This whole mess of an idea began as a discussion on the Negima board over at (major timesink, enter at your own risk) about whether or not it was possible to genderflip Negima without making it incredibly creepy. For some reason, I took it upon myself to actually attempt to write the thing. It probably wasn't a good idea, but here it is. The "Nerima" part of the title was suggested by Red Savant (who also has an account here, just search for "Red Savant"). Also, many of the genderbent names were suggested by other forum members, so props to them, too.

Also note that the genderflip isn't intended for fetish purposes, so if you're looking for kinky stuff, this probably isn't it. Any Fetish Fuel is a byproduct of the story.

Also also note that while I'm intending a ratio of one chapter of story to a chapter of manga, chapter 1 is really long, so I broke it into sections.

I do not own any characters from Negima, they are owned by Ken Akamatsu. This story is not intended to infringe on the original series. All resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental. Side effects may include weight loss, drowsiness, and chafing. Do not get story wet or feed after midnight.


Half a World Away

Nelly Springfield stood nervously in the great hall of the Merdiana Magic Academy, trying not to shiver with excitement as the headmistress' speech neared it's end. Out of the corner of her right eye, she could see her childhood friend Alex, similarly trying not to fidget. Although for him, it was more the issue of an incredibly itchy hat than nervousness. Her eyes turned back to the headmistress, who was finally getting around to finishing up.

"All of you have worked hard for these past seven years, but it is only now that the true training begins. Continue your hard work, and do not let your resolve weaken! Now please come forward to receive your diplomas."

As the headmistress began calling names, Nelly's head started to spin. This diploma would dictate where she would be and what she would do for the next few years. Hopefully not far away. Maybe somewhere in Europe. Several of last year's graduates had ended up in Germany. She could see herself in Germany. One girl had even ended up in Sweden. Not so sure about whether she wanted to go there.

And doing what? She'd probably end up as an apprentice to a more experienced mage. Most of last year's class had ended up doing that. There had been a few fortune tellers, but that wasn't her strong point.

Nelly's mind stopped whirling long enough for her to register Alex smirking in her direction as he waved his diploma. He stepped off the stage and walked to the side.

"Nelly Springfield." She proceeded up the stone steps to where the headmistress' desk sat the front of the hall. "Good job." The old woman's face smiled warmly. "You'll make a fine Magistra Magi one day." She pressed the scroll into Nelly's waiting hands.

"Thank you." The girl bowed to her superior and strode off the stage to where her cousin Nicholas was waiting.

"Congratulations." He made a show of bowing and dramatically shaking Nelly's hand. "How does it feel to graduate at the top of your class?"

"I..I'm not even sure." She began unbuttoning her ceremonial robe. It had been getting uncomfortably warm and she was already heading towards the courtyard at a brisk pace. "Good. In some way. A little nervous about this, though." She held up the diploma. Nicholas grinned at her.

"Don't worry about that. I'm sure you'll be fine wherever you end up."

"Hey, did you find out where you're going?" Alex ran up behind her as they walked into the cloister in the courtyard. His unfurled diploma fluttered in the breeze. "I'm getting sent to London as a fortune teller." Nelly pulled off the seal that held the piece of paper, letting it unroll. Under all of the errata and certifications, a colorful blur had surfaced, and was beginning to arrange itself into letters. Nelly could feel her heart speeding up. She swallowed.

"It's appearing!". Before she finished speaking, the shifting blur had solidified into words. All three of them stared intently at the paper, their minds trying to wrap around the words.


Chapter 1: Learning to Live

Part 1

A few weeks later, Nelly stared out the window of the jumbo jet as it began its descent into Narita International Airport. Even after almost a month of studying Japanese, she still hadn't quite wrapped her head around what she was doing. At first, she had assumed that there had been an error on the diploma. But after taking it to the headmistress, it was confirmed: Nelly was headed for Japan.

Alex and Nicholas had certainly raised a big stink about it, though. Alex's complaints where mostly along the line of "It's no fair, why does she get to go to Japan while I get stuck in London" and "She's too much of an airhead to be a teacher." After getting him to quiet down, Nicholas had raised his own set of (much more logical) complaints.

