Okay guys, I'm finally started a multi-chaptered fic – and yes, it would be completed, so don't worry. There might be a lot of things you might not understand here, but patience darlings. It will all be revealed soon. This is loosely based on the Indian movie "Anjaana Anjaani" so credit for the story entirely goes to the movies' director.

Also I'm not JK Rowling and this is just fanfiction guys. This is all set after book seven, and it ignores the epilogue. The rest, is sadly the same. This takes place one year after epilogue.

This fic would have been incomplete with my beta, Mew – Thank you Mew :D


"You - just do it. Take a deep breath and do it. Don't - don't think. That's what I do."

He turned around, wondering where the voice came from. There was no one behind him.

"Hey - here. I'm here."

He looked downward and his eyes met the darkest shade of mud he had ever seen. He vaguely remembered seeing the eyes before but where, he had no idea. The girl was drunk, clearly drunk and there was a bottle of Muggle whiskey in her hand. She took another sip of it and slurred something he couldn't make out. But the girl - she didn't look like a Muggle. There was something about her appearance - something he couldn't place his finger on.

"Have I seen you before?" he asked her.

"Good Lord, Malfoy. Of course you've - not only, not only that but," she started giggling, "Malfoy, you've bugged me since the last seven years and you don't even remember who I am?" She laughed.


"You're craaazyyyy, Malfoy. Look at this," she said, taking a strand of her dark orange red hair and holding it out to him.

"Weasley? Is that you?" Understanding dawned on him, finally. He didn't get it, though - what was she doing here, on the Tower Bridge?

"Of course, Malfoy. Now, where were we? Oh yes, you were jumping. See, just take a deep breath and plunge in. Don't think too much."

"What are you doing here, Weasley?"

"Now, what does one normally do on a famous suicide bridge? Let me think - Dance? Nah. Maybe ice-skating?" she asked sarcastically, taking another gulp of her whiskey. "Okay well, now I'm done with drinking. It's time to JUMP!" She got up from the ground, waving her hands around wildly, before placing them on the steel in front of her.

"Weasley, are you here to kill yourself?"

"Of course, Malfoy. Wasn't that obvious?" she slurred, climbing the sides of the bridge.

"Yes, yes."

It was funny really. They were both there to die, they both wanted someone to stop them, yet they didn't stop each other.

"Okay so let's jummmmp!" Ginny sang, standing on top of the last bar.

She was about to dive in - just about to when, Draco noticed, a flash of light caught her eye. Both turned towards it, towards the flash of light which disturbed them, and he could barely make out three muggle guards under it, shouting at them to get down. They probably understood what the two were about to do. Draco looked at Ginny and instantly they both jumped. There was no time to waste.