Of Chess: A Nikita fanfic

Alex is the pawn. Clad in grey, sparring in the gymnasium with the other recruits. She knows they are watching and considering how to use her. Forward, retreat, distraction. Sacrifice if need be. She is disposable.

The feeling of fear, terror as she realizes her rescuer is more than she seems. And then of hope, of strength as she begins to trust. The girl learns, stands up and takes her place on the board.

Nikita, the white queen. Always aiming for the king, her life work plotting to take him down. Pushing Alex forward. Leaning over the girl's shoulder as she examines a handgun for the first time. Helping her up after demonstrating a perfect roundhouse kick, and feeling a shock the first time she loses a sparring match to her pupil.

Feeling like a traitor as she leaves her in the face of danger, to be arrested, jailed, kidnapped. She moves her piece forward, straight across the board and into enemy hands.

Michael, the Black bishop. Chasing the queen across the board, but powerless to stop her. Glancing at the newest recruit in surprise when she finishes that test just a few seconds too fast. Feeling the nagging suspicion that something isn't right as the pawn moves forward and back in innocent, seemingly mindless patterns.

A hand on her shoulder as they walk to the next training session. An order given, the next move directed. Forward, back. And always that look in her eyes, as if she knows something. Something dangerous.

Percy, the Black king. Controlling, directing the rest. Noticing the newest recruit as she spars with the others. Strategies already growing in his mind for his next move, his checkmate. Considering the board, the players and positions. Forward or back? Distraction or sacrifice?

Choosing distraction. Using the girl as bait to pacify a potentially unpleasant customer. Idly noticing that the pawn not only serves her purpose, but survives.

And then, the queen is surrounded. A house besieged, the black pieces swiftly approaching. A miracle, and the police are there just in time. She can escape – and she does.

How did you do it?

I found a way.

Checkmate, she whispers as they stand and watch Division burn from the inside out.

She may be a pawn. But even a pawn can kill a king.

Authors note:

Hey! You're reading this! Yay.

I'm new at fanfiction, so please – tell me what you think.

Ps – I know that at the end of "kill jill", the conversation between Nikita and Alex is longer, but I couldn't remember it all so I paraphrased…. Don't kill me….