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"Hello Mother." Serenity's voice rang out in the large library. There was a book lying on her lap and she was curled up near the burning fireplace. A woman who had handed her the phone bowed obediently and began walking away. Serenity closed the book, but held her spot with her finger, and then smiled as her mother spoke. She glanced over at the fire and then pulled the blanket closer to her.

"No Mother, everything's going fine." She said, gently, glancing out the window to the falling snow. "I'm not going to the doctor, it's probably just stress or something." She said, running her hand down her hair. She waited for her mother to finish speaking again, and ended up rolling her eyes. "Mother…I don't regret anything." She muttered, every time… She thought to herself. "I'm happy with my life." She finished strongly, not wanting another guilt trip. Though she knew her mother only meant well, she just hated it every time the woman brought up her life decisions.

"Yes, he's taking good care of me..." Serenity demanded after her mother's next comment. She opened her mouth to say more but her mother cut her off. Serenity sighed and shook her head, placing the book on the table next to the sofa. "You don't know him Mother. You've never taken the chance to get to know him." She insisted.

She stood and began pacing in the room, her free hand over her hip. "The media? Mom…you should know they lie all the time." She said, annoyed that her own mother could take that as a reliable source. "He's a good man." She said as she walked over to the large window that displayed the grounds of Kaiba Manor. She was silent again as her mother spoke once more. "I know we're not married." Serenity said, trying to keep from getting sarcastic with the woman who gave her birth. "But you moved in with Chuck before you two were married." Serenity pointed out, only to get snipped at by the woman. Serenity just closed her eyes.


"Then why don't you give him a chance Mom? Just get to know him…you'll see the good man that I do." Serenity said, fully confident in the statement. She twirled a lock of her hair and then stopped as her mother made a suggestion. "This Christmas?" She asked, her voice tentative. She then nodded, wanting to prove her mother wrong. "Of course. I'll have him take some time off and we'll come. Joey will be there with the kids?" She asked curiously, and then smiled. With her brother there perhaps not all the attention will be focused on her and her long term boyfriend.

"Alright Mom. I love you. Bye." She said, and then with a click hung up the phone. She walked over to the table she had put the book on and placed the phone on top of it.

Serenity bent over, as she suddenly felt a strong wave of nausea. She gagged a little and covered her hand over her mouth. This had been frequent lately. She didn't know the cause, though did have a suspicion, but she didn't want it to be true. So she associated it with something else. She sat slowly and moved her hand to her forehead. "I'm probably coming down with the flu…" She said gently to herself. "For the past month…" She muttered to herself then sighed and lowered her hands to her lap.

She bit her bottom lip and then picked up the book and put it back on its rightful spot on one of the many shelves that lined the wall of the library. She then ran her hands through her long red hair and walked out of the library. It was nearly 6. He'd be home soon, though he'd probably go straight up to his office to keep working some more. They had an agreement. He'd have to be home, so in case she needed him he was there, but he was allowed to keep working until 9, save such emergency took place.

She walked to the kitchen and went for the fridge. She was having another craving. Something that was also becoming more and more frequent lately. She pulled it open and then dug through for her secret prize. A large bowl of Cadbury Eggs. They were still wrapped in their foil, but they wouldn't be for long. She closed the fridge with a kick of her foot and then walked over to the table. She sat, put the bowl in front of her, and dug in. With the first bite she smiled and moaned contently, and leaned back against the hard wooden chair at the small kitchen table.

"So good…" She muttered happily as the kitchen door opened. Serenity looked over and smiled as Mokuba walked in. He was in college, his last year, and came home every once in a while. "Heya." Serenity said, smiling at him, her mouth full. Mokuba chuckled a bit and waved.

"Hey." He said, going to the fridge himself and jerking it op to claim a gallon of milk. He opened it and took a long chug from it, without getting a cup. Serenity grimaced a little as he put it back and then she went back to her egg. I'll have to let Seto know not to drink from that. She thought to herself, unwrapping another egg and eating it joyfully. "How're ya?" Mokuba asked, plopping himself down at the table. He had matured over the years. Now a strapping young 23 year old bachelor. His hair was shorter and he styled it skillfully with gel. His eyes were different two. Still a striking violet color, though, now they looked more mature. He was almost as tall as Kaiba now as well.

Serenity, only two years older then him, still saw him as perpetually 13, as when she first met him. So it was strange for her to see how he's matured over the years. She passed the bowl over to him and he greedily grabbed a handful. "I'm good." Serenity said honestly. She crossed one of her legs over the other and placed her hands in her lap. "Keeping myself busy with work." She said with a little shrug, though that was a bit of an exaggeration.

Serenity had graduated from college two years ago, about three months after moving in with Kaiba. She works as an interior decorator, however, because she lives in Kaiba Manor, and Kaiba pays for practically everything she gets (through his insistence not hers), she doesn't have to work much. Mokuba nodded and smiled a little. "Good." He said, normally they didn't have problems talking, but he could tell something was off with Serenity. If only he'd heard the conversation with her mother.

