Naminé laughed. "You're so corny," she snickered.

"I'm nothing, if not corny," he argued as he planted a kiss on her lips. "Come on, Sneezy. Time for your medicine."

Naminé's eyes got wide as they went into the house, kicking and screaming.




Chapter 20: Friends with Commitment

Naminé stirred at her tea as she walked into her living room. Her freshly showered feet touched the warm carpet as she made her way to the couch. Thankfully, she evaded getting sick by showering in boiling steaming water. However, even if she got pneumonia, she was sure she'd still be smiling like an idiot like she was now.

Memories of what happened mere minutes ago flashed before her eyes. She still was having a hard time believing it all happened. A better question was when she actually started falling for her best friend… she couldn't say. Maybe it was always there. Maybe it just happened.

Even so, she was glad it did. She finally understood what those songs were talking about, what the books said. It wasn't in the action of kissing, it was about the person, and how you felt connected to them.

"Hey, what are you doing?"

Naminé's ears perked up at the voice, turning her head to look at her new… dare she say it…. boyfriend. Thankfully, she was happy to know that not much between them had changed.

She smiled as she held up her iPad, showing Roxas, who was leaning against the couch, its contents. "Letting our caring friends know that we didn't kill each other," she explained.

Roxas' eyes scanned the screen, his face slowly moving from confused to grinning. "'Me and Roxas are winning the dare, dear friends. Just try and keep up Riku and Sora!'" Roxas read. "It's been a week, Naminé. Shouldn't we be counting our losses, not egging them on?"

Naminé rolled her eyes, grinning. She tapped the screen to Roxas' wall. "Keep reading," she said in a singing voice.

"'92 and counting! Love you, Rox. XOXO,'" read Roxas, eyebrow rising. "XO? What does that mean?"

"Roxas, it's a letter kiss. X's mean kisses and O's mean hugs, I think… So I just kissed you via the internet," Naminé laughed, tilting her head up at him and looking smug.

Roxas chuckled, planting a kiss on her forehead. "93, right?" he breathed, before jumping over the couch and plopping next to her.

Naminé smiled, leaning her head on Roxas' shoulder while tapping at her iPad. Roxas winced when her head touched his cheek. She lifted her head apologetically, looking at him questioningly.

"Sorry, does that hurt?"

"Yeah, freaking Sora showed up and sucker punched me," he said. Now that she was paying attention, she noticed his eye was bluish. "Said I defiled his sister and even though we're friends, he'd still have to beat me up for it."

Naminé tried hiding her laughter as she imagined Sora getting a freebie. "Both Riku and Sora came to my house, wrestled me down, and force fed me cough syrup…"

"Yikes… We have weird friends," Roxas remarked.

"Yeah, and you owe me $45.93 for the broken plates…" Naminé said. It was peaceful silence for a moment before Naminé asked something she'd wanted to know for a while now. She placed her tablet on the table and gently cuddled on Roxas' side while he turned on the TV.

"So, you didn't kiss Olette," she stated, staring at the TV which was spouting the Disney classic, Beauty and the Beast.

Roxas shook his head. "Nope," he said, obliviously trying not to be awkward about it.

Naminé wasn't mad, just curious. "Why did you lie?" she asked.

Roxas didn't answer at first, but finally he sighed. He wrapped his arm around Naminé's middle, pulling her closer to him.

"Sora and Selphie were bugging me," he started. "It seemed like I couldn't get them off my back. It was stupid but I made a lie to them about a fake person in Sunset Hill."

"Of course, Sora wouldn't let that slide. I mean, where would you have met someone from Sunset Hill?" Naminé chuckled.

"I'm just lucky that the random door that I knocked on was a chick," laughed Roxas. "I mean, what if it was a dude?"

"Or worse, an old man!" joked Naminé. "So why didn't you just go with her?"

"Are you kidding?" asked Roxas, looking down at her. "I don't even know her name. I didn't even like kissing her."

"What did she do? Eat your face or something?"

"No…" Roxas sighed, kissing Naminé's temple. "She wasn't you. Duh," he whispered.

Naminé beamed and gently kissed his nose. "I forgive you for lying to me," she said in a sweet voice. "But if you lie to me again, I will shoot you."

"Like on Halo?" asked Roxas, confused.

"No, I mean, in real life. With a gun. And bullets. Riku taught me."

Roxas hung his head. "Why do I have the feeling that Riku planned this?"

It was two days 'til the end of summer vacation and it was finally sunny skies as the kids ran around Twilight Town, trying to enjoy the last few hours of freedom. Seventeen year olds Sora, Riku, and Roxas were already in the Sandwich Joint when Naminé walked in, grinning at their crowd. She signaled to Cid for her sandwich before Demyx grabbed her into a massive hug and twirling her around.

"Hey, Demie! Fancy seeing you here," she said when her feet finally reached the ground.

Kairi and Xion were there as well, looking excited for just being there on the dare side of things. Naminé winked at Cid before grabbing her drink and sandwich and heading over to the table where her best friends were. She made herself comfortable next to Roxas, before looking at the others.

"What time is it?" she asked.

Axel, who was watching his clock, answered her. "About 10 seconds to 3," he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

Naminé quickly planted a kiss on Roxas' cheek when the clock tower sounded threw the town. She laughed when Riku and Sora looked angry, not that she kissed Roxas, but that she snuck in a kiss just when the timer went off. Officially, when the bell tower rang, the dare was over.

