Gift fic for Contemptus, because I promised you a B/K/M but I can't deliver so you get Mello/Mello instead. Also for Hikari Daeron, because I wrote it first. This fic will be told through a series of drabbles. Updated on Saturdays.

Spoilers for Mello's real name in later chapters, and for canon events in the manga/anime. Speaking of canon events, this is slightly AU but also not AU. All of the canon events have already played out as they did in canon; now they're playing out a second time, in a new fashion.

Summary: Loving oneself is one thing, being in love with oneself is quite another. Mello, second chances and his narcissism.

There are no Pearly Gates for Mello, when he dies, but this doesn't surprise him. All the shit he's done, waking up in Heaven would mean someone has fucked up.

There are no demons or pits of hellfire, either. Only long stretches of vast space, open and silent and lifeless. Hundreds of thousands of miles where all he can see is blackened sand, and ash swirling across the windless sky.

If this is Hell, Mello decides, it's really pretty damn boring.

With nothing else to do, he begins to walk.

He hopes he'll find chocolate here. He has a craving.

Second chapter's done already, that'll be posted next Saturday. Chapter after that the next Saturday.