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Summary: Dean accidentally gets giant blood in his system. Now he must learn to control his size and the evil that is growing inside of him

Control: Chapter 1

Mark and Jeff were leaving the bar, drunk and stumbling.

"No dude, she was soooo into you, you don't even know it", Jeff said, patting his friend on the back. As they passed the park, Mark stopped.

"Did you hear that, man?" he asked. Jeff looked around and then burst into laughter.

"Yeah I did, it's called alcohol. We are so DRUNK man, you can hear annnnyyything!". Jeff shook Mark a little and then turned around, only to be looking at a mans waist. He looked up, and up and up until he finally came across the face of a man he knew.
"Daniel? What the-" But the giant quickly grabbed him and ripped his arm off, putting it in his mouth and eating it. Mark watched as the giant started eating bits and pieces of Jeff and quickly took off running, knowing full well this wasn't a hallucination.

Dean moaned as he heard his phone go off next to him. He and Sam were finally getting a good nights sleep after killing a vampire. He reached for the phone and opened it, giving a half-awake "Hello".

"Morning Sleeping Beauty. How's the other princess doing?" Bobby's voice came out over the phone. Dean looked over at his brother, who was still sleeping. He gave a little smile, Sam always looked so peaceful when sleeping and today wasn't any different.

"He's peachy. Is there a reason you're interrupting our beauty sleep?"

"I have another case for you two, not far from where you are now. A man claimed he saw one of his friends, a Daniel Howard, was 10 feet tall and started eating his friend, Jeff. Problem is, both men were drunk that night so the police aren't buying his story. He-"

"-Hold on Bobby, hold on. I'm still trying to wake up here. A 10 foot tall guy, you mean, like a giant? How come we've never heard of them? Dad doesn't even mention anything in his journal about them".

"Well, I did some research. Giants are extinct, none of them left. The last one was recorded to have died in the late 1800's. But legend has it, drink a giant's blood, and you turn into one yourself. Somehow, that idjit Daniel must have gotten his hands on it and drank it. You two have to stop Daniel before he grows anymore. The bigger he is, the harder he'll be to deal with." Dean, now fully awake, nodded and started getting dressed.

"But that doesn't explain why Daniel would start eating his friends".

"I'm working on it, boy, don't rush me. I'll let you and Sam know when I find out more. I will tell you, the only way to kill a giant is something silver through the heart".

"Silver? Well, that shouldn't be hard, seeing as how silver kills a lot of other monsters. Alright, give me the directions".Dean wrote down the address of the police station where Mark was being held and hung up. He looked over at Sam and felt bad about waking him up. Normally, Dean was the one having trouble sleeping, but lately, Sam was too busy doing research at night to sleep.

"C'mon Sasquatch, Bobby got us another case and we gotta head out," he said, watching Sam stir. The younger Winchester stood up and yawned.


"Yeah, now put some clothes on, you can sleep in the car" Dean said, throwing some clothes at Sam.

"Follow me, Agent Young and Agent Johnson" Officer Jackson said, leading Sam and Dean down a long hallway in the police station. It only took them three hours to get there, Sam sleeping the whole way. After a long walk (Dean started counting the number of steps he was taking), they entered the last room, where they saw a man sitting, his head laying down on the table, hands in cuffs in front of him. Officer Jackson opened the door.

"Robertson, get up, you've got some more questions". Mark slowly raised his head to see Sam and Dean sitting in front of him. Jackson left the room and the brothers waited for Mark to conscious.

"Mr. Robertson, we have some questions for you regarding the incident last night" Sam said.. Mark chuckled.

"No you don't. Nobody wants to hear this. I told the cops and they stuck me here, thinking I need mental help".

"Well, we don't, okay. So just answer our questions and we'll make sure you get out of here, okay?"

"I'll tell you what I told the cops. My buddy Jeff and I were coming home, we were a little drunk and suddenly our friend Daniel was standing in front of us, only, he was HUGE! He grabbed Jeff and started eating him. I...I couldn't risk being next so I ran to the police, but they didn't believe me". Dean looked at Sam and back to Mark.

"Where does Mr. Howard live?" Mark gave them Daniels address and Sam and Dean quickly left. They had no time to lose in finding Daniel. Before leaving, Sam spoke with Officer Jackson.

"Look, Officer, we think he was just a little too drunk last night and it seems his friend just ran away. We talked to him and he agreed he wouldn't do any more heavy drinking. He doesn't seem mentally unstable at all". Jackson was confused, but nodded, not wanting to argue with a couple of FBI agents.

"You have got to be kidding me" Dean said as he entered the house. Sam wasn't far behind and let out a chuckle.

The room they had entered was covered with Chevy Impala posters, toy cars, pictures, and even parts from actual Impalas."I think you found your new boyfriend" Sam teased, which earned him a shove from Dean. "Shut up Sam, let's just find the guy before anyone gets hurt, okay". They quietly made their way through the house, weapons out. They turned a corner in the long hallway and came across a room with the door open and light flooding through it. Grunts filled the room and the brothers knew they found their monster. Daniel Mitchell was standing in the middle of the room, head in his hands. As the boys crept closer, they finally saw he was at least 15 feet tall and they couldn't risk him getting any bigger.

Dean and Sam split, Sam going around the back. No sooner did Daniel look up and scream at them, Sam thrust a silver sword through his heart. Daniel quickly made a move toward Dean, screaming and roaring, as blood flew from his mouth.

"Sam, stab it again" Dean yelled. Sam pulled the sword out and stabbed the mini-giant again, and again. By this time, Daniel had Dean in his grasp. Before he could do anything else, he crumpled to the ground.

Both boys drew deep breaths, staring at the corpse. That's when Sam saw Dean, clothes and skin stained red. Dean noticed and opened his mouth.

"Geez Sam, think you could have moved a bit faster. This is gonna take forever to wash out of my clothes". Sam looked worried.

"You didn't get any in your mouth, did you?"

"Of course not! Though if I did, it's your fault, since I had to yell at you to strike it again. What a bitch". Sam smirked.

"Let's get out of here jerk" Dean chuckled.

That night, Dean spent hours in the dry cleaners trying to wash the blood out of his clothes. Sam was outside, filling Bobby in on the success of the case. Dean did have something to look forward to after this was over. Sam had promised, as an apology, to buy him a big pie after they left the dry cleaner's. As long as there was food, Dean was happy. Finally, his clothes were clean and blood-free and as promised, they went to the nearest bakery.

"Alright Dean, pick it out". The eldest Winchester looked like a kid in a candy store. He walked around the store about three times before narrowing down his choices from 20 to 19. Then another three walks around before going from 19 to 18. Sam knew Dean could spend forever and a day here, so he decided to make up Dean's mind.

"I like the apple pie, what about you Dean?" Dean gave Sam a big stare, knowing Sam was trying to rush him, but also knew that he would spend forever and a day there. So Dean sighed and grabbed the apple pie and Sam paid for it.

Back at the hotel, Sam almost didn't get any pie at all. He took one piece before Dean started wolfing the whole thing down. Even for Dean, that was a lot to eat.

"Um, Dean, mind if I have another piece?" Sam asked, trying to get his brothers attention. Dean looked up at Sam and then down at the pie and realized he had eaten almost all of the pie. How he did, he didn't know, he hardly even remembered eating it.

"Uh, yeah Sammy, sorry. Guess I was hungrier than I thought". He pushed the last piece toward Sam, though he felt a tiny little nagging in the back of his mind tell him that was HIS piece. Dean just passed it off as not having pie as often as he wanted. He laid down on his bed and closed his eyes, stomach full and ready for the next day to come.

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