"So…What're your plans for Christmas break?" Serenity asked him, thinking that if she could get him to go along as well Kaiba might be more willing. Though she didn't know how much Mokuba would want to spend the holiday with her family, she figured it was worth a shot.

Mokuba shrugged. "I was just gonna stay here and chill." He admitted, which was weird for him. Normally the youngest Kaiba was out partying with his many friends, the young man was very popular, especially with the lady folk Serenity had noticed. Serenity noted this change, but didn't comment, instead just nodded.

"How would you like to go with me and…hopefully, Seto, to my Mothers place?" She asked him, making sure he knew how much she wanted him to come with the tone of her voice. Mokuba looked at her with a smirk she was sure he learned from Kaiba.

"Because then Bro will want to go right?" He asked, leaning back on the chair and kicking his feet up on the table. Serenity sighed, and then nodded. Mokuba shrugged a little. "Yeah sure, why not. Could be fun. Joey's kids are cute." He said, surprisingly easily. Serenity smiled brightly and ran over to hug him tightly.

"Oh thank you!" She said brightly.

Mokuba chuckled and hugged her back. "Sure. You're like family." He said, and then let go and stood. "Now, if you'll excuse me, Imma go play somethin'." He said, and walked out of the kitchen for the game room.

Serenity smiled and put the Cadbury Eggs away, back in the fridge. She then walked out herself, but headed back to the library. There she'd wait until Kaiba got back, and she'd break the news to him about going to her mothers. She slipped inside, closing the door behind her, and then walked to one of the shelves of books. She had her index finger graze over the bindings until she came to something that caught her interest. A photo album. She smiled and tugged it off and then walked back over to the sofa she was sitting on before.

She opened it and immediately got sucked down memory lane. There were pictures of everyone in there. Joey and Mai on their wedding day. Yugi and Tea on their wedding day. Tristan and his wife Rini on their wedding day. And Duke and his wife Tahlia on their wedding day. Serenity sighed. They were all married off but her. She understood why Kaiba didn't want to get married yet. Though it did make her a little sad. She had served as the maid of honor in each of the weddings, and she wanted to be the bride for once…

Suddenly the door opened and in walked Kaiba, with his coat to protect him from the snow still on, and briefcase in hand. "I thought I'd find you here." He said, his voice deep. Serenity smiled brightly and closed the photo album. She then stood and walked over to him. He put down his briefcase and let her help him take off the coat.

"That's because I'm always here when you get home." She said, wrapping her arms around his neck after she tossed the coat onto the couch. He wrapped his arms around her middle and pulled her in for a deep kiss. Serenity smiled against his lips and returned it lovingly. In a moment he broke away and then looked around the library a minute. He knew this was her favorite room in the mansion. He didn't like it so much himself, too many bad memories.

"That you are." He said simply, and then bent to pick up his briefcase once more. "I still have a bit of work to do, if you need me I'll be in my office." He said, giving her a simple look. They didn't talk long between the time he got home and went up to his office. He only stopped by because he knew it meant something to her. Serenity nodded and he walked away back to the foyer and up the stairs.

Serenity turned back to her photo album and sighed a little. She put it away and then scooped up Kaiba's discarded coat to hang up for him. Then she once again left the library. She did have to get some work done for the day. She started for her room, which she shared with Kaiba, and slipped inside. Down the hallway she could hear the man on the phone with someone, but she didn't really care to ask who. When she first started dating him, almost five years before, she had been terribly curious with his work. Now…it was boring.

She walked into the room and towards the bed that was neatly made, done by her that morning after she got up. Surprisingly they didn't employ many maids. Mokuba only visited, and Kaiba was rarely home. Serenity was rather cleanly anyways, so they didn't make much of a mess. So there was no need. They had one woman who came in to dust and do various things around the part of the mansion they didn't go to. And she only came every couple of days.

Now, there was the security team. They were constantly on the premises. Rotating in 8 hour shifts, Serenity had gotten to know each and every one of the men on the security staff over her several years of staying at the mansion. Even most of the ones who worked at the Kaiba Corp building, because she was in and out of there at all hours of the night. Initially, when moving in, she had been unnerved by the creepy, and stoic, men in dark suits that roamed around her home. But in time, as she got to know them, and they got to be protective of her; she came to like having them around. They were security, and conversation, when Kaiba wasn't around himself. And the man had given each and every one of them orders to make her safety a priority.

She sighed as she plopped down on her half of the king sized bed. A manila folder rested on the bedside table next to a lamp. She picked it up and turned on the lamp to start her work on someone's house. They had commissioned her a week before, and it was mostly done. Though they didn't expect it for a few more days she would finish it tonight and give it to them in the morning. She smiled as she got to work, comfortably in her soft bed.