"There's no way you can send a ten-year-old girl to Japan on her own!" he had said. "It's dangerous, and it's probably illegal. Even if she were older, she can't speak Japanese! How is she supposed to be a teacher?" His fears were only allayed when Headmistress explained that the principal of Mahora Academy, Nelly's ultimate destination, was a very good friend of hers.

"I can assure you, she'll be in very good hands once she arrives. I've known principal Konoe for years; she'll be able to take care of everything."

Apparently, this meant that Mahora was large enough that it had its own shuttle dedicated to carrying people to and from the airport. She climbed off the shuttle at the main Mahora station and looked down at the set of directions she had been given. She hadn't expected a school station have so many trains, let alone be so bustling.

"Okay, I'm in the station, now I need to take the train to the 2nd middle school station." she read to herself. "I wish I knew which line that was." She tugged on the coat of a nearby woman wearing a stocking cap. "Excuse me, can you tell me which train goes to Middle School Station #2?" The woman pointed to a nearby sign.

"Both trains 1 and 2 stop there. Third stop, I believe."

"Two trains make that stop?" The woman smiled at her, and the man next to her started chuckling.

"It's a big school."

Nelly swallowed nervously before smiling back. "Okay, thank you."

"You're welcome." The couple began to head off down the platform.

Even with two trains, it was surprisingly crowded. A quick look at the map posted on the inside of the train confirmed that she wanted the third stop. The first stop was more or less normal. Half the people got off, and a slightly larger number got on. The second stop was odd. Again, half the people got off, but this time a slightly smaller number got on. But that wasn't the weird part. The weird part was that they were almost entirely boys. In fact, they were all boys. Nelly craned her neck to look down the car. No girls that she could see. She gulped. "What have I gotten myself into?"

The train hit a sudden curve, and Nelly found herself thrown into the group of boys standing behind her. The track straightened itself out and began trying to extricate herself.

"Sorry about that." She could feel herself starting to turn red. I have to calm down. She took a deep breath as she began gathering magic. She had figured it out a long time ago; using her wind magic to help control her breathing. It was no good hyperventilating before she even reached her destination. It was only a few seconds before she felt her heartbeat slowing down again.

"Don't worry about it." One of boys was smiling at her. "Where are you headed?"

"Yeah," another boy chimed in. "Did you get on the wrong train? The elementary school was back at the first stop." She didn't know which one it was, but one of the boys had definitely gone overboard on the deodorant that morning, and she could feel it tickling her nose. She pulled more magic out of the air in a futile attempt to stifle the smell.

"No, um...I uh...uh...ah..ah ACHOO!" The wind magic slipped out of her control. A blast of air billowed through the car, shoving everyone back and inexplicably blowing several shirts open. Nelly stared nervously at the two boys, her face beginning to redden a second time.

"Wha...what the heck was that?"

"Did somebody open a window or something?" Further speculation was drowned out by a barely-comprehensible voice on the intercom.

"Next stop, Mahora Academy Central." Nelly grabbed onto a pole on the side of the car as it pulled into the station. The boys sped past her before the doors were even open the whole way.

"See you later!"

"Oh crap, we're going to be late".

The flow of students practically carried Nelly out of the train and away from the station. She found herself standing in a sort of plaza area, as hundreds of people poured through the area. Within a few seconds she had seen two trolleys, skateboarders being dragged behind the trolleys, a corvette, and a couple that was selling food off of the back of a moving motorcycle as students sprinted, roller-bladed, and skateboarded around them. Almost everyone was discussing the same topic: how late they were going to be. Hanging over all the noise was a mechanical voice coming from the loudspeakers stuck to the sides of every building, promising some sort of punishment to anyone who didn't show up on time.

Nelly dug around in her pocket for her pocket-watch. "Oh no, I'm going to be late if I don't hurry." She started drawing magic out of the air again. She had already been strengthening herself with magic so she could cope with carrying her gigantic backpack, but she would need an extra boost to get to her appointment. "I can't be late on the first day." She took off running down the street towards the building that presumably housed the school offices.

