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My brother and I had always talked about going out west. What would it be like to live where there was so much yet to be discovered? It was a dream. But as fate would allow, it was one that become a reality sooner than I thought.

James and I loved living on our farm in Pennsylvania. Our parents were good hard working people. Charles and Renee Swan had instilled in us the same work and life ethic that they had. Farm life was not easy but when everyone did their share it made the struggle seem not so hard. Our parents had a loving marriage and I always hoped that James and I would be that lucky when our time came to find a spouse.

The outbreak of influenza came through our town and so much had changed for us now. My mother was the first to succumb to the illness and shortly after my Pa. James and I were now alone. James was a great brother and now he would be my guardian. We always got along really well, even as kids. He was a typical big brother always teasing me and trying to rile me up. He knew I had a temper and that I was easily irritated. He loved to get me going and then sit back and laugh when I had a fit. I was well read and had a good head about me but I had a tendency to jump to conclusions pretty quickly. James would always say to me," Bella one day that temper of yours is going to get you into a heap of trouble." Even though he knew how to irritate me and boy did he love to do that, he was always there to protect me no matter what.

At 21 years old he was just really starting to feel the need to settle down and start a family but now with a 19 year old sister to take care of those things would have to wait. We sat down and discussed what we wanted to do and we both agreed that now would be the time for us to move and see what life's adventures would afford us.

It was hard to decide where we should go but James had been hearing that Wyoming was growing fast. He had been corresponding with his old friend Jasper who moved out there last summer and he decided that would be a great place for us to start anew. James thought it was best if he worked on a ranch for some time to gain the experience he needed before he would go out on his own. He asked Jasper to look out for some prospects for him and he wrote back with an offer to work with his employer. Now the question was what to do with me. I couldn't live with James in the bunk house of the ranch. Since I had an education I could have been a schoolmarm or a governess but we weren't sure if there was anything out there like that for me. James said once we got there we would figure out what was best once we saw what we were up against. That prospect scared me because I wasn't sure what awaited me when we got there. He wrote to Jasper to tell him it would take about a month to settle all our affairs and pack up. We should arrive in Wyoming at the end of April.

I was so nervous on our travels. It was the thought of the unknown and I wasn't sure what would lie ahead for me once we got to Wyoming.

end notes: chapter 2 is much longer and this story will alternate different POVs