"Look at that puny human vermin, Vannessa…" Acheron growled quietly as it put his head beside his foster daughter's own, nudging her cheek.

Vannessa could feel the tingle of the Dark dragon's hot breath on her exposed skin. It hurt. Her eyes were averted forcefully at the ground below her feet. She refused to do so but she could not defy her father.

"Look," Acheron commanded. "Or are you intending to challenge me?"

Her lavender eyes widened in horror and she quickly did what she was told. From the top of the precipice, she stared down at the unsuspecting wizard, who was directly below her.

"Father, it would be better if we didn't do this…" she whispered.

"Useless child!" Acheron chided. "I didn't raise you to have such a fragile heart! It must be that Delphinea!"

The wind tore at her cheeks as her father's immense wings cut through the air as he prepared to take flight. Acheron roared and its voice echoed powerfully throughout the valley. Vannessa recoiled in fear at the deadly cry. She could only watch helplessly as the wizard fought her father in a futile battle, which she knew what the outcome was going to be. The battle ended with an inhuman shriek as he was torn apart agonizingly by Acheron's jaws; left for dead. Vannessa's stomach heaved as waves of nausea overcame her. She looked away from the horrible scene but stood her ground boldly. Submitting herself to Acheron's jaws as he took her into the embrace of the skies, had never been this difficult, a task before. Vannessa knew that it was of dragon's norm to carry their offspring in their jaws. She wondered if her father would kill her just like he did that wizard if he ever found out…

Just as the two of them were leaving the valley, Vannessa's eyes slid over to the wizard once again. His blank eyes were on hers, never leaving with that perpetual accusing glare.

That night as she warmed herself by the heat of the fire, Acheron lay beside her. Vannessa could still smell the blood of the wizard on him even though it happened, hours before.

"I'm very disappointed in you, Vannessa. It appears that my teachings have gone to an absolute waste."

The young girl hugged her legs, close to her body and placed her chin on her knees.

"But I'm human too…" she started, playing with her fingers.

Acheron's head rose and his silver eyes shot a cold glare in her direction. "You aren't human! Not anymore! I trained you to be a Dragon Slayer from the day you were discarded!"

"I'm lonely, father…" Vannessa tried again, tears forming in her eyes.

"You have Delphinea. She plays with you every weekend. Do you want me to take that privilege from you?" he demanded.

Vannessa shook her head quickly. "No, please don't. I'm sorry, father."

"Today's lesson ended poorly due to your bad performance. I've noticed this especially when it involved the Lord and humans," Acheron continued.

The dragon waited for her answer but she did not respond.

"Is it because of Delphinea?"

Vannessa shook her head again. "No, it's not," she answered hastily. "I-I just don't like hurting innocent people…"

"And Lord Zeref?" Acheron prompted sharply.

The girl swallowed as shivers ran down her spine at the name. "I don't like him…he sounds like a bad man," she confessed finally after a long and tentative pause.

Vannessa winced and squeezed her eyes tightly, preparing for her father's harsh dressing-down. None came, however she felt Acheron's dark fury pulsing through her veins.

"You will follow the commands of the Lord like you were told to do so from the very beginning," Acheron said frostily. "That is your destiny as a Dark Dragon Slayer. His wish is your command."

Just like that, Acheron left her and took off into the star-lit skies. Vannessa broke down into tears. She felt so cold that even the fire could do nothing to warm her up. The long wait for Delphinea would be slow and distressing. The Earth dragon that was labeled as a social recluse was the only refuge she so sought for. Vannessa knew that after tonight, there was no going back. The old dragon had warned her constantly that reasoning with Acheron was futile effort and would only serve to anger him further, which she did. Standing up, she extinguished the last flames of the now dying fire and began the preparations for her escape for liberty and from destiny. Dawn would be breaking soon and she had the weekend, all to herself.

If I want to stay alive, all I have to do is just keep running and don't look back…