As she rushed down the street, she heard a barking sound echo over the din. Turning towards it, she saw two boys, one disgusted disheveled-looking redhead jogging down the road, and one with neater black hair rollerblading leisurely alongside him. There was something odd about the redhead, but Nelly couldn't put her finger on it. Her speed increased from a jog to brisk run as she moved closer. Their conversation was almost audible now. The black haired boy was chuckling uncontrollably about something.

"I can't believe you fell for that! You really would do anything for Takahata-sensei, wouldn't you?"

"Oh shut up."

"I didn't think you would actually do the barking thing."

"Shut up, Kon."

Something clicked in Nelly's mind. The redheaded boy had a striking resemblance to Nicholas, outside of his hair color and clothes. She was almost level with the boys now. The black haired one ("Kon", she supposed) was talking again.

"Your horoscope also says that she'll fall in love with you if you walk down the street on your hands, while singing 'Mrs. Robinson'."

"If you don't knock it off, I will kill you."

"No, you won't." Kon was still laughing.

Nelly was practically alongside them now. She had never been much good with fortune telling, but she was getting a distinct emanation, and it didn't take a prodigy to know what it meant. Whatever the horoscope said, it was fairly obvious what was going on.

"Um, excuse me." Both the boys stared at her, unable to believe that a ten year old girl was running alongside them. "It isn't going to work out." The redhead ground to a halt.


Nelly slowed herself. Kon had continued on, but was weaving his way back through the rapidly thinning crowd back to where they were standing. "Your crush." Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea. "Well, you were talking about horoscopes..." Her voice trailed off.

"You have got to be kidding me!" The redhead grabbed his head with both hands as if he was afraid it would explode. "Listen, I didn't ask for any horoscope, okay? I don't have time for this crap. I'm already late." He began to start jogging again. Barely half a dozen steps away, he stopped and turned back to see Kon starting his own conversation.

"What are you doing here? Did you get lost?"

"No, I just-" The redhead cut her off.

"Come on! Dammit Kon, we're already late." Kon looked up at him.

"Asuma, you shouldn't swear in front of a little kid!" He turned back to Nelly "This is the middle school boys' district. If you wanted the elementary school, you missed it by two stops. The next train should be here in 20 minutes or so."

"Right!" Asuma broke in. "You really shouldn't be here, so be a good little girl and get back on the train." He turned and started to walk away again. "Seriously, we're gonna be late!"

"Oh come on, Asuma, it isn't that big of a deal. She's just a kid!"

"You know I'm not good with kids. I don't have time for this right now!" He stomped off, even faster than before, Kon rolling after him, waving back.

"Sorry about Asuma! He's just in a bad mood!"

Nelly groaned inwardly as she waved back. Nothing good ever happened when she tried to use her fortune telling abilities. Nicholas had told her that Japanese men had a strict code of honor. Kon was certainly cordial enough, but this Asuma boy made her question the idea. At the very least, on a campus this size she probably wouldn't run into him again.

"Where are you going, Asuma?" A voice from one the buildings stopped the two boys dead in their tracks. Nelly looked up. The voice was familiar to all three of them. A window on the 2nd floor of a nearby school building framed the upper body of a rather curvaceous blonde woman, who was now staring down at them over her glasses. "Hey, Nelly. I haven't see you in quite a while."

"T-Takahata-sensei!" Asuma face was so flushed that he was practically glowing. "Good morning!"

"Good morning!" Kon waved at the woman in the window.

"Hey, Takako! How have you been?" As Nelly shouted, she heard a choking noise from beside her as she finished. Asuma was apparently attempting to say something, but nothing was coming out. After a few second of sputtering, he finally managed to get a few words together.

"Y-you know her?" He was practically frozen with shock. Miss Takahata called down from the window again.

"Welcome to Mahora Acedemy, Nelly. Or should I say, 'Nelly-sensei'?" She grinned. Asuma started making more choking noises. Kon looked back at Nelly with a blank look on his face.

"Huh? Sensei?"

"Oh, that's right." Nelly cleared her throat. "My name is Nelly Springfield. I'm going to be teaching English classes here."

