Chapter 89: The Beginning of the End

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The final night of the long-drawn out battle of the escape of the rogue fugitive for liberty and from her destiny arrived, bringing with it the zenith of the full moon, long after the waxing and waning process.

Only 15 minutes to go till midnight…

Vannessa took a deep breath and exhaled loudly as she stared at the mirror above the bathroom sink before her. Her reflection's usual white dress was already replaced by the transformation by the amalgamation of Micaiah's and her magic to its signature black long-sleeved blouse, a blood-red tie that hung around her neck in a haphazard manner with a short pleated grey skirt and a dark brown belt that lay suspended around her waist, holding her twin swords. A tan-colored short overcoat and black heeled boots completed the rest of her outfit. The purple orbs stared determinedly back at the Dragon Slayer. Strangely, the young Slayer felt calm and her heart reflected it through its steady rhythmic beating.

"You've prepared well for this night, Vannessa…" Micaiah's voice floated through her ears. "You'll obtain all that you desire…the freedom from your past."

A tiny smile played on her cherry lips, at her best friend's assurance before it disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. "I will be the one to emerge with victory in my hands…" she whispered quietly.

With a final glance at her reflection, the Slayer turned away from the mirror and left the bathroom with a soft click of the door behind her. She looked around her room for the last time and strode purposefully towards the open window. Her fingers grasped the sides of the window as she hoisted herself up onto the sill. "It's time…" she declared, still in that same quiet but unwavering voice. In response, a black aura circulated around the Dragon Slayer as she invoked upon her magic. "Fallen Phase Transformation: Demon Wings of Horror."

With a small breeze-like motion, the Slayer leapt from her room window and took off into the embrace of the night skies, heading straight for the location of the imminent battle. She hovered in the sky for a moment before she landed gracefully on the ground just a distance away from the entrance of Magnolia Town.

Any time now…

Somewhere inside, a clock tower's bell echoed its ring throughout the entire town signaling that midnight had finally came. The Slayer's body tensed as she scanned her surroundings with vigilance; she did not want to be caught unaware by the enemy. "They're here," Micaiah informed her.

Vannessa smirked as she looked up at the skies, her purple eyes changing to the menacing color devoid of emotions. Micaiah was right after all; they appeared all too soon, bringing with them snarling Wyverns which clouded the dark skies and blocked out the moonlight. The Slayer allowed her magic-infused wings to arch themselves from her shoulder blades and her ankles. "Let the games begin…" she hissed under her breath as she fixed her gaze solely on Ultear Milkovich who leapt from a Wyvern and landed onto the ground, keeping a respectable distance between the two of them. She was followed by six other figures that similarly vaulted from their respective Wyverns and landed just a few feet behind her.

Ultear's brown eyes scanned the area behind the girl and her lips immediately curled into a smirk. "I have to admit that you are full of yourself, aren't you Vannessa?" she questioned her sarcastically, her voice cold.

"Shut it, Ultear!" Vannessa snarled, her face taut with resentment. "I am more than enough to take on all of you together so you better leave my friends alone!"

One of the figures stepped forward and tugged back his hood from his head, revealing his face; it was none other than Narumi Valentine. His characteristic sneer was plastered on his lips as he stared at the rogue Dragon Slayer. "So we meet again, darling…" he spoke up with a shrewd smile. In response, the girl rewarded him with a dirty look that was filled with such fury and repugnance. He whistled and placed his hands up in surrender. "Whoa there, feisty are we?"

Vannessa ignored his comment and turned her attention back to Ultear. Keeping her gaze fixed on the attractive ice mage, she unsheathed her swords from their protective covers and tightened her grip on them.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk!" Narumi wagged a finger in her direction as he sauntered forward, closing the gap between them slightly. "Where are you looking at sweetheart? Your opponent is right here." As if to emphasize his point, he gestured imposingly at himself.

An irritated look crossed Ultear's face as she glared at the back of Narumi's face, clearly displeased at being interrupted. With an easy flick of her wrist, the other remaining figures leapt from their positions and moved ahead towards Magnolia Town. Vannessa, clearly caught by surprise abandoned her position, turned and ran towards the entrance of her beloved town. She stood her ground, glaring at the seven intruders. "No one gets past this point!" she growled quietly.

Ultear raised an eyebrow and stared at the girl in disbelief. "You can't be serious now, can you?" As if on cue, the hovering Wyverns above roared and began to fly towards the town.

"No, they don't!" the Fairy Tail mage yelled as her dark magic surrounded her and manifested into a thick aura which blanketed her entire being. She had activated all sixty-five but dormant Magically Charged lacrimas. They rose up high into the air from their respective burial locations, forming a protective barrier around Magnolia. Vannessa smirked when the flying monsters stopped in their tracks, unable to get to the town.

"Magically Charged Lacrimas, huh?" Narumi spoke up as he stared at the other Dark Dragon Slayer with newfound interest. "You never fail to surprise me, Vannessa."

The girl in question did not bother replying but kept her gaze fixed on Ultear, trying to gauge what the ice mage would do next to counter her protective barrier. With another flick of her wrist, the Wyverns continued forward and assembled themselves before the lacrimas. One by one, these dragon-like beasts coordinated their attacks against the suspended glass spheres. In response, the same amount of damage caused by their attacks was reflected back at the Wyverns. However, Vannessa's eyes widened for a moment before they narrowed into slits when she caught sight of a crack in the barricade, signaling that the Wyverns' attacks on the lacrimas were doing considerable amount of damage.

"LEAVE THEM ALONE!" the twenty-year-old shrieked and leapt up into the air, heading straight for the nearest lacrima. Her swords were drawn out to attack the Wyverns. "Fallen Phase Transformation: Dance of Hell."

Meanwhile, down below Narumi had stepped forward with a lustful look in his eyes as they focused themselves on Vannessa. Indeed, the girl had grown stronger since he had last seen her and he wanted very much to test her strength, right now. However, Ultear blocked him with an outstretched arm. "Wait!" the woman ordered.

Narumi shot an irritated look at Ultear and made a rude noise. "Now what, are you are keeping me from my prey?" he demanded impatiently.

"Relax Narumi…" a soft but impassive voice spoke up. He reached up and pulled back his own hood to reveal a rather young boyish face with soft waves of reddish-brown hair falling delicately over a pair of light olive-colored eyes.

The Dragon Slayer whirled to face him, a scowl evident on his face. "Can it, Marionette Dancer: Moonsworth!" he hissed. However, the other mage deflected the Slayer's hostility with a pleasant smile. "Ashwynn please," the young mage reminded him yet again. Narumi glared at him before he turned his back to him, without another word.

"All we have to do is just observe the girl for a moment and take her down in a single shot before heading for the big fish," Soul Strangler, Flavius Salazar pointed out in a bored voice as he too revealed his own face from his own hood; a handsome man with thick silver hair and aquamarine eyes.

"But I don't like waiting for a long time," a high-pitched voice declared snootily before pulling back its own hood, letting loose a thick, long wave of silver hair and revealing a pair of piercing bottle green eyes on the face of a young girl.

"It won't be for much longer now," Fire Drifter, Gabriel Faust replied patiently, smiling down at the young Dreamwalker known as Nyia Delight.

The last figure gave a loud sigh and shook out flowing locks of red-tinged hair belonging to yet another girl. Her curious brown eyes were fixed on the Dragon Slayer who was busy trying to protect Magnolia from the Wyverns. Why is she protecting the town with everything she's got…?

"She isn't even born here, so why protect it…?" Misty Rasputin, also known as the Siren, trailed off silently.

With a curt dismissal wave of Ultear's hand, all of them kept silent. "Let's go!"

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