Chapter One:

Pavel Andreivich Chekov was starting a new era.

"You're Pavel Chekov? What kind if name is that?" the lead singer of Pavel's favorite band, one James T. Kirk (Captain Kirk, lead singer and lead guitarist, age 22. He loves the green apples and having the audience sing the choruses at shows with him and the band.).

"Russian, sir," the boy replied, smiling, the Russian accent showing through.

A stern looking male plugging in a bass guitar blinked at the boy and asked, "And just how old are you, kid?"

"Seventeen, sir," Pavel replied, grinning proudly.

The man, (Leonard McCoy, bass guitarist, 26, would have been a doctor, but he was roped into this life by his best friend, Kirk,) blinked and looked over to the producer and manager, Spock. No one was sure of Spock's last name, even his band didn't know. But Pavel wouldn't complain. "Great, he's seventeen," he said.

Spock (22, elf-like, and very efficient. Not much was known about Spock to the fans, as he was more of a behind-the-scenes guy) came forward and smiled as warmly as someone with slightly tapered elf-ears and a pale complexion could, "Nice to meet you, Mr. Chekov. You're song was very moving, and the music was wonderfully played. A pianist, are you?"

"My mother taught me, sir. I never pursued it further after… that's not important," Pavel replied, faltering a little.

Spock made a mental note in his head about the kid's reaction and looked to the rest of the band. There was one Montgomery Scott, simply known as Scotty (25 years old as of last week, Scottish and proud. He was a fan of Scotch and whisky, but he was also very loyal to the band. He once pushed the band's rival band's second guitarist off the stage at a concert), and Hikaru Sulu, simply Hikaru to his fans. He was nineteen and very loud with his drums. Then again, the band had just done fabulous covers of old rock and roll songs from the 60s and 70s before they decided to get themselves a songwriter.

That's where Pavel Chekov came in.

"Do you think you can teach us chords and drum beats?" Hikaru asked, glad there was someone younger than him in the room.

"It's in 4/4, so four beats for a drum. Maybe some light cymbal taps ever two beats? Some bells might be nice during the bridge," Pavel replied. He went to the corner where he saw the piano and beckoned the band to come closer.

"These are the chords I used…" he said as he lightly tapped some of the keys at the same time.

McCoy fingered the strings and made the two sounds that Pavel was alternating between. Pavel smiled at him and made a thumbs-up gesture with his free hand. "This is the second melody, so… Scotty's melody," he laughed quietly, and began a pretty basic melody that repeated itself quite nicely.

Scotty picked up his electric guitar and began plucking at the strings. Pavel smiled warmly at him, making Scotty's insides warm slightly, and a slight nervous jolt run through his spine. 'That was weird,' he thought.

Pavel had moved on to Kirk's melody, which was slightly harder, and not so repetitive. In fact, it changed from verse to verse and chorus to verse. And just like that angelic voice on the CD he sent in, Pavel began to sing along with the melody. Kirk followed along with his guitar and began to sing softly along with him.

Spock was glad that Pavel was so good at teaching the song as he was brilliant at writing the music and singing it. He wondered why the bright young man wouldn't pursue a career in music at a university. With 'works with the Brothers Grimm' on his resume, he could get into a fine institution in town and still work for them.

"Shall we put it together, boys?" Kirk asked after going through the song three or four times.

The boys nodded and Hikaru started tapping the beat lightly on the edge of one of his drums before they began putting it together. 'It's yours now,' Pavel thought as he spun himself on the piano bench to watch them practice. Spock came and joined him, tapping his foot on the ground slightly to the drum beat.

When the song ended, Kirk turned to the band and made some suggestions to his friends, and they in turn made suggestions as well. "Very democratic," Pavel said, fascinated.

"We're one of the few," Spock replied. "You're very good at writing and singing. This song was the only one written and sung with as much feeling, and we liked the sound of the melody…"

"Thank you, sir. I was quite surprised when I received your call that I had won the contest," Pavel replied. "My friend Nyota and I are big fans of your work. You're version of 'The Beat Goes On' is our high school anthem…"

Spock smiled, "Well… we hope the fans enjoy your work as well," he said.

Pavel shook his head, "It really is an honor to write songs for you…" he said, "So they're actually yours, not mine."

Spock nodded, "Yes… but think of yourself as part of the Brothers Grimm now. So what's ours is yours as well as what's yours is ours."

Pavel smiled, liking the concept very much.

After practice, most of the band had packed up and left, save for Hikaru, who had to load is drums in the back of his truck, and Pavel, who was waiting for Nyota to pick him up.

"Hikaru," Pavel finally asked, "Do you need some help?"

"A little… The base drum is always the hardest for me to get out the door. This is why I go to the gym, actually," the Japanese man replied, smiling.

The Russian got up from the floor and took the other end, "Perhaps when this it done, Nyota will be here…"

"This Nyota girl… is she your girlfriend?"

Pavel paused and then began to laugh, "No. If anything, I'm her gay boyfriend!"

Hikaru blinked, "You're gay?"

"Oh, is that bad for you?"

"Oh, no. No, no, no!" Hikaru replied as he opened the door with his back, "If anything, most of us are bisexual in the band. Spock and Kirk flirt a lot, and McCoy totally has the hots for Scotty, even though he'll deny it like it's the plague," he laughed. Pavel laughed because it was funny and because Hikaru was the type of person who could make the whole world laugh with him if he wanted.

"That sounds about right," Pavel replied. "I've read your blog, Hikaru. You talk about some pretty personal stuff. Does the band ever get angry about it?"

"They never read it. Only Spock does. McCoy is too busy practicing his mind out, Kirk is always out drinking and partying when he's not practicing, and Scotty? Scotty doesn't like the Internet. It makes him nervous or something," Hikaru replied. "But maybe he'll read it after today. I'm definitely making you a central figure…"

Pavel flushed slightly as they shoved the bass drum under the tarp and put up the fourth wall of the truck. "Nyota will never let up about this…" he said, smiling sheepishly.

"Ah, it won't be too personal. I just want the hard-core fans to know what we're up to is all," Hikaru replied. "Well, thanks for the help. Want me to sit with you until your Nyota comes?"

Pavel peered into the night and saw the red car that was associated with Nyota' burning passion for language. "Nope… there she is. See you tomorrow, Hikaru!"