"WHAT!" Asuma finally managed to get the word out of his throat. "Wait wait wait wait wait! There's no way that can be true." He grabbed Nelly by the shoulders, his eyes boring into her face. "You're just a kid! How are you supposed to be a teacher?"

"Don't worry about that, she's actually very intelligent." Takahata stepped out of the doorway, wearing a long skirt and rather snugly-fitting sweater. From the look of her, she was probably in her early thirties, but she looked very good for her age. Asuma swallowed hard as she moved closer.

"Well, it's easy to say that..." he snorted. "But still..." He glared incredulously at the girl. "I don't know..." Takahata chuckled nervously.

"Well, you'll have to get used to the idea, because she's taking over as homeroom teacher for me."

"Wgsfbl." It wasn't even a choking noise this time; it was like the choking noise itself got choked out. When the word finally fought its way out of Asuma's throat, it was more of a squeak than anything else. "What?" He grabbed Nelly by the shoulders again. "You? Teacher? Our class? No...that..." His hands started shivering as his mind processed the idea. Nelly could feel her face starting to redden. She closed her eyes and mentally whispered to herself.

"Breathe, breathe.." She could feel the magic flowing through her lungs, slowing her breathing a little. She opened her eyes.

Asuma hung his head. "I can't do this." He was muttering to himself. "I don't do children...I can't handle this...especially after what you said about..." There was a pause. He straightened up, closed his eyes, and began rubbing his temples. "Okay." A deep breath. "Fine. I guess I'll give you a chance. I suppose this means that I'll see you in class. Goodbye." Through gritted teeth "Sensei." He spun around to walk away. Nelly took a deep breath. Then her nose twitched. That boy on the train wasn't the only one who overdid the deodorant.

"Ah...Ah..." She tried to fight back the sneeze. As she failed, the realization dawned that she probably should have released all of her physical enhancement magic when she stopped running. Asuma turned back for a second.


"Ah...ACHOO!" The resulting rush of wind made the incident on train look like a gentle breeze. And Asuma was right in the line of fire.

The shredded remains of his shirt, jacket, and pants, eventually came to rest a good thirty feet behind him. But no one payed any attention to them. Their eyes were transfixed by Asuma's boxer shorts. Pink boxer shorts. Pink boxer shorts with teddy bears on them. And each teddy bear was holding a heart.

No one said it, but everyone was thinking it: "Teddy bear boxers?"

There was dead silence as a cool breeze ruffled what was left of Asuma's clothing. After a moment, he looked down at himself.

"WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!" He stared at Nelly for second, left eye twitching, before dropping his backpack and starting to root through it, muttering to himself. "I can't believe this. First she just comes up and starts talking about that stuff, then she's my teacher, and then all my clothes just disappear for no reason, in front of her..." He pulled a pair of sweatpants out of his bag. "How the hell did this even happen? I don't get it."

Takahata turned away as Asuma rushed to stuff himself into his gym clothes.

"Uh.. Kon, Nelly, The principal wanted to meet with you, so I'll take you up to his office now." She looked back at Asuma, who was now struggling with his warmup jacket. "You should probably come too."

The principal's office was housed in the enormous administration building at the end of the block. As they made their way over, Takahata and Nelly went through the standard small talk routine; weather, what have you been doing, and things of that nature. Both tried to keep their minds off of the fuming redhead, who followed a dozen paced behind, still grumbling to himself about how he would have to pay for a new uniform. Kon skated alongside him, making a futile attempt to calm him down.

Before long, they stood before the door of the principal's vast office. Takahata rapped on the door.

"Nelly Springfield is here! She's waiting outside with Kagurazaka and your grandson." She looked at Nelly and patted her on the head. "I have a lot of paperwork to take care of, so I have to be going." She started off down the hall. "Don't worry, you're in good hands." She disappeared from sight as she rounded a corner. Nelly looked at the boys standing on either side of her. Good hands. Right. A raspy but energetic voice passed through the door.

"Come in, come in! I've been waiting for you."

"Hey, grandma!" Kon rushed over to the massive desk and gave the old woman sitting behind it an enormous hug. Principal Konoe had a head shaped something like a raisin, if raisins were made from eggplants rather than grapes. But at least she had a kind look on her face, and seeing it made Nelly breathe a little easier.

