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Control: Chapter 4

Dean sat back down on the floor, trying to push out of his mind that he just liked the smell of raw meat. He shoved more fries into his mouth. He still wasn't sure why they didn't taste as delicious as they usually do, but anything was better than thinking about what he just experienced.

"Dean, are you okay?" Sam asked, walking over to his bigger brother.

"Yes Sam, just please put that away!" Dean's deeper voice rang through the house. Sam jumped back a little and did as he was told. In truth, Dean didn't want the meat because he was disgusted with it, he was disgusted with himself for wanting it. The entire time he was eating the fries, he could just taste the meat in his mouth.

"Dean, if you want one of my burgers, you can have one", Sam said, not fully understanding Dean's emotions. Dean nodded and grabbed one of Sam's burgers, unwrapping it and taking a bite. It tasted as good as the ones he had, but it didn't smell as good as the meat. He put it down, feeling guilty about eating Sam's dinner.

"Look, maybe it's something that has to do with being a giant, okay? Who knows. Just..let me just finish my dinner and we can get a head start on sleep". Dean nodded and Sam ate his other burger. Sam grabbed what was left of the fries and shoved them in his mouth, then throwing the bags out.

"Alright, Dean Bunyan, let's head to bed". Dean smirked at the nickname, knowing Sam said it to get him to smile. He stood up and followed his brother to their bedrooms. Sam went to Dean's bedroom, right next to his, and found his brother moving the bed. Dean looked back at Sam, who had a raised eyebrow.

"I won't fit on the bed" Dean mumbled, embarrassed. Sam felt bad about thinking of cracking a joke and helped his brother move things out of the way so Dean could sleep on the floor.

"Good night Dean" Sam said, walking towards the door. He looked back to see his brother laying on the floor, which Sam knows is not the most comfortable way to sleep.

"Night Sam" Dean says, closing his eyes. Sam slips out and looks in the closet near their rooms. Sure enough, there were extra pillows and blankets. Sam grabbed a couple of pillows and blankets and crept back into Dean's room. His brothers breathing filled the room. 'Today must have taken a lot out of him' he thought, grabbing the pillow from the bed. He carefully raised his brothers huge head and placed three pillows under it. He then grabbed the blanket from the bed and placed it over Deans large body, along with a couple of other blankets. He left and went into his room, wanting to get a good nights sleep, but sadly, Sam knew he wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon.

Sam spent the entire night trying to sleep, but had no success. He was startled the next morning to hear clamoring in the kitchen. He shot up and grabbed his gun, slowly opening the door. He brought his gun out and faced the kitchen.

"WOAH! Put it down Sammy!" A deep voice came from the kitchen. Sam did and found his brother in the kitchen. Sam could see Dean grew again last night, now about 12 feet tall, hair brushing the ceiling and wearing a long blanket around his waist, that Sam would have laughed at if he knew his giant brother was already embarrassed.

"Yeah I grew again last night and no, I don't need any help". Sam laughed and set the gun down on the nearest table. He walked over and grabbed the box of Lucky Charms from Dean's huge hand.

"Before you spill more" Sam said, pouring it in a bowl and giving it to Dean. Dean dumped the bowl into his mouth and swallowed the cereal. It tasted bland, even the marshmallows. That raw meat had been on his mind since last night, but he knew it was wrong. He looked back down at Sam, a little shorter than his waist and set the bowl down.

"Okay, yes, my other clothes were ripped to shreds when I grew last night, had to make due with these okay?"

"Hey, I wasn't going to bring it up" Sam chuckled, grabbing a bowl of cereal as well. As he eats, it's all Dean can think of to not rip the door off of the fridge and down that meat.

"I'm gonna go get dressed, be right back," Sam said, putting his empty bowl in the sink. As soon as the door shuts, Dean gently opens the door to the fridge and finds the meat package. He rips the plastic off of the top and digs his face into it, drowning out the rest of the world and focusing on his meal. His amazing, delicious, fantastic meal. It was better than the fries, better than the burgers, it was the best thing Dean had ever tasted. Soon, there was nothing else to eat and Dean started licking the spots that still had flavor on them. He lowered the packaging and found Sam staring at him from his room.. 'Shit' Dean thought, 'How much did he see?'.

"Uh, hey Sammy" Dean said, setting the empty meat package down. Sam just stood there for a minute, mouth open. Finally, he found his voice.

"Dean, what the hell was that?" Sam quietly asked, walking into the kitchen, fully dressed. Dean hung his head and sat down

"I don't know Sam, I don't. Ever since I smelled the meat yesterday, I couldn't stop thinking about it. Nothing else seemed to taste right".

"I thought you said Hamburgers tasted good?

"They do, but..this tasted sooo much better". Sam sighed and walked over to the meat package, throwing it away.

"If you want, I can make another trip and grab a bunch more meat". Dean didn't say anything. His giant instincts were jumping at the chance, wanting to shout "YES!". But Dean didn't want to freak Sam out, so he gave an answer with his eyes.

"Alright, I'll be back then", Sam said, grabbing the impala keys and leaving. Dean sighed after hearing the car leave, holding his head in his hands. It was scaring him how he was okay with this. He didn't even think twice of eating the package of raw meat. It just felt so right, which is what scared Dean. 'Stop Dean, just stop' he thought to himself 'Just try and get this off your mind'. He got up and walked into the living room. He carefully used his huge pinky finger to turn the TV on. He saw an old Nightmare on Elm Street was on and decided to watch it.

