Love Me Better

I see the look in her gorgeous eyes, the eyes that looked hungry, sexy at me last night. No they look lightly frightened, unsure about whatever Ray is telling her on the phone. I keep staring, and shallow hard, holding her gaze for just a moment longer. Callie than turns away. Her voice lets out a rough 'when?', as her hand moves through her long hair. I should be feeling amazing this morning, I should trace every bit her her body, let my hand run through her hair, but it isn't, and the thought instantly creeps up to me. Ray is coming home.

Callie lays down the phone, lets her fore teeth roll over her bottom lips as both her hands lean on the kitchen counter. I walk up to her, that's the only thing I can do, but I feel just as unsure. I don't know if she wants that, maybe she wants to be alone now, to let reality kick in. Or call Jeff to tell him the 'good' news. I stand inches beside her, I can feel her warmth, I wanna brush her hair gently behind her ear, hold her. 'Is it what I think it is?', I frown as I say this, and my throat is running dry. 'Is Ray coming home?'

She slowly turns around and I can see a teary layer forming in her eyes. She only nods, before she throws her arms around my neck and pull me close. Burying her face against my shoulder and stating to release her tears, slow sobs are to be heard and I feel completely overwhelmed. Jim Longworth doesn't do emo well. But I pull her close, I softly start to caress her back and finally find something to murmur to her; 'it will be okay'.

Okay? Will it?