"What should I do with Kakashi?"

"Erase his memories and dump him at home."

"Alright I can do that. Now what about Uzu-hime?"

"Leave her to me and Lee. We'll flush out her insides and clean her up and dress her then put her to bed so that she can rest and recover... But first I think you should maybe do something about Lee's jaw please. His grin is starting to freak me out." Gaara said as Sakura turned to look at her lover and almost visibly cringed.

Oh. Ow, that had to hurt like hell. She thought as she caught Lee's eye and saw him give another creepy grin while he rubbed his broken jaw. Ignoring all common sense as well as the nearly nerve numbing pain that came from having some of his teeth and a little bit of his jaw bone tear through the skin of one of his cheeks. "Right, let's get you fixed up." Sakura said as she walked over to the taijutsu user and knelt down and undid the mental lock she had on her chakra reserve so that she could use it to heal him before she went totally dry.

She wasn't after all Uzu or the Kyubbi. She didn't have a near indefinite supply of the stuff.

She did however use hers more wisely than most. It was why she was so well suited to be a medical nin. Kakashi had recognized her talent. And so had Lady Tsunade.

Reaching out she placed her hand just a hair's breath from Lee's mangled face and smiled at him to let him know that everything would be fine then started to focus her chakra while Gaara created an opening in his sand prison in which to place his hand on Kakashi so that he could erase his memories of what he had seen here today. After all, if he managed to escape and get to the Hokage- well...they'd be in real trouble.

Closing his eyes, he blocked out everything so that he could focus on his task and promptly jerked back with a hiss when he felt Kakashi bite his hand through his mask. Looking down at the spot where the jounin had bitten him, he saw blood well up and start to drip down the back of his hand and felt the instinctive need to lash out like he used too as a child, but somehow managed to hold himself in check.

Whatever Kakashi did- they needed him alive so that he and Uzu could get together in the future. If he lashed out, that wouldn't happen and Uzu would spend the rest of her days living a half life.

It was an appalling thought. More grim and horrifying than any torture that he could think of. And to say that he'd die before he let that happen, would be a grave understatement. He'd move heaven and Earth itself just to avoid seeing Uzu live such a painful life. She was his most important person. His first friend, his hope and light. Without her- he'd still be a murderous little monster hellbent on destroying innocent people.

He owed her dammit! All of them did in one way or another. That was why they were here.

Well that and some of them considered her to be family.

Family, Gaara thought with a slight smile as he looked down at the little kitsune girl snuggled up against his body, sleeping so soundly. That was another thing he owed her for. Without ever meeting her he never would have cleaned up his act and learned what it was to be a part of a family. He never would have known his brother. Or his sister. And inevitably he never would have truly known his father either.

He was about to reach back inside the small opening in the sand prison (mindful this time that he'd have to avoid Kakashi's teeth or he may lose a finger or something) when several of the others started to wake up. Each one stirring slowly where they were resting either slumped against the wall or laying on the floor.

Neji, Kiba, Shino (was that his name? Gaara never really figured out what the guy's name was because he was so damned freaky looking that he never bothered to ask) and Shikamaru were the first to recover and wake up. Each one moving around slowly at first because they were still feeling weak from sharing their chakra with Uzu during her time of distress and physical transformation.

"Ouch, my head hurts." Kiba complained weakly, no doubt referring to the pounding in his head that was a result of his chakra having been drained.

"My head hurts too," Shikamaru said in a peeved tone as he sat upright and leaned against Shino's shoulder for support for a moment before asking, "Did it work? Is Uzu okay now?" Gaara laid his hand on Kakashi's still form and looked the man in the eye as he used what chakra he had left to remove the jounin's memories of their encounter here then knocked him out before saying,

"Come see for yourselves." Causing the young men to each jump to their feet as fast as they could (without falling over into a dead faint) and gathered around him to see Uzu or themselves as Gaara released Kakashi and let his body carefully drop to the floor.