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Reality is for people who lack imagination –Unknown

"Where is Mr. Jacobson anyway?" Morgan asked.

"Last I saw he was at his desk. Hey Lansing!" the captain beckoned to the young rookie, "Where's Jacobson?"

The rookie quickly scurried over to the captain. "Oh, uh, he left. He said he wasn't feeling well, asked me to tell you; guess I forgot, sorry boss." Lansing replied looking sheepish.

"Did he say where he was going?" Morgan cut in.

"Uhh, probably to his cabin; why, did Henry do something wrong?" Lansing asked feeling uncomfortable at the thought of being in trouble.

In the meantime at the unsub's cabin

Smiling, Jacobson pulled out a whip and with a vicious grin upon his lips; he slowly inched closer to the trembling agents.

"So you thought you could escape my punishment? Wrong!" Jacobson snarled as he circled JJ and Hotch then suddenly without warning he lashed out with his whip catching JJ on the side. Hissing, she placed her hand over her now bleeding wound and braced herself for more blows that were sure to come. Jacobson grinned with pleasure and released more wild blows in quick succession not even caring who he hit. Finally after what seemed like hours of torture, the unsub tossed his whip aside and smirked at the battered agents.

"Have a nice rest agents, I'll be back, "Jacobson said with a malicious smile upon his face. Only after he had collected his instrument of torture and left the room did either agent dare to move.

Hotch grimaced as he tried without success to push himself into a sitting position. After several failed attempts he gave up and lay back down next to JJ, who was steadily bleeding from her back which also oozed pus.

"JJ, are you ok," Hotch asked out of concern for his liaison.

"Considering that we just got beaten by unsub again, what do you think?" JJ snidely responded.

"I'm sorry for snapping at you Hotch; I just want the team to find us soon." JJ apologized.

I know, me too," Hotch replied

That was their last conversation before the two drifted off back into the ever familiar state of unconsciousness.

Back at the station

"Ok captain, since you're familiar with this area, where would Jacobson most likely have his cabin?" Rossi asked.

"Probably near Dead Man's Ravine, it's not far from town and has a good water supply. "

"Great, we need you to organize a team and meet be ready to go in 5," Prentiss commanded.

"You got it," and with that the captain rushed out the door.

"Morgan," Reid asked, "do you, do you think that JJ and Hotch are ok?" Reid stammered.

"Only one way to find out kid," Morgan solemnly responded as he turned to head out the door.

At Jacobson's cabin

Henry Jacobson smiled to himself as he thought about what he had done to the once strong agents that now lay in a crumpled heap on his floor. Pity, he thought to himself; it would take hours to clean the blood off his favorite whip. With a booming laugh, Jacobson strolled down the hall back to his captives.

"Hello agents, miss me?" Jacobson said with a sinister grin as he walked back into the room of horror with a bag in his hands. The walls were stained with fresh blood still trickling down the sides and in the center of the room lie the two agents bleeding from the numerous cuts adorning their bodies.

Hotch awoke at the sound of Jacobson's voice and when noticed the unsub had walked back into the room he instinctively shifted his body to cover JJ's exposed flesh.

"Aww, how sweet; Agent Hotchner is trying to protect dear Jennifer. A little late for that don't you think," Jacobson mocked. His only response was the fierce glare Hotch directed at him.

"Well if that's how you're going to act then maybe I'll just leave and take this food with me," Jacobson responded. Instantly Hotch's eyes zeroed in on what Jacobson was holding and discovered that the unsub was indeed carrying food in the bag.

"Oh, so you do want food, well; what do you say?" Henry teased.

"May we have the food…please?" Hotch felt his insides churn as he choked out the last word. Never in his life did he think he would be reduced to this, pleading with a criminal; the criminal he was supposed to put away.

Hotch felt a wave of shame wash over him as Jacobson tossed the bag at his feet and walked away, but before he left he uttered one final comment.

"Bon appetite, consider that a last meal," Jacobson said with an evil smile before slamming the heavy door shut behind him.

Hotch grunted as he dragged the bag closer to him and set about inspecting the sandwich and water Jacobson had given him before waking up JJ.

JJ slowly blinked her eyes as she adjusted to her surroundings. Hotch had somehow managed to prop himself up into a sitting position and was offering her a sandwich that appeared to be peanut butter on rye.

"He brought us food?" JJ questioned sounding surprised.

"Said he didn't want us to starve before he was done," Hotch smoothly lied not wanting to worry her about it being their last meal.

JJ took the sandwich but hesitated before taking a bite. "Where's yours?" she inquired looking at the empty bag.

"I ate it before I woke you." Hotch fibbed.

JJ glared at him skeptically before he answered.

"Jacobson only gave us one, you need it more than me; take it. Hotch responded in a semblance of his usual authoritative tone.

Without breaking eye contact JJ ripped the sandwich and half and practically forced the other half into Hotch's hand. "We both need food," was her only response.

Hotch opened his mouth to argue but JJ merely turned around and ignored him. Sighing loudly, Hotch took a bite and instantly felt grateful that JJ had seen through his deception. Never had a PBJ tasted so good before.

Hotch and JJ sat quietly and ate the remnants of their meal with only one thought on their minds. Save us.

Henry Jacobson stormed outside of cabin and walked to the nearby shed. As he opened the door, he couldn't stop the grin that threatened to overtake his face. In the shed lay all his weapons. Jacobson reached out for his favorite; a long, sharp, axe. He always felt like a lumberjack when he wielded that weapon. Henry turned to go back inside where his captives awaited their death and dropped his axe in shock at what he saw.

In front of him were a group of cops and FBI standing with guns pointed at him and hatred in their eyes. Henry inwardly cursed himself; he had been so caught up in his thoughts that he never heard them sneak up on him. A muscular, dark skinned agent strode up to him and painfully yanked his arms behind his back before handcuffing him much tighter than necessary.

"Henry Jacobson, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of federal agents, and the murder of 12 law enforcement officials. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be provided for you. Do you understand you rights as they have been read to you?" Morgan recited with a thinly veiled, smug look of satisfaction as he roughly dragged Jacobson to the waiting officers.

Hotch and JJ subconsciously moved toward each other as they heard footsteps approaching their door. They took a sharp intake as they gripped each other as tightly as they could and prepared for Jacobson's return. The door unlocked to reveal the relieved faces of the team, minus Morgan and Garcia. Hotch and JJ sat in perfect silence as their tired minds tried to process the new information. As they looked from the team's hopeful faces to each other, they reached the same conclusion simultaneously and their faces broke into wavering grins. The team rushed forward with the paramedics in tow but the only thing on JJ and Hotch's mind was safe at last.

Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much - Oscar Wilde

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