Characters: Ukitake, Nanao
: Shards of light flash through the atmosphere.
: Ukitake x Nanao
: None
: None needed
Author's Note
: I'm on a short oneshot kick lately. Can you tell?
: I don't own Bleach.

The light shines through all the stained glass wind chimes and the wind sends their music flying into space, the chilly Autumn day made watery-warm by the light of a weak sun.

Vermillion flashes, and brings up sensation of warm skin and the candles being blown out.

Green is when Spring starts up again and heals her bruised fragility, brings her back to full bloom.

Blue is the glint of her eyes and the cool, Sphinx-like serenity of the enigma, impenetrable and lofty. A majestic bird that can't be pulled down from her perch.

Yellow is those rare unguarded moments, when she seems so much like a child but so grown up too, those delighted laughs and the ache of memory taken away from her, lightening the load on her shoulders so she almost seems free from care.

And purple is her hands in his, mouth against his, every breath of time taken from shared presence.

Shards of light flash through the atmosphere. Shafts of light permeate the air around them.

Between the glister of colored light refracting off of glass, she turns briefly and smiles, vermillion and purple off of the glass over her eyes.

And he smiles too, the familiar beat skipping in his chest.