Remember me Kyle...

Chapter 1- How it happened.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own SP, Matt Stone and Trey Parker do. Concerning this story, I actually don't own the idea either. There was another author by the name of Ben Barrett who was writing a story called ' Remembering Stan', he only got up to 2 chapters, and didn't finish, so, I'm writing my own version of this story. Hope you like!

It was a cold, dark night in South Park. Stan shivered. Why was it so cold out tonight? he wondered. It was only September, it shouldn't have been this cold. Maybe the reason was so cold was because of what he was watching. Stan was staring at the top of Cartman's roof. There were two figures up there. A fat, chubby figure, and a small, skinny figure. Those were Kyle and Cartman.

The whole fight started when the teacher was talking to them about the Holocaust. Cartman thought that Hitler was an idol, and Kyle had resented that. Cartman threatned to kill all Jews. Kyle decided to ignore Cartman for the rest of the week. The whole school decided to follow Kyle and everyone ignored Cartman. Cartman blamed everything on Kyle, which in a way, it was all Kyle's fault that Cartman was being ignored by the whole town, including his mum. So Cartman said he wanted to say sorry to Kyle for being so rude. Kyle accepted this aplogy and was invited to Cartman's house. A few minutes after being in Cartman's room, Catman grabbed a knife and was trying to kill Kyle. Now they were on the roof and Kyle had no where else to run.

Cartman had obvisouly lost it. He was always trying to pull crap like this, but it seemed like this time, he was serious. Kyle backed up and looked down. He was almost at the end of the roof now. Cartman came closer and closer, a crazed look in his eye.

" Dude, you're not serious, are you?" Asked the scared Kyle.

" Oh, I'm serious Kahl." Said Cartman. " You Jews are going down." He walked closer to Kyle, Knife up, ready to strike. Cartman perferred to kill the Jew with is own hands, but would be just as satisfied if Kyle fell off the roof. He laughed at the thought of Kyle pissing his pants.

" Cartman!" Yelled Stan from below. Cartman looked down. " Trust me Cartman!" Yelled Stan. " You don't want to do this!"

" Yeah I want to do it!" Yelled Cartman. " This Jew needs to learn to respect my athouraty!"

" But Cartman! Remember the time when Kyle moved to San Francisco, and you went to save him?" It was true. Kyle had to move to San Francisco 2 years ago because of an evil neo-nazi plot. Cartman had figured this plot out and went to save him. Kyle had no idea what Stan and Kyle were talking about, he didn't even know he was in danger that time.

" That was then, this is now." Yelled Cartman, charging at Kyle with full speed. " Die JEW!"

Kyle stepped backwards, and to everyone's, except Cartman, horror, Kyle fell. Stan screamed and scurried around trying to catch Kyle, Cartman was laughing is ass off. Kyle hit the ground with a deathly thud. Stan ran over to Kyle. He was bleeding from his nose, ears and mouth. Stan clutched Kyle's body close as the sirens sounded and Cartman's laughter sounded in the back ground.

Not exactly the original, but it's all good, I guess. I didn't want to get into much detail about what I thought happened in San Fransico, because I'm not exactly sure how the Neo-Nazi's were going to kill jews by kyle moving there. This chapter isn't very long, hopefully, the next chapter will be longer. Please look forwords to it!