neh Eriol?"

Eriol nods, he looks at Tomoyo, "And what about our daughter?"

Crystal nods grinning, "Yes, father, I will join Kiki as the 2nd cardcaptor."

Eriol sighs crossing his arms yet again, "I guess, it's okay, but there's only one more problem that hasn't been solved yet…"

Touya says as one of his eyebrows goes up, "Which is?"

Yukito answers for him; "We still need the main descendant of the cards to seal the cards…"

Syaoran sighs and shakes his head, "This situation is so complicated lately…"

Sakura nods in unison, "Yea…" her eyes suddenly get bright, "But that means I will still have to go on the mission!"

Eriol and everyone else fall to the floor anime-style.  Sakura continues with her bright happy eyes, "I'll be fine!"

Syaoran slaps him self in the face anime-style, =where does she get these ideas? = 

Eriol gets up from the floor giving little giggles, "Fine… fine Sakura, you could go along with the two of our daughters…"

Meiling suddenly starts up, "which means that Kiki will have to live here right?"

Eriol nods as that thought came up, "yea, we have extra rooms, so that wouldn't exactly matter anyway."

Meiling smiles looking and hugging her daughter, "I guess we will have to leave you here alone then…"

Kiki looks upwards and says in a childish way, "Mother, I'm not a baby anymore."

Meiling giggles, and Andy hugs her too, "Yea, but you will still be my little baby princess and we'll miss you!  And that also means we have to enroll in the school the Ying-Ying and Crystal are going too…"

Kiki smiles and pats them both since she's in the middle, "Yea… I guess I miss you too."

They stop hugging, and Meiling whispers into Andy's ears, Andy makes a strange face at first, but it turns into a grin.  Everyone wonders at what their thought might be.  They stand up, and Meiling asks Eriol, "Eriol-kun?"

Eriol looks at her with a strange face, "Yes?"

Meiling smiles and holds Andy's hand, "Do you have any extra rooms?"

Eriol's eyes widen, "Huh?" Then suddenly Syaoran stands up defiantly, "Hey!  This is my mansion, not his!"

Meiling looks at him and glares, "Well, do you?"

Syaoran gulps at suddenly looking at her glare ^^;, "Uh yea…"

Sakura jumps happily, "Yea!  Meiling-chan will be staying longer!  Yippee!  I'll get Celeste or Wei to show you a room later…"

Meiling now smiles, "Okay!"

Nakuru gets up from the chair that she was sitting on, "It's getting late, and I need to go to the office in the morning to catch up on the phone calls…"

Yukito also stands up, "Yea… I'm going to bed…"

Touya placing his legs back on to the floor from the footrest, "Yep, and I think that you two young girls should get to bed…"

Crystal and Kiki rubs their eyes and walks into the house heading for their rooms.

Then the rest of the sitting ones get up and start back inside.


Sakura stops and turns to Tomoyo and Meiling, "Let's go and see if our daughter have gotten into their beds or not…

Tomoyo and Meiling both smile.  Sakura turns to Syaoran, "Wait for me in our room, I'm going to check on Ying-Ying."

Syaoran nods his head droopily, "Yea, go ahead."

~Upstairs with the girls…

Sakura knocks on the door, the three women hear a voice saying, "Come in."

Sakura opens to door, she steps in with Tomoyo and Meiling following behind.  They find Ying-Ying asleep on her bed; Crystal and Kiki are now climbing in after changing into their pajamas.  Sakura tiptoes on her heels to Ying-Ying's bed, and smiles after looking at that angelic face.  She puts her blanket up more just below Ying-Ying's shoulder whispering, "Goodnight, little cherry blossom." 

Ying-Ying just mumbles in her sleep smiling.  Crystal say goodnight to Tomoyo, and so does Kiki.  After the goodnights and see you in the morning, the mothers leave the room and heads towards their rooms…

~In Sakura's/Syaoran's room…

Sakura climbs onto the left side of the king-sized bed.  She slips the blanket over her and sees Syaoran coming out of the bathroom.  He gets into bed too, Sakura asks, "Shaoran?"

Syaoran turns his head to face his wife, "Yea, Sakura?"

Sakura makes a disappointed face, "I feel so bad for Ying-Ying that destiny has to choose her…"

Syaoran sighs and interlocks his hand with Sakura's, "Don't worry about it, it can't be changed and she has chosen her future…"

Sakura nods sadly, "Yes, I guess so…"

~In the morning…

Everyone gets up and heads to their daily activities except for Meiling, Andy and Kiki who follow Sakura to the school to get her enrolled into the system.  It was as easy as one, two, three, and Kiki was signed into Ying-Ying and Crystal's class.  Then Sakura goes home out to show Meiling and Andy to the office that she works with Syaoran.  The school day ends quietly and peacefully and Ying-Ying brings home an unexpected letter…

~Evening when everyone is at home…

"Ka-san!  Ka-san!"

Celeste topples her tray as Ying-Ying just ran past her, "Ying-Ying!  Watch where you are running next time!"

Ying-Ying runs to the library and find just about everyone, she runs to her mother with a piece of paper at hand, "Ka-san, look what the teacher gave me!"  she turns to her father and says, "You too, Otou-san!"

Syaoran sits beside Sakura; Sakura happily takes it from her but after a moment of reading, Sakura says surprised, "Studying abroad?"

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