It was pouring rain. The clouds covering the sky in dreary grey and angry black clouds as the blond resheathed her katana blade and turned to look at the devistation around her. Bodies lay in pieces everywhere. Sakura. Hinata. Shino. Ino. Choji and Shika both lay side by side where they had fallen, blood mixing with the rain, tinting the ground pink. Her violet eyes swept the muddy field around her, touching on the small figure of a child, Asuma Jr. And next to him his cousin Konahamaru who had died trying to reach him.

Gone. They were all gone.

Tenten, Lee, Neji, Kiba, Gaara...

Tsunade. Jiriaya.

Iruka. Genma. Kotetsu. Shikakau. Inoichi. Choza.

Why had this happened? Why had everyone she had loved been taken from her like this? They had'nt done anything wrong. None of them had done anything wrong.

Kit. You need to move. The base will be going up in flames soon.

I don't care.

And she didn't. Really she didn't care about anything anymore. Her heart ached as she looked around again, her mind numb with greif. This should'nt have happened!

Kanoha should still be standing. It's people should still be alive! Her friends, her comrades, her world, everyone and everything should still be-

"It's over Kyubbi. I'm done."


"I don't want to live anymore..." She could'nt take it. Knowing that everything would still exist, that everyone would still be alive if it was'nt for her. She wondered across the feild until she found the person that she had been looking for and dropped down beside him. Kakashi. Her sensei, her friend, her lover-

Her soul mate lay face down in the grass, his body torn to pieces by the last jutsu that he had used in an effort to stop Madara. The attack had boiled him alive, turning his chakra into a massive eletrical surge that caused his skin, to blister, his eyes to melt, and his body to burn almost to ashes. He had laughed, even when he had been in such agony, the sheer joy of being able to do one last thing for his mate and his people had caused a phycotic break. But she doubted that he had suffered much since Sakura had given him something before he had used the jutsu to turn his body into an large battery.

He died, but he had taken out over a hundred of the enemy's men when he went. She reached out and started to touch him but his bones crumbled under her finger tips and she made a pitiful choking sound and jerked her hand back as her vision blurred.

So much pain.

So much death.

All for nothing.

Not one man, woman, or child from the leaf village remained. They had been totally wiped out.

Kit? You have to go.

I'm not leaving. She thought stubbornly as she sat down next to Kakashi's corpse. She'd stay here. Go up in the flames along with everything else. It seemed a fitting end to everything. The war, her life, the once great shinobi village Kanoha...

You cannot stay here and perish.

Oh yes she could. She didn't have to do anything now. There was nothing left to live for, nothing left to protect. No one left to care for. Yes, this was a fitting end for one who had destroyed everything merely by existing.

Kyubbi sighed. It was no use trying, her kit had given up.

But that didn't mean that she had. Or would. Her kit had paid a terrible price for her monsterous acts, and now...

I guess it's finally time that I took responsibility for this.

Kit, I'm going to erase your pain and give you the chance to start over again- Kyubbi said as the impending expolsion rocked the earth under them and the ground chipped and broke away causing them to fall into the furnace that had once been the underground base of their enemy.

Her kit said nothing. She didn't even scream as she fell into the flames that were eagerly awaiting to consume her below.