"I just realized we forgot that one," chuckled Naminé, going to her sandwich.

"Alright, now that the bell has rung, we can get started," said Sora, taking out his book.

"I got 10 on Riku winning," said Luxord, who walked in. "Any takers?"

"Yo, 20 on Naminé," chuckled Axel. "And I guess that means Roxas too."

"Hey! I did most of the work," Roxas laughed.

"Somehow, I doubt that," Demyx said.

The four daredevils handed their books in the middle, looking around at who would count it all before Cid walked over. He sighed, but picked up the books.

"Alright, guess I'll judge. You three," he gestured Axel, Demyx, and Luxord. "You're helping."

While they counted, Riku and Sora were teasing Roxas for dating 'one of the guys.' Naminé was only half listening, more interested in talking to Xion and Kairi. They were interested in doing more dares and she was thinking that maybe with them, they could do girls vs. boys dare for next summer.

"Guys, Roxas definitely isn't gay so I don't see the big deal," Demyx chimed in.

"Hey, I'm not a guy!" Naminé shouted, as she made a gesture to hit Roxas' hand when he tried to grab her sandwich.

Riku, Sora, and Roxas laughed at her outburst.

"Results are in!" Cid shouted over their goofing off. "Riku, you counted some… stuff… that's not actually kissing."

"I told you…" Xion whispered to him, whacking him on his arm.

"So you got a total of 112," continued Cid.

"That's it?!" Riku burst.

"Stop trying to cheat," laughed Naminé, knowing for a fact that she got more than that.

"We didn't! We just… got distracted," said Xion in a small voice.

Before the crew could poke fun at the distracted couple, Cid went on.

"Alright, Sora you got 128," he said. "But most of it is in Kairi's handwriting so I'm guessing she did most of thinking?"

"We all know he's hopeless without Kairi. What did me and Naminé get?" asked Roxas, impatiently.

"Hey! I am not hopeless!" protested Sora.

"Sora…" Kairi sighed, patting his messy mane.

"You and Nam tied," Cid said slowly. "for a total of—"

"Ugh! It was 138 including the cheek kiss that Naminé did!" yelled Demyx. "I can't take the suspense!"

Naminé and Roxas let out a winning roar as they slapped hands. Kairi and Xion got up and hugged Naminé, the three girls jumping up and down and shouting in victory. Axel was holding out his hand as Luxord was sadly handing over his cash. Sora slapped his head in frustration while Riku was demanding to see the books himself. Naminé went over and hugged Roxas tightly.

Winning was always awesome, but in something she felt like she wasn't going to be good at in the beginning was even better. Just two months ago, she was hesitant, so sure that she was going to do the wrong thing and being so insecure. She never really thought she would win; she was just hoping to keep afloat with everyone else. To win, especially with Roxas as still her best friend, partner, brother, and boyfriend, was the best feeling in the world.

It almost rivaled the feeling of when Roxas kissed her.

"Molotov!" Cid said, giving them ice cream. "It's on the house. Yo, Lux, you owe me too. I bet on Roxas."

"Ugh! I'm almost out of money!" yelled Luxord.

"So… next year… we should do something with couples again. I like this dare thing," said Xion.

"Yeah, Naminé and Roxas get to pick since they won, right? Got any ideas?" asked Kairi.

Before Naminé could open her mouth, Roxas answered for her. With a complete straight face, he gave Sora a sly look. "Sex positions."

Kairi turned beet red, becoming very interested in her hair while Riku laughed and Sora pumped his fist in the air.

Naminé and Xion got the same idea, shouting a "No way!"

"Why not, Nam? You're an expert on kissing now, you'll probably breeze through this too!" reasoned Sora.

Roxas squeezed Naminé's side, bringing her closer to him. "Oh, she's more than an expert. We're ahead of this dare by 3 already."

Naminé smacked her forehead as Sora and Riku turned a shade of green then red. Guess they forgot that if they'd do a couple dare, Naminé and Roxas would obviously pair up again. Naminé had to laugh as Sora was the first to recover from Roxas' seemingly harmless joke.

"Uh-huh… You are not going to bang my sister, dude!" shouted Sora.

"Ugh…I'm thinking about it! The images… the images!" Riku yelled, holding his head.

"How are you imaging that?" asked Xion.

"The skinny dipping dare 2 years ago…," explained Riku. "Saw way more than I should…"

"Forget that! We used to bathe together when we were little! My mom still has the picture up in our hallway!" cried Sora.

Naminé continued to laugh, looking at Roxas.

"Whatever we decide for next year, we team up. Agreed?" he asked.

"Okay, it's a deal," she said, echoing her words from the first time he asked her to team up.

And then he kissed her. Not for a dare, not because he was trying to get out of paying someone, not because he was drunk or helping out a friend. No, he kissed her because he loved her. And she kissed him right back, not feeling like anything she felt was overrated.

"Ugh… guys, get a room!"

Naminé broke off long enough to glare at Riku.

"Go suck a cock, Riku!" she yelled at him, grinning before pulling Roxas closer to her.


I'd like to thank "Paperman" from the creators of Disney. For some reason, it was through this short 5 minutes of magic that I was able to get out of writer's block and finish what I started.

I'd also love to thank EVERY reviewer! For every favorite, review, and alert, it gave me courage to keep writing and creating. It's sometimes scary, since creating is showing the world me, but with all the encouragement, I'm a better person and did what I love to do. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have writing it. Until next time!