Mokuba had arranged a very quick celebration for the new family to be. The whole gang was in attendance, and it was clear that Kaiba was still so ecstatic about being a father, and engaged, that he didn't even mind Duke and Tristan dropped wine on his persian rug. After the party Kaiba told them he would 'appreciate' them not letting anything slip to anyone.

A month later Kaiba and Serenity announced their child, and their wedding. They were married in Paris, something that Serenity had always wanted as a child and never thought she would ever get. Kaiba paid for the whole thing of course, including plane tickets for all of her friends.

20 years Later.

A young man walked past the gate onto Kaiba Manor and tightened the hold on his pack strap that hung on his shoulder. In his other hand he was holding a suitcase that rolled along with him. He walked up the familiar drive way until the mansion came into side. He flipped his chestnut brown hair and his hazel eyes gazed happily on his home. He walked up the steps quickly and then freed one of his hands to tear open the door.

"Mom! Dad!" He shouted, his voice echoing in the expansive entry hall. He let go of both of his bags and then shouted again, still, no one answered. He didn't think much of it, the mansion was huge, it was easy for him not to be heard.

He left his bags where they were and then quickly moved to the stair case. He jogged up three flights, and with his athletic physique it was easy for him to do so. He then turned down familiar hallways until he heard yelling. He looked a little confused, recognizing the voice of his father. He sounded angry, but by the tone in his voice he could clearly tell it was something to do with his company.

The man smiled a little. Kaiba Corp…it would be his one day. When he was finished learning everything he needed to take his father's place.

He walked towards his father's office and then poked his head in the door a little. He spotted his father, pacing around his desk, phone in hand, stance angry. He watched his father for a moment as he slipped in the room, leaned against the back wall and crossed his arms over his chest and waited.

His father paused for a moment and glanced at him. "Hold on." He said to the person on the other end. He then immediately hung up and walked up to his son. "Seth!" He said, his tone suddenly kinder. Kaiba embraced Seth quickly and then put his hands on his shoulders. "You said you wouldn't be able to make it back from school. Your mother will be happy." Kaiba said, nodding and then leading them both out of the room.

"Well I wanted it to be a surprise father." Seth said with a little shrug. Kaiba dropped his hand from Seth's shoulder and then walked down the stairs again. "Where is every one?" He asked curiously. He had been expecting his younger siblings to be around.

"In the pool I think." Kaiba said ponderously. Then quickly added, "The indoor one of course." He finished and they both walked to the indoor pool. They could hear the sounds of laughter echoing out of the room. The father and son walked into the pool and watched the three others play for a moment. Serenity, to Kaiba not looking like she's aged at all since he married her, and the other two children, already looking too old to be his, were all playing marco polo.

He smiled a bit until his youngest, a 14 year old named Serene (Wonder who her name sake was…) looked over and smiled brightly. "Seth!" She shouted in excitement. Seth chuckled a bit and then ran to the pool side, who needed pool safety when you hadn't seen your little sister in months? Serenity, currently 'it', opened her eyes and gasped at the sight of her son.

"Seth…" She said softly, a big smile creeping onto her lips. She and their second son, Blakely, the middle child and 17 years old, moved over to the edge as well and the family embraced Seth. "I thought you weren't going to be able to make it." She said, though was clearly overjoyed to see him. She glanced at Kaiba and to two shared a brief kiss. Then Serenity, Blakely and Serene grabbed towels and began to dry themselves off as they migrated towards the living room.

They all sat and fawned over Seth and asked him about how he was doing at school, and all the typical questions a returning College student gets asked. Kaiba sat and watched them wondering how wonderful the last 20 years have been. He smiled and his eyes fell on Serenity. He caught her eyes for a moment and felt his heart skip a beat as her eyes shined at him.

After every one had calmed down Kaiba and Serenity sat and watched their kids play a game. He gently had his arm wrapped around her and she leaned her head against his shoulder. "Well?" Serenity asked, motioning to their family. "Still against having kids?" She asked, raising an eyebrow as she looked up at him.

Kaiba smirked lightly and kissed her lovingly. "I wouldn't trade it for the world." He said honestly and they joined their three kids in the festivities. Was I ever against this? Kaiba thought to himself and took a moment to remember one Christmas with his then girlfriend's family that changed his life.

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