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The breeze tickled my neck as I sat under the big oak tree in the pasture. I loved this time of year, the air smelled fragrant and the sun felt like a warm hug after the harsh winter cold.

It was rare to get this kind of peace and quiet here on the ranch but I knew that if I had a chance to find a few moments of calm I should readily grab them with both hands.

It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the hustle and bustle of our life, it was just nice to enjoy a few moments of solitude.

My moment would be up soon because lying next to me on the quilt I had made over the winter is our precious son, Charles Anthony. He looks so much like his daddy. I imagine that this is exactly what Edward looked like as a baby. We waited until after he was born to choose his name. The minute I saw him, his little wisps of copper hair and his perfect round face an exact replica of his daddy, I wanted to call him Edward but my husband said it was bad enough the baby looked just like him, we shouldn't saddle him with the same name. Silly man. He suggested we name him after my dad, which of course I thought was a sweet gesture and I loved the idea instantly.

I was so scared those months leading up to his birth. I was so worried about the baby being born safe and healthy. Edward of course tried to soothe my nerves but I knew he felt the same. It was a blessing having Jane and Dimitri with us. Their experience came in handy whenever we had any questions. Of course Carlisle was always there to assuage our fears and to offer advice when he could. I found out that Edward would seek out Carlisle often and ask him all sorts of things about pregnancy and babies. He wanted to be informed and prepared. He doted on me and always seemed to know what I needed. He was so strong during Charlie's birth. He stood by my side the whole time, holding my hand, reassuring me. As the hours went by, I could see him struggling with all that I was going through, but at that time I didn't have much sympathy for him. I was having a baby for gosh sakes but after Charlie finally arrived and was placed in my arms and I looked into his father's tear filled eyes, I understood how worried he was for the both of us.

He is the perfect father and husband and I find that I love him a little more everyday. His small gestures of love and devotion to Charlie and I makes my heart melt and I try to show him the same every day.

James and Emmett now seek Edward's advice on all things pregnancy and baby related. Angela and Rose are both expecting and their babies should be born early this fall. Emmett and Rose married very soon after James and Angela. Emmett changed his mind, saying he didn't want to wait for their home to be built, so they lived with us while it was being finished. I loved having them here but I know they were excited about having their own space.

It thrills me to know that our children will be close in age and I hope they will always remain close. I am excited to become an aunty again, Alice and Jasper having made me an aunt a few months prior.

Alice and Jasper became parents instantly one cold winters day. It was after an awful snowstorm and Jasper had gone to the wood shed to get more wood for the house. He could hear his horse sounding agitated in the barn next door, so Jasper went to see what was wrong. Immediately he heard a baby crying behind the empty stall wall. In a blanket on top of a pile of hay was a bundled up baby girl. A note pinned to her pleading to take the child and make it their own. Jasper ran to the house, alerting Alice to what he found than ran for Carlisle to come and examine the baby, worried about the effects of the cold on the poor little one.

The baby was healthy and from what Carlisle could determine was born just a few days before. Alice and Jasper were instantly in love with her, their little Lizzie. Her full name was Elizabeth Joy Whitlock but Uncle Emmett started calling her Lizzie and the name just felt right.

Jasper felt it was his duty to see if he could find the mother of the baby, secretly wishing that he never did because he didn't want to let his Lizzie go. After weeks of searching he found no answers, so they adopted her and Lizzie was officially a part of our big loving family.

A little squeak next to me bought me out of my revere. Charlie was slowly coming awake, his need for his noontime meal more important than sleep. Picking him up I cradled the sweet bundle in my arms watching his eyes flutter and open. He gave me that adorable gummy smile and like clock work his smile turned to a frown. His stomach overruling all else and he began to cry. I loved feeding him, feeling him so close to me. Edward loved to watch me feed our son, saying it was the most beautiful thing to witness. Of course he was a bit jealous that his son saw my breasts more than he did, but I made sure to give him special attention so he wouldn't feel so left out.

Speaking of my husband, I could see him coming across the pasture toward us. He was atop of his horse looking so handsome. He stopped a few feet away, dismounted and tied his horse to another tree.

"Well hello there, handsome. Come around these parts often?" I sassed.

"Not to often ma'am. I just happened to see a beautiful woman sitting under a tree and I thought I would come and say hello."

"Do you do that often, see a lovely lady and stop to say hello?"

"Never, but I have never seen a woman as beautiful as you so I felt I had to stop." He winked.

He sat down next to me, kissing me and then Charlie on the forehead.

"You are a charmer Edward Cullen. Its one of the many reasons I fell in love with you."

"I charmed you huh? I thought it was my handsome face and my strong body that made you fall in love with me." He laughed.

"Well yes of course but it was your charm that first made me want you." I teased back. I loved when we teased each other like this. Our words light and full of love.

"Yes if I recall I was the ultimate charmer when we first met." A shadow of pain crossing his face, his voice flat.

Leaning my head on his shoulder, I spoke softly, "Edward, don't do that. Don't look back and feel regret. It was a difficult time for you and my coming here made it more so. I am just happy that we found each other and that you love me as much as I love you."

"Bella, your coming here was the best damn thing that ever happened to me. You have brought so much happiness to my life. You gave me your heart, your love, and our son. The day you came in on that wagon and I saw you, my world stopped and started all in one second. It was the best day of my life, I just didn't know it yet."

"I remember being so scared coming here, the long ride west, the unknown of our future. Then when we reached the ranch, I was scared of how I would fit in. I was scared of how you made me feel. But like I told my brother on his wedding day, moving here was the greatest thing we had ever done. We found our home. We found love and family and the greatest joy possible. I don't regret one single day since."

I felt his lips brush against my hair. His arm wrapping around my shoulders as he pulled me and Charlie closer. We sat under the oak tree, our little family, happy and content, the future ahead of us with all kinds of joys and sorrows awaiting us but I knew that as long as we had each other, we would always be alright.

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