Chapter 88: The Devil's Spawn

Summary: In the previous chapter, Vannessa, Micaiah and the rest of the gang reached Chestervania Reservoir Town, only to find it still being under an enchantment by the remaining beast, the Cockatrice.

This is going to be a walk in park…!

The Dragon Slayer licked her lips, keeping her eyes focused on her prey before her as she gained distance, closing the gap between them. From the skies, there was not a water body in sight for her to make use of to force the beast to look at its own reflection on its surface. As if sensing her intent, Micaiah shifted from her Gespenst form to that of the Teufel Stab. Clutching the smooth wood, their magic fused.

"Fallen Phase Transformation: Demon Wings of Horror," the Dragon Slayer hissed out as the black magic swooped over her shoulder blades and ankles, leaving behind sizeable pairs of wings at her disposal. She used them to their fullest potential and skyrocketed herself past the flying beast and halted a distance away from it. Her eyes turned from their usual inky sinister color to that of polished silver with slit irises; her lips curled back in a feral snarl.

The startled cockatrice managed to recover from its initial shock, at seeing Vannessa and prepared to launch itself towards her, claws outstretched with the murderous intent of tearing the Dark Dragon Slayer apart. However, the Slayer had anticipated the attack and evaded it easily. The beast itself appeared to have another plan of its own; without even missing a beat, it swung its long tail at the girl.

Vannessa somersaulted in the air but was not fast enough to dodge the last blow; the spike on the tip of its tail grazed her right cheek and left arm, drawing a long red line of blood. She made a rude noise but kept her eyes on the beast. Apparently, the beast was not done with her yet, at least not by a long shot. "Fallen Phase Transformation: Black Dragon Roar!" The fierce blast of dark magic that burst from her mouth shot out and headed straight for the cockatrice. In a fleeting moment, the beast disappeared just as the dark magic made contact with it and exploded, unleashing plumes of smoke.

"Damn it!" Vannessa cursed under her breath before her eyes widened when wind-like but dense slashes sliced at her right arm, her legs and her stomach. She flipped herself again just as something whizzed past.

It can use Kamaitachi too…!

A shadow obscuring her view caused Vannessa to look up; a gasp escaped her throat. She did not have time to react before the spiked tail came into contact with her body and slammed her back down to the ground below. The Dragon Slayer landed painfully onto her back and the force of it caused her to cough up blood. At the very last moment, she had felt Micaiah forcefully extracting herself from her body to provide some protection from the impact before there was any damage done to her spine. "T-Thank you, Micaiah…" the Slayer smiled slightly as she forced herself to sit up. She wiped the trail of blood from her mouth with the back of her hand.

"I didn't know it could use Kamaitachi!" Micaiah voiced out Vannessa's thoughts.

"Yeah and neither did I, "Vannessa said with a bitter smile.

"That's its distinctive attack that sets it apart from the Basilisk!" there came Gabby's voice from the near distance as the five mages, including her came running up to them.

Vannessa could almost roll her eyes at the girl. "And now she tells me," the Dark Dragon Slayer muttered under her breath, sarcastically as she got to her feet and dusted at her already soiled dress. The sudden extraction of Micaiah's magic from her body had caused her eyes to switch its colors back to purple but they changed again to black almost instantaneously as she drew in more of the fear which was still profuse in the town's atmosphere that lay over it like a thick blanket; it restored her to full strength and her body was ready to play host to Micaiah's powers once again.

She shifted her eyes to the flying beast hovering above her, just as her wings materialized from her dark magic. "It's time for another rematch Big Bird; but this time, you're goin' down birdie…" she snarled as she took off into the skies. Apparently, the beast had sensed her approach and was ready for another round of Kamaitachi as it disappeared from view. "Fallen Phase Transformation: Fallen Rings of Asmoday!" With the Fallen Phase Transformation, her Dragon Slayer powers were on another whole new level and her magic-tracing skills were second to none; she found the invisible beast easily and managed to sidestep all of its dense wind-slash attacks. She zeroed in on the cockatrice and invoked upon her magic for the final attack. "Fallen Phase Transformation: Black Whips of Doom!" She flicked her wrists and the whips which felt extremely light in her hands, shot forward with lightning speed towards it. One wound itself around its neck while the other wrapped itself around its body, preventing further movement. With another twist of her wrist, the impact multiplied itself within the distance between the Dragon Slayer and the cockatrice and almost immediately, she broke its neck. Just as the whips withdrew themselves from the now dead creature, the lifeless body plummeted, without support towards the ground and landed with a loud and sickening sound.

A weary Dragon Slayer landed onto the ground a moment later and collapsed onto the ground, her knees finally giving way under her weight as her body finally succumbed the injuries that she obtained during the fight; the battle was won at last for Chestervania Reservoir Town. Her eyelids drooped as her body screamed at her for rest; just before she gave in to sleep, the girl smiled as she made sure the final remnants of the enchantment died away. It meant that the town was back to normal once again; it was free from the beasts' petrification.

Vannessa woke up with a start and blinked her eyes rapidly as they got used to the harsh sunlight that was streaming in through a window near to the bed she was lying on. Almost immediately, Micaiah was on her feet and by her wielder's side. "M-M-Micaiah…" she whispered, her voice hoarse due to lack of use. "How long was I asleep for?"

"Two days straight," the wolf answered promptly.

The Dragon Slayer eyes widened in disbelief in response; she stared wordlessly at Micaiah. Her friend nuzzled a small money bag that nestled against a glass of water on the bedside table. "Your payment from the mayor of the town who dropped by earlier to pay you a visit…Gabby, Elijah and the others did received their shares but they gave them to you in return for saving their lives, " she explained. "They left after the mayor took his leave."

Still, there was no word from her wielder. The wolf looked at her and sighed heavily. She lifted one paw and placed it comfortingly over Vannessa's hand. Polished blue eyes met with Vannessa's blank purple ones for a fleeting moment before the girl forced herself to look away. The pink-haired mage looked down. "There's only less than two days left, Micaiah…" she finally spoke up.

"I know, my dear…but at least, you're back to full strength now, with your body rested and healed those superficial wounds," the wolf replied in a softer voice. The fight can take place on fair grounds…

Of course, Micaiah did not voice out her thought but she knew that Vannessa knew and was referring to that. The battle was only just barely less than a day away if they discounted the fact that it took approximately a day for them to get from Chestervania Reservoir Town back to Magnolia Town.