"So you're Nelly Springfield?" The old woman looked over the little girl. "I've heard a lot about you." She shuffled through some papers on her desk before finding what she was looking for and squinting at it. "So I see that your training is to be a teacher here." She looked over the top of the paper. Nelly stood as straight as she could manage. Asuma and Kon stood by, looking somewhat bewildered about what exactly was being discussed.

"Yes. That is why I was sent here."

"Hmmm..." The principal looked back at the paper. "Well, before we make you a full teacher, you'll need some more experience, so let's give you a trial period. Say, from now through the exams in March. That will do nicely." She coughed and leaned forward, resting her chin on her folded hands. "And now on to other matters. I assume you don't have a boyfriend yet, so I thought I should inform you that my grandson is completely available."

Kon chuckled nervously. "Come on, grandma. You know I'm not into...uh...her type.."

Asuma broke in. "Seriously? You're hiring an elementary-schooler as a teacher? There's no way that can be right! And there's something about her that's just weird! I mean, she sneezed and my uniform got completely destroyed! Do you know how much those things cost? Stuff like that isn't supposed to happen! She can't be our homeroom teacher!"

The principal held up a hand. "Don't worry, Kagurazaka. I'll foot the bill for a new uniform." His eye was twitching again, but he remained quiet. "Nelly, you must realize that this is going to be a difficult job. If you can't manage it, I will have to send you home. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Ma'am. I'll work as hard as I can."

"Alright, now that's we've settled that." She shuffled through some more papers. "Oh, that's right. I want to introduce you to your adviser. Sho-sensei? Please come here?"

Nelly heard one of the office side-doors open; it was the one right next to her. She moved out of the way as a large, well-built, stubbly man emerged. He smiled warmly, in an almost father-sh manner. He bowed slightly. "Good to meet you."

The principal coughed. "This is Sho-sensei. He'll be acting as your guidance counselor. If you have any questions, feel free to ask him." The big man extended his hand.

"Here's a card with all my contact information. Don't hesitate to call if you need me for something."

Nelly stuck the card in one of her pockets. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad. She would have both this Sho man and Takahata to talk to if she needed any help. She might have gotten off on the wrong foot with Asuma, but she would only have him in one class, homeroom, and maybe a few special school events. It wasn't like she would be stuck with him 24/7.

The principal continued shuffling through the papers on her desk. "I feel like there was something else..." She stared blankly into space for a few seconds. "Oh, right. Due to the short notice of your transfer, we weren't able to set up your lodging, so you'll be staying in my grandson's room until we get something figured out."

"That's fine with me." Kon gave his grandmother a thumbs-up.

"What!" Asuma ran up to the desk. "How long is she going to be staying in our room?"

Principal Konoe shrugged. "As long as it takes to find other accommodations for her."

"Come on Asuma." Kon was standing behind Nelly, with his hands on her shoulders. "She's a long way from home and has a lot to worry about. You have to feel a little bit sorry for her..."

"Ugh, you know I've never been good with children..." he groaned. "I guess I don't have much choice, do I?"

"You had better get going." The principal was making a sort of shoo-ing motion with her hands. "You're already running a little late. Sho, would you escort our new teacher to her classroom, please?"

"Sure thing." The big man gestured at Nelly. "We'd better get going. Class 2-A can get a little rowdy if you leave them alone for too long." A few minutes later, the four of them were walking down the hallway. Asuma, clad in his new uniform, stomped along ahead while Kon and Nelly walked silently next to Sho-sensei. "Alright, your classroom is right at the end of the hallway." He pointed out the "2-A" sign above the door. "Asuma, Kon, you can go ahead to the classroom. I just have to tell your new teacher a few things."

Asuma glared back. He crouched down, and looked Nelly straight in the eyes. "Listen. I'm gonna be honest. Nothing personal, but I don't really like kids, and I'm not happy you're getting stuck in my room. Hopefully it won't be long before you find somewhere else to stay. I'll see you in class, sensei." The last word carried more than a hint of bitterness. He walked sullenly to the classroom, Kon following behind, mildly berating him.