Several hours later Serenity rested placidly in the bathtub. Warm water surrounded her and bubbles floated around her as she relaxed. She was running her hands through her hair trying to think of how to ask Kaiba to go to her mother's for Christmas. She bit her bottom lip and adjusted herself deeper into the water. "Hey Seto…You know…you've never really met my Step Dad…" She whispered to herself in a perky tone, she then frowned and shook her head, knowing what he thought of Step Father's.

"Hey Seto…I would love you so much more if you…" She paused again, that wouldn't work either. She sighed and tugged on her hair a little. "Oh Seto…You know…you've been so stressed with work lately. Why don't you relax by seeing my mother and brother and his three little kids who you can't stand?" She asked herself sarcastically. She rolled her eyes and gave up, just in time too because the door to the bathroom opened as she did so.

Kaiba walked in and smirked a little when he saw her resting in the water. "Hey, talking to yourself?" He asked, raising an eyebrow. Serenity just smiled and gave him a little wave, then leaned back and relaxed in the water again, as if she hadn't been doing anything. She had also long since shaken her shyness with him. When it came to him seeing her body she could care less, he'd already seen it, and done much more to it anyways. What did she have to hide?

He walked over to the sink and shrugged off his shirt, tossing it in the hamper near by. He then grabbed a brush and ran it through his hair and quickly brushed his teeth. Serenity watched him, deciding to just come out with it. "I'm going to my Mother's for Christmas." She said, he stopped, spit, and looked at her.

"What?" He asked her, not sure if he had heard her correctly. Serenity bit her bottom lip and looked at some of the bubbles surrounding her.

"My Mother asked us to come for Christmas. Mokuba is coming." She said, adding the last part quickly, aching for him to be alright with it. Kaiba just leaned against the counter and continued looking at her.

"Why on Earth would you accept? You say you fight with her all the time about me." He said, not liking the idea, and making that known. He crossed his arms over his bare abdomen and looked at her coldly. Not like he would an incompetent employee, but he wanted to emphasize how much he didn't like this.

Serenity shrugged a little, still avoiding his look, that would make her back down. He always won when she looked into his eyes. "It's not you that she has a problem with." Serenity stretched the truth lightly. "It's just she doesn't approve of us living together." She said gently, playing with some of the bubbles covering her, innocently trying to distract him.

"Yeah well if she didn't want that she should have taken you in." He muttered, scowling lightly, as he turned and finished brushing his teeth as if the conversation was already over. Serenity rolled her eyes a little. Before her graduation she had lost her job, and could no longer afford her apartment. She tried looking for other jobs, but never got any responses. Kaiba had offered her a room at his place until she could afford a place again; that room had quickly changed into Kaiba's. When she could afford her own place again he had refused to let her leave. Apparently he liked her being there. It almost sounded like kidnapping, except she didn't mind staying there as long as he wanted her to.

"Seto…" Serenity started, but paused as she couldn't come up with the right words. He finished brushing his teeth and then wiped his mouth off with a cloth. He then turned back to her and looked at her expectantly waiting for her to finish. "She was nice enough to invite you too. She wants to get to know you better. You've only met her once…" She said; it didn't seem to be working as Kaiba only shrugged in response.

"I'm not going. And neither are you, or Mokuba. She's just going to make you feel guilty about living with me again. Remember what happened last time you visited her?" He asked, as if Serenity couldn't remember herself. The girl just nodded and tried to think of another way to convince him. She suddenly thought of something. She smirked a little and began moving some of the bubbles away from her body.

"Too bad you won't let us…I was going to make it worth your while…" She said with a little shrug. Kaiba rose an eyebrow and looked at her. She just glanced at him to see if it was working and then pushed herself up, reaching for a towel as the water and bubbles fell down her slim form. "Oh well…" She said, knowing he could now see her completely. As she was just about to grab it his hand shot out and stopped her.

"I know what you're trying…" He said, annoyed that it was working. Serenity just looked up at him with big, innocent, puppy dog eyes.

"Why Seto…I don't know what your talking about." She said, shrugging lightly. She gently pulled herself from his hand and took a grip of the towel, wrapping it around herself tightly. She then reached over and began draining the water from the tub. "It's late. We should get some sleep." She said, looking up at him, seeing how torn he was. She hid her smirk, which she learned from him, and walked into their bedroom.

Kaiba watched her, having an internal battle going on in his mind. We can't. Her mother hates me, and always makes Serenity feel bad about staying with me. If we go Serenity will feel guilty, I'll be mad at every one...Joey's kids are monsters. Although…he paused when he thought about her offer, and he could see Serenity's towel as it dropped and she began changing into her pajamas. Maybe a little time with her family isn't that bad…He thought as he smirked and approached her, taking a hold of her before she could dress again. He spun her around and kissed her longingly; he frowned deeply as Serenity pushed him a few inches away.

"Five days. No working. Being nice. Talking. Can you really do this Seto?" She asked him, putting her finger on his chest and looking at him with a raised eyebrow. Kaiba paused a little but then glanced down at her bare body, a smirk hitting his lips. He was a man…How could he say no? And that night…Kaiba was a very happy man.

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