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Long Day

By: SentientMist

Two streaks of pastel fly through the door and throw themselves at his legs. "Daddy!"

Crouching down, Will easily drops a kiss on the top of each head and wraps two little girls in a bear hug. "How are my favorite girls?"

There's an eruption of giggles, and Amanda's arms circle his neck as she plants a kiss on his cheek. "We're fine, Daddy," she exclaims happily.

They detach themselves from him as their mother follows through the door at a more sedate pace.

Helen offers a tired smile as Will stands and pulls her to him. Resting her temple against his chest, she winds her arms around him tightly and closes her eyes.

"Long day?" he whispers into her hair.

She hums softly in response. "Though your daughters made certain I took the afternoon off. You've trained them well," she murmurs, never opening her eyes.

Will chuckles, the sound rolling through his chest; Helen relaxes further into him.

Rubbing a hand across her back, Will pulls away slightly but keeps an arm hooked securely around her waist. "Okay, everyone to the bedroom."

Giggling, the girls take off down the hall, disappearing around the corner.

Will shakes his head in amusement as he follows, leading an exhausted Helen behind him.

"Mommy and I are going to get ready for bed. Why don't you girls go change into your pajamas, and we'll come tuck you in, in a minute," he coaxes.

Amanda nods and takes Ella's hand, dragging her into the adjoining room.

"You're good with them," she says softly.

"So are you," he responds firmly, taking her into his arms again.

"We should change," she mutters into his chest.

"Yes, we should."

Sliding out of the embrace, Will moves to the dresser, pulling clothes out of drawers. Coming back, Will drops the clothing on the bed; but when Helen reaches for it, he stops her. "Let me."

She smiles gently, gripping his upper arms as he slowly unbuttons her blouse, dropping her hands as he slips it off, letting it fall to the floor.

He continues undressing her, lovingly easing down her slacks, unfastening her heels with surprising skill.

Helen allows him to help her into shorts and a tank top, then waits until he's slipped into a pair of worn sweat pants before she moves closer, running her hands over his shoulders and behind his neck, toying with his hair. "Why is it," she asks quietly, "you're always dressing me in tight shorts while you get to wear those dreadful pants?"

"They're comfortable," he defends.

"I think it's just because you want to stare at my legs," she whispers against his lips. She kisses him tenderly before laying a trail of warm kisses from his jaw to his shoulder.

"I can neither confirm nor deny that," he breathes.

She laughs, the sound deep and throaty. "No, I don't imagine you can." Leaning back, she grasps his hand, tugging gently. "C'mon. Our little ones are waiting."