Sam came back from the store, bags of raw meat in hand.


"In here Sammy" came the deep reply from the living room. Sam put the bags on the counter, taking one of the meat packages out. He walked into the living room seeing his giant brother sitting on the floor, his back against the sofa.

"Here ya go," Sam said, giving Dean the meat. Dean took the package and quickly opened it, eating the meat. Sam just looked towards the TV. He heard Dean stop and looked up at him. Dean was looking down at Sam.

"Sorry, I'll, uh...finish this in the kitchen," Dean said, standing up. He hit his head on the ceiling and hissed in pain.

"You okay, Dean?" Sam asked, standing up too, wanting to help his brother. Dean nodded his head and ducked to go into the kitchen.

As the afternoon rolled by, Dean had been watching TV and Sam was in his room trying to find anything he could on giants. When he noticed it was almost dinner, he closed his laptop and went into the living room.

"Hey, I'm gonna get dinner started okay?" Dean laughed.

"You? Make dinner? Really?" Sam gave Dean a bitchface.

"Yes Dean, me, unless you think you can do better".

"Well, I would, but I'm a little handicapped right now. Just don't poison it and don't burn it" Dean said jokingly. Sam smirked and went back to the kitchen. He grabbed one of the beef packs he got from the store and opened it, putting the beef on the pan. Sam didn't know how to make every food known to man, but, living with Jess, he picked up a few things. For some reason he felt like making pasta and meatballs tonight. It was something he and Jess ate whenever they needed a "pick me up" and right now, Sam knew he and his brother needed one.

Sam entered the living room hours later with dinner.

"Geez, took you long enough" Dean said, patting his hungry stomach.

"Well, if someone wasn't so big, I wouldn't have had to make so much, would I?" Sam said, putting Dean's plate in front of him.

"Pasta? When did you learn to cook this?" He asked as he took the little fork on the plate and put some food in his mouth. The pasta and sauce didn't taste like they usually did, just like the fries. He could taste the meat, which didn't taste as good cooked, but was still good. It was just...the pasta and sauce, they tasted so...wrong. He knew he couldn't eat this until Sam spoke up.

"It was Jess' favorite. We'd always make it together after a bad day, something to help make everything better. I just felt...after all we've been through today..." Sam just ended there, not wanting to finish. He started eating, staring at his food.

Dean, meanwhile, felt guilt hit him. He dumped half of his plate into his mouth and swallowed. Sure, it still tasted bad, but Dean wanted to pull through, for Sam. This meal meant so much to him, Dean didn't want to offend him by pushing it away. So he finished his plate and waited for Sam to finish his before asking for more. Dean had four platefulls before calling it quits. His stomach was yelling at him for eating such bad tasting food, but his heart and mind were telling him he did a great thing for Sam.

Later that night, both boys were watching TV, Dean filling up most of the room. Sam estimated his brother was about 17 feet tall.

"Dean, let's head to bed and get some sleep" Sam said, turning the TV off. Dean stretched his arms.

"Don't you mean it's time for us to go to bed and ME to get some sleep?"Sam looked up at Dean with confusion, "I know Sammy. I know you didn't sleep last night, and I know you've only had one night of sleep between today and three weeks ago".

"I have no idea what you're talking about", Sam said standing up. Dean stood up and had to crouch low in the room. He tried to get out of the room and could barely squeeze out. In the kitchen, Dean stopped and widened his eyes. He couldn't believe how small everything looked. He could probably pick up the fridge. He looked toward his room and saw the doorway was too small for him to enter. He sighed.

"I uh..." he looked outside, "I guess I'm gonna have to sleep in the barn tonight".Dean couldn't believe it. He didn't think he would grow this big, but now he couldn't even fit in his room anymore. He was on his hands and knees, crawling toward the back door. He had his head and chest through, but his waist got stuck. "Um, Sam, mind helping me?" Dean asked, red in the face. Sam started pushing from behind as Dean tried to pull himself out. After minutes of back and forth, he finally popped out, breaking part of the door frame. Dean looked down and saw the blankets he tied around his waist were getting shorter. 'Damn, I'm gonna need longer ones' he thought.

"Night Dean" Sam said, getting ready to head inside. Dean just looked at his brother and smiled.

"You sure you'll be fine tonight Sam? You need to get some sleep". Sam nodded and closed the door, heading into his room. Dean headed into the barn, found a huge pile of hay and laid down.

All Sam could hear were the crickets outside and the wind blowing against the window. He couldn't sleep again, too worried about Dean and how he was going to help him. His mind was racing a hundred miles a minute and he couldn't stop. He sat up and went to the kitchen to get some water. After grabbing a bottle from the fridge, he looked toward the barn, wondering how his brother was doing. Sam sighed, knowing he'd never get to sleep. He threw the empty bottle away and grabbed the blankets Dean didn't use and a bunch more from the closet.

Sam left the the house and opened the door to the barn. He looked around, trying to find Dean. He didn't have to look far as he found his giant brother laying on a hay stack. Sam threw a couple of blankets over Dean before quietly climbing onto his brothers huge body. He put another blanket over himself and laid his head on his brothers chest, closing his eyes, and quickly drifting off to sleep.

Dean opened his eyes when he felt the extra weight on him. He looked down to see Sam laying on his chest, breathing slowly. He noticed all of the extra blankets, flashing back to the night before.'Why does he all of a sudden feel the need to take care of me?' he thought. It didn't matter. Dean put a hand over Sam and smiled, knowing his little brother would sleep safe and sound tonight.

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