"You didn't have to be that harsh."

"Hmph." The two boys disappeared into the room . The door slammed after them, and the hallway was silent except for the ominous rumble emanating from the window into the class. Nelly stared down the hallway, unsure how to react. She looked up at Sho.

"What's his problem?"

The big man shrugged. "He's really rough around the edges, but he's a good kid underneath it all." He rummaged through his shoulder bag, pulling out a thick folder. "Here's the class roster."

"Oh, thanks."

"They're good kids, although they can be a bit...overenthusiastic. Rowdiness aside, they don't mean any harm. But still, you've got your work cut out for you. You think you're up to it?"

"Well, it is a bit nerve-wracking, but I think I'm ready."

"Okay..." He gestured to the window from the hallway into the classroom. "Take a look at your new students."

Nelly gulped as she looked through the window.

For some reason, she had always pictured the class sitting properly at their desks, being quiet, and generally being organized and well behaved; greeting her with a "Good morning, sensei!", and the like. What she saw was a chaotic hodgepodge of every type of person imaginable.

Almost everyone was loudly chattering to everyone else about every imaginable subject. Near the front of the room two boys, one with a flushed-looking face and one who was a bit on the hefty side, were doling meat buns out of a large crate. Nearby them, crawling around the desk, were two similar-looking boys; they looked almost as young as Nelly herself. Looking on was a giggling boy with an odd haircut holding a bucket. Right behind them was a tall blond boy, who was enthusiastically cleaning the blackboard.

Near the back of the room, a tall spiky-haired boy was showing off a camera to a short, freckly redhead. A few rows away, two slightly built boys were reading quietly. One's face was completely hidden by his overlong bangs; the others' face was only half hidden. Slung over his shoulder was a long, thin, rod-like object wrapped in fabric.

Next to the window sat a tan boy with bone-white hair, staring plaintively into space. It looked like his face was marked somehow, but she couldn't see it well enough to tell. A few seats over a boy with squared glasses was sketching furiously, his goatee'd face bearing a slightly psychotic expression. Next to him was a short kid with an overly-large head, sipping quietly from a juice box. Asuma and Kon were still greeting their classmates.

"So, this is my class..." Nelly opened the class roster and looked it over. Thirty-one faces stared back at her. "There are so many of them..." Her eyes were drawn to the scribbled notes on the page.

"Don't change seating", "Talk to me if he becomes a problem", "Emergency Contact", "Mahora News", standard teaching notes. There was also "In case of emergency, contact engineering department at extension 488-7796." Strange note to have on a student. There was a final note at the bottom of the page.

"Godspeed, Nelly. Good luck. Takako T. Takahata."

She closed the register. Sho was looking down at her. "Make sure you get everyone's names down quickly, okay?" He chuckled. "I'm sure you'll be fine. Are you ready for your first day?"

Nelly closed her eyes, and her mind started picking over everything that could happen. How am I supposed to teach all these guys? What if they're all like Asuma? Why on earth did I travel halfway around the world to do this? Right now I just want to be back home with Nick and Alex... Her mind flashed back to their goodbyes as she had boarded the train to the airport.

"Don't screw this up, Nelly!" She could still hear Alex's voice in the back of her mind.

"Just do your best, Nelly." She could here Nicholas' voice too. "I know you'll be able to do it. We wouldn't let you go if we didn't think you could manage. Just don't give up, even if it gets hard. The next time I see you, you aren't going to be a trainee anymore." He had ruffled her hair. "Goodbye." And then she had climbed on the train. She opened her eyes, and looked back up at Sho.

"Yes, I'm ready."

"Alright, then. Let's go introduce you to your class."

She took a deep breath and opened the door.

So yeah, end of chapter 1, part 1. I probably could have described the class in more detail, but that would have dragged the chapter out even longer. I'll flesh out more of that stuff later on when it actually becomes relevant.

Yes, I gave m!Haruna a goatee. In a class of 31 boys, somebody had to have facial hair, and you know that she (he?) would grow an evil-twin style mustache or something.

Part 2 should be up next week sometime, if all goes according to plan.