I randomly decided I was gonna write this. So I did. Honestly because I'm too dried up to think about working on As Water Needs the Air. Not even gonna lie. It's still pretty smexy though, I think. Review or I'll hunt you down and force-feed you liver and prunes.

I love the feel of your breath on my skin - at times cool as ice, at times hot as fire.

Your hand trails down my side, gently claiming your territory. I raise my lips to meet yours, so soft and so sweet. "I love you," you whisper, your breath hot and moist as it grazes my cheek. I'm momentarily speechless, but you don't seem to mind.

Your lips find my neck, laying a long line of ardent kisses down the length of my throat and along the ridge of my collarbone. I shiver beneath your touch, and you laugh against my bare, sensitive skin. "Do I really have that much of an effect on you, even still?"

I take your head in my hands and pull you back up to eye level once again. "You know you do," I murmur, hopelessly lost in your beautiful gray eyes. "You amaze me."

Your laugh is light and teasing. "Do I now?" You kiss my ear, sending lightning jolts surging through my limbs. "My dear, I really think it's the other way around." Now you're nibbling at the soft skin of my neck. It's suddenly slightly harder to breathe.

"Me?" I feebly squeak.

"Mmm, yes..." I sigh in submission as you leave a trail of sensuous kisses across my shoulder. "Do you find that so hard to believe?"

I let out a huff of air. "Well, I'm no Avatar."

Your eyes find mine again, but this time they are serious, thoughtful, loving. "No. But you are my everything. And more." A chill runs down my spine at the intensity of your gaze and sincerity of your words. "You wouldn't be so foolish as to doubt that, would you?"

I shake my head silently, my eyes helplessly glued to yours. Your smile sets my heart on fire. Everything - everything - about you is beautiful.

You kiss my forehead softly. "I love you, Katara." Even my own name sounds beautiful on your lips. "I'll always love you. In this life, and in all of my lives to come."

Your promise is heavy but oddly reassuring. I run my fingers down the back of your bare head, enjoying the soft, smooth feel of your skin. "I love you, too," I whisper.

I sigh when your mouth meets mine again and part my lips to let you in. Our tongues meet, languidly dancing together. My hands grip the base of your neck, pulling you in closer. I barely notice your hands tangling themselves in my hair, stroking my scalp gently. Your entire presence is captivating, and this... this is nearly as much as I can stand.

Regretfully, your lips separate themselves from mine, and I feel your warm, welcome breath on my skin again as you chuckle and nuzzle into my neck.

"Yes, my love," you say, "you are truly amazing."

I can't help but sigh in contentment. Oh, how I love the feel of your